4 Reasons To Delete Your Facebook And Never Look Back

Yes, I’m serious. There is nothing more liberating than cutting the ties that bind you to arguably the most addictive form of social media out there. Whether you have deleted your Facebook, are considering deleting it, or get nauseous at the thought of it, here are a few reasons to take the plunge.

Keep your life yours.

Sure, keeping up with old friends is great… but who says they necessarily should have access to your entire life now even though you haven’t spoken in months, or years? That relationship status that you update, does everyone really need to know if you’re still dating so-and-so, so they can judge your love life? After I deleted my Facebook I realized that I truly coveted all aspects of my life, from the small moments to the bigger ones like relationships, enough to keep them to myself and those I am truly close with beyond viral perimeters.

Keep friendships and relationships more intimate.

Deleting your Facebook doesn’t mean that people will talk to you less, it just means that they will have to work a little harder to keep in touch with you… but does sending a text really qualify as that much harder anyway? Using the phone or email more helps to keep your relationships at least a little more personal than a Facebook message or chat. And of course, nothing beats in person contact, so deleting Facebook can be a motivating factor to engage in more intimate friendship communication.

Be more productive.

Without the Facebook distraction, you can focus more on what matters to you both online and in your daily life – like that blog you love to update, or going to more exercise classes at the gym or spending more time outdoors. Instead of being a computer zombie, break the cycle and try to embrace the world before Facebook – or in this case, after.

No more drama.

This is really self-explanatory. Without an overabundance of information, or an extra channel in which to monitor or be monitored, you have more control over the information you see and the information others see. No more incriminating photos or statuses, and no stumbling across incriminating wall posts that fill your head with doubt or negative energies.

What do you think?

Have you deleted your Facebook? If so, how do you feel about your decision? Are you thinking of keeping your Facebook, or would you never delete it? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.


  1. avatar Maddi says:

    I deactivated 1.5 months ago. First week felt off second week still thinking about it. Third week didn’t think about it so much, 4th week didn’t think about it and now into week 6 I have thought about it again because work people forgot I didn’t have a facebook and I was the only one left out and they said we forgot you don’t have Facebook and now I’m
    Not sure whether to go back on but try not to check as much. I feel better without it but felt sad just then because I was forgotten

    • avatar Joanna says:

      If they really would care they wouldn’t forget. You should build real friendships in real life my dear. Don’t have regrets please.

  2. avatar Brad says:

    Spot on. I deleted my facebook a year and a half ago.

    All of the above apply. My life deserves more connection and personal interaction than an electronic news feed.

    Nothing can beat the true way to socialise and build your life the normal way.

  3. avatar Frances says:

    I deleted Facebook over five years ago. I do miss keeping in touch with some high school friends. I also often miss out on events that are happening at my University, or around town because they are published on there.

    However, I avoid ALL the drama that comes from constantly being in everyone’s business. This is more than enough to make up for a few social events being off my radar.

    I also see how often people are on social media sites, and I wonder how they every get anything accomplished!

    So I honestly believe you should ditch Facebook!

    • avatar Nataly says:

      Your real friends will text and hang out with you! face book is a place that has ex-friends, acquaintances and strangers. People become narcissistic and want their life to be better than other people and if they do not get a like in a picture or post they feel sad and depressed. They think all day if what they did was not fun enough to be liked on fb.If you post a lot of pictures or statuses about Success people start to envy you and send you bad vibes its better to not have a fb and people who truly care about you will call, text you and hang out with you.

      • avatar cskell says:

        Very well said. They ought to make a “top comments” on here and list this as #1.

      • avatar Ann says:

        I had a face book account for 3 years, and never used it. I decided to use it recently. After being on facebook for 3 weeks I was ready to leave. I deactivated my account for all the reasons you listed above. I joined a group, to help others out, because what they were learning, I have done for over 20 years. I started to answer post, I received a lot of likes, then came the jealously, bad vibes, insecure people. Yes some people were nice, the the bad out weighed the good. After deactivating my account, I felt a sense of relief and peace come over me. Lots of “mean spirited” people on face book, looking to make other people’s life miserable. Facebook just wasn’t for me due to all the different personalities and ego’s you have to deal with.

  4. avatar Lily says:

    I prefer life over facebook……it sucks my life and my thoughts which were wondering around fb 24 hour a day and 7 days a week …i think fb is just a place to prove over than wat u really are …nd this bullshit take u far far away than your actual reality … after deleting my account i actually realize there’s much better to do with my little life …. yaaaahoooooooo i m freeee …..my life is back !!!!!!

  5. avatar Hill says:

    As of 2 weeks ago, I have deleted my Facebook account for good. After having my name as the target of someone’s angry FB status (all because I de-friended them), and having their friends and our mutual “friends” jump on the bandwagon like a pack of wolves hunting their pray, that was the straw that broke the camel’s back for me. I have been so conflicted about leaving Facebook. It had a hold on me like a drug addiction. It was changing me, in a bad bad way. I found myself becoming more and more narcissistic, needing to feel “liked,” and needing to be told I was beautiful, and smart, and witty… by a bunch of strangers. When I didn’t get the instant gratification I desired, I became depressed and irritable. It was affecting me Spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and physically. I was turning into someone I hated. Every moment became dedicated to Facebook. Nothing was private and sacred anymore. I was sharing my every move and moment with a bunch of strangers who were also constantly looking for that same “high” of seeing that red notification. What is sad is that my husband does enough for my self esteem than any virtual “friend” ever could. He tells me daily that he loves me, thinks I’m beautiful, smart, and witty. If there’s only one person in your life that tells you those things and makes you feel loved and appreciated, that’s truly all you need. I am so very thankful I have snapped out of this virtual nightmare. I am so excited to get my life back and start LIVING again.

    • avatar Tanya says:

      Well said! I totally agree, I deleted 3 months ago best decision ever!

    • avatar Steve says:

      I was kind of in this boat too. I got sick of seeing racist posts from family and friends. I would dump people with stuff like that. The only problem was, no matter how much I blocked/un-friended people or changed settings, I got stuck seeing, “So and so liked this post.”

      I’m in an interracial marriage. I’m a white American and my wife was born and raised in Kenya. The final straw that broke the camel’s back for me was a post from a black woman who had said, “Any woman who marries a white man is nothing more than a slave master’s bed wench and should be ashamed of herself.” That was the kind of nonsense I got stuck having to look at day in and day out, no matter how much I blocked and de-friended. I had enough by that point.

  6. avatar monica says:

    I had my facebook account perementaly deleted almost two years ago.
    Everyone from my mother to my boyfriend tries to convince to get my on and my answer is still NO! For seven years I gave facebook way TOO much power over my life and used it to seek validation in my romantic relationships and self esteem. Which I am happy to say I no longer do. I am really happy that I no longer need the social network to feel validated or secure in my life!!!

  7. avatar Jasmine says:

    I deleted my account couple of months ago..I became a very happy person.
    Facebook was a pain and I got rid of it..Husband complimented me that I have b very become positive in my attitude and he is showering me with more love ! I started living my own life !

  8. avatar Anthony says:

    Deleted my Facebook account & couldn’t be happier. It hS become a problem in my life & quite frankly, I don’t like people enough to want to keep up with them that much.

  9. avatar Shawn says:

    I have to be honest. Facebook has caused me a great deal of drama in my personal and professional life. I just recently broke up with my girlfriend (actually yesterday) because I got tired of her throwing crap in my face about my Facebook. I never cheated or anything like that. However, she found convenient ways to sneek in a jab about Facebook during our conversations. It’s so annoying when you know you’ve done nothing at all but that person still finds the time and opportunity to mush you in the face about Facebook. I had enough. I let her go after a year and I let Facebook go as well. I’m not sure what my next move is because I’ve been so use to having Facebook as a part of my life. Any advice is greatly appreciated. I can’t help but feel like I’m in Rehab recovering from drugs or something. Is it me or does/did anyone else feel this way? Anyhow, I have a few things I plan on doing to take up my time like church, crossfit, etc. Thanks for your thoughts and help in advance.

    • avatar Candi says:

      No i totally understand you I’m currently going through that with my boyfriend asking him who is she? Why did this person tag you to a pic of a naked woman? Why are you friends with exes you have no desire to be with ? Etc and then he flipped it on me about likes on my pics and guys saying sexual comments to me.. I deleted account it’s not worth it we are making them rich by constantly being on there ppl are fake and attention seeking I sadly was one of them for damn near 8 years! The thought of 8 years on a site freaks me out completely! Strangers or ppl you don’t talk to in person or never are gonna meet hell I’ve seen family members who don’t visit in real life be Facebook friends it’s ridiculous

  10. avatar Keke says:

    Aside from me knowing that I do not need an instagram or twitter. I’ve been wanting to do this for months now. I have a bad habit of facebook stalking in the sense of (not ex bfs or their new gfs) I want to know what people are doing, when, where and with who. Which then makes me feel irritable, jealous, lustful, just all seven deadly sins lol and I hate the feeling. I want to live life. This city isn’t my destination so why worry about the people occupying it?? So thanks this helps me finally make that cut :) bye bye facebook !

  11. avatar Pumehana says:

    Well……. Okay. You guys. Not everyone can understand screen interface projection.

    The sooner people do? The less damage will have been done.

    Anyone can open a blog. But not everyone can write a book. Think about how you present yourself and everything will be fine with your IP address soon becomes JUST ANOTHER NUMBER

  12. avatar Kitty says:

    Recently i had a fight with a good friend i had found him on FB only.After having a bad breakup it was annoying to see him interacting with our common friends.however even after blocking, those common friends when tagged his name and commented hurt me like hell,,,,,as i started feeling that he ignores me but talks to all other..I deactivated my FB and my life is better now. I am concentrating on my studies and moving on.Also none of my friends called me to know where i am …This shows that people just use you as a timepass stuff ro chat nd stalk you….Also why do i need to tell the world what i am upto

  13. avatar Tiffany A says:

    I deleted my facebook account around February this year. I deleted it because I realised that I was becoming way too preoccupied with other peoples lives than my own. I was constantly refreshing newsfeed and reading the same statuses over an over again, and I realised I needed to stop. Also, at the time I had facebook my grades weren’t so well…
    I must say, it was hard to delete. Since then, I feel like I am more control over my own life, and I don’t worry about stupid things anymore like this person ate this for lunch and so on.. my grades have improved dramatically. My average used to be a C, now I got on my report 5 A’s and one B+.
    These days people don’t talk to me as much as they once did, and I used to get really upset and feel lonely about it. However, I came to realise what’s truely important in my life and my few close friends are more important than a bunch of random people that don’t bother to speak to me in real life.
    Sorry for such a long post, but I though I would share my story :) x

    • avatar blackpanther says:

      Very inspirational. We ought to post this story to many facebook users, so they either regulate the amount of time they use on facebook, or better yet, just delete their account.

      • avatar Tiffany A says:

        Thanks you. Awesome :) I hope it helps people, and makes them realise what really is important in their lives.

  14. avatar Gem Stone says:

    Some interesting view points here! I just deactivated my account an hour ago. I’ve been feeling quite down lately and know Facebook is partly linked to this, seeing ‘friends’ and their wonderful projected lives, beautiful kids, funny stories etc. Seeing posts by some people from school I never really spoke to, in fact some were quite nasty! I always look to see how many ‘likes’ or comments I get on pictures and posts, and if there aren’t many I get a bit offended. Most recently it was my birthday and many friends and family didn’t bother writing to say happy birthday, I try to not get upset, but now I think, perhaps if I’m not on here then it won’t bother me anymore. I am just worried I will lose contact with true friends. I also have 1000s of photos on there, so need to save them. I do think it facebook is ruining society, communication skills and relationships in ways that perhaps most people don’t realise. Maybe those who don’t use it much aren’t affected, but I am unfortunately someone (one of many I’m sure!) who goes on it several times daily and gets very wrapped up in it. Well done to all those who have deleted!

  15. avatar OldWoman says:

    I’m an old woman. I thought facebook would be full of conversations. It wasn’t. Kids I know in real life wouldn’t talk to me, I suppose because that is not cool. Some people I know showed a very unpleasant side of themselves. It was disturbing. So I went to play Farm Town. It was fun. I met someone who friended then neighbored me. They set me up with other Farm town players who wanted more neighbors. Cool, I thought, now I can buy more petrol at a time to plant my farm. I friend-requested several people who I had been suggested to by the first neighbor and suddenly facebook knocked me off the site, and told me that I could only friend request people that I knew outside of facebook. I thought “what the heII?” It made me mad. I’m a senior, not a kid and I don’t like being treated like one by a rich snob. So, I fumed a bit and the next evening I deleted the account. If I can’t do what I want on a site then they can take a flying leap at the moon.

  16. avatar MoDo says:

    I permanently deactivated mine today. Back in 2007 when I made my account it was fun! I got to touch base with all my old high school buddies, share things, comment, etc….the same thing anyone with a new account experiences. But as the years progressed it just got….boring. I was up to 380~ “friends” and a couple years back I unfriended half of them, its none of their business what I am doing, or what my pictures are etc.

    Then I went through a break-up, it was hell going through and deleting everything she had commented on, as I didnt want any reminders of her. I also deleted about 150 pictures and check-ins.

    Then for a year or so I didnt use it much, and today, axed it completely.

    It already feels great! I have a successful blog related twitter account, so I still get my “fix” that way and read statuses of people I am interested in. But as far as sharing my personal life and all its details with a bunch of fake friends….NEVER again. None of us here are alone either, thousands of people delete their facebook account everyday.

  17. avatar Lashana says:

    i just recently deleted my facebook and im so happy i did. i was never using it, those annoying game request uuuugh.. ive had the same cell phone number for years so if anyone needs to contact me then they can. other than that i have instagram. facebook has become more vulger anyway. and on the professional note, future employers wont be able to use that against me.

  18. avatar Mary says:

    I have just deactivated my account and I feel a million times better although I got a complete roasting from someone who thought I should stay on it. The main reason was the end of a relationship. I felt it was petty and rude to start unfriending people but, at the same time, I no longer wanted to see photos and updates so I closed it down and it feels great!! I wasn’t quite sure why this person wanted me to stay on and suffer. It’s made me rethink the friendship. Facebook- free is the way to go!!

  19. avatar Hermione Wulohering says:

    Today I just deleted 418 friends on fb. They’re all I know outside the fb but not so well, just say ‘hi’ ‘hello’ something like that. I dont want them to keep everything bout my life closer to them. I mean my entire life story today include status, check in or photo are not for accessed easily. If u want to know me, firstly be my real friend in the real life.

  20. avatar Alanna says:

    I am deleting my FB account also. I have done it in the past, but I am certain this time it’s for good. The reason, I don’t want virtual friendships/relationships based on emails via FB. I actually find it demoralising, and I have felt really down since going back on their. I can’t bare to see some of the comments where people are living their lives via FB and revealing their inner most feelings, they sound so tragic and sad. No it’s not for me! I hope that one day we can get back to real life communication and have a need for human contact again.
    I hate to admit it but FB is the scourge of the 21st century. They say it’s the way to catch up with friends and family, the way to socially network? how about picking up the phone, you’ll soon find out who really cares…..

  21. avatar eric says:

    I never saw the big deal about it after trying it out for around 6 mos. first off, searching for old friends which half of them you cant find, most don’t want to be found & ignore you, & others that boast several hundreds if not thousands of friends when they realistically don’t. now tell me how anyone can keep up with that many friends? IMPOSSIBLE! unless you are the president.

  22. avatar ShellzandCheeze says:

    So, I just made the plunge — and found it to be “liberating”. I have had the account for awhile but, found I often logged in without thinking about it. And, most times it would just bring me down afterwards. I don’t think it’s a healthy tool — quite the opposite. There are people that brag — and for some us that may be soft spoken/shy — we await a message from someone. And, why? It’s really a means to find approval via a phony means. I can’t believe some of the people who post as a means to brag. And, truthfully, the “friends” that post regularly as def. the one’s that always have to be getting attention.

    I guess some people don’t find it a habit that is bad. I for one intend to stay far and away from said FB! I think it’ll be for the better! :)

  23. avatar james says:

    Deleting my facebook account was entirely liberating. I suggest that others consider doing so. It is a platform that encourages narcissistic behavior. It is the digital equivalent of a personalized pulp fiction novel where everyone is the star character leading and directing. The content is less than real. Who ever discusses or engages in any meaningful discussion on this platform. I do not care for the trivialized fiction which dominates this platform. I have found many people who believe that the platform is in and of itself only good in theory. The practical use of facebook with human nature lends to narcissism, vanity, and greed. Its like a knife and primarily you will find the promotion of vanity…rather than an honest grandmother sharing baby photos…facebook equals ….look at me…look at me…when i see people consumed with it i cringe….but mostly i think of what pain drives them to be so self consumed.

  24. avatar MChaser14 says:

    I deactivated my Facebook an hour ago. It’s probably non-sense. I can do more productive things than wasting time scrolling my news feeds and not getting enough sleep because of being addicted with Facebook. It feels good to be Facebook Free.


  25. avatar jan says:

    yes, you were right… i rather deactivate it and get a life. :)

  26. avatar Darlene says:

    I NEED to delete my account. It is controlling my life as I am suffering depression and I go there to hide. The problem is it takes 2 weeks for it to permanently delete it and during that time I get too tempted to not go back. any way around this?

    • avatar Shanice says:

      I also just requested to delete my Facebook and I’ve done this an year ago but this time I’m deleting it for good. Yes, it’s true it take two weeks delete and I know at first it be hard stay away and not log back in but try to if you really want it gone just think after 14 days it be gone .there no other way around it but to stay off for the 14 days. Have to be In control of your life and not let Facebook controls you . Facebook I find is not useful it’s waste of time of your life when can be doing more creative things in your life with real world . Those who really your friends will call you , text you , email you , etc . It can be done and before you know Facebook be delete for good. Have control an stay away for 14 days while it process to deletion . Best of wishes to you

  27. avatar Chris says:

    Been a member of Facebook for about 7 years now starting when I was in high school, and back then, it was a lot more personal and actually a really great site. Most of my generation considered it an ‘old people’ site. I hate most of my generation so this suited me fine. Then, in a matter of years, everyone who owns a computer seems to have a Facebook account now. Hadn’t thought about deleting Facebook much, but tonight I was looking at my feed thinking “Do I honestly know these people?”. I had a feed mostly full of people who I’d heard of, but never talked to or cared about. In terms of actual friends, they were just lost in the feed. Then it kind of clicked, I was on here to show off, to try and live a life I didn’t actually have. It’s a very vain network when you think about it, I was the equivalent to a TV show. Facebook itself has also plummeted since it’s popularity has raised, adverts are all over the place, Facebook tells me what I like and most people on there (some even real-life friends) are self-centered, looking for attention from a like or a comment to fulfill their egotistical bad side.

    So I’m making a change now, I’ve signed up to Google+ as I want to maintain an online presence (and at the moment it seems a much more mature site – we’ll see how long that lasts). And hopefully I’ll be able to make an effort to see friends, and at least realise who really matters in my life, rather than being under the illusion that I have 300+ friends.
    Some might say “You’ll lose contact with so many people”, or maybe that thought is stopping you deleting your own account. Think about it, does a like or a comment here and there really equate to a meaningful friendship?

    IF YOUR IN DOUBT – I challenge you to leave your Facebook account alone for a whole week. First you’ll see if you’re truly addicted to the social network bug, in which case you need to delete it ASAP. Secondly, if you do manage to stay off it, you’ll be surprised at how few notifications you’ll have. I’ll bet you most likely have 1 or 2 maximum (best time to notice this is going away on holiday and returning to the computer a week or two later). Most people on Facebook aren’t your friends, most people add people they’ve met once, even just heard of in conversation to add you to a long list of people they don’t really know and thus give the illusion that they really have a lot of friends, when in reality, they couldn’t care less about you. Don’t believe me? Check your notifications again…

    BEFORE YOU DELETE – Ask Facebook to send you a back-up of all your data, that way you won’t regret losing loads of photos etc. That was one thing that was stopping me from deleting my account, having 7 years of my life in photos and losing them all. I’ve now got them on hard-drive, and don’t need those people who don’t know me going through them and judging my life, to see if it’s better than their own.

    I urge you to delete your account. Facebook has become an ugly corporate mess with privacy issues, and it’s only going to get worse (remember that site MySpace that nobody (except musicians) uses anymore – that’s the way it’s heading). Even worse, most you’ve added won’t even care, and in that scenario, you’re making a wise move by deleting your account.

  28. avatar SamH says:

    If you can discipline yourself on how often you are on it and fix up some settings so you have no wall, you must approve all tags, comments on photos, etc. you get the amazing benefits of staying connected.

    The worst part of you not being on facebook is that your friends are posting pictures, videos, etc that you are in and you can’t see them.

    …. Just wait till you get a call from your mom about a photo of you that is ruins the way your mom sees you for the rest of your life.

    If you had FB you may catch the media before it goes viral, and request your bestie to take it down and protect your rep more carefully, rather than letting it escalate to a fist fight, broken relationships, etc. BTW I hear you on the drama

  29. avatar DaceMKD says:

    I deleted my Facebook 3 years ago,but 3 months ago i made a FB account again,now i deleted my account again and i will never make new one.And now i feel better,because iam not reading all those dumb statuses and seeing all of those pictures.

  30. avatar Julie says:

    I am 21 and all my friends have a facebook but it has showed me who really cares both friends and family. I know who really wants to be my friend and what family really cares about being in mine and my daughters life. I am having trouble finding things to do cause I do have babies and facebook was my go to thing when they napped and the house was clean but i have found that reading helps and i now remember how much i enjoyed reading before facebook. I also think it has help my married cause we spend more face time together and now sitting beside each other and looking at our phones lol.

  31. avatar kudzy says:

    i m nw 5days frm permanent fb delition and ws thnkn of reactivatin it thats y
    Bt afta seein comments here i don nid facebook pple who really cares abt me wl find a way to get in touch nt to jus get in touch with me cz its easy
    Pple wr no longer lykn my post or evn comment and hw many facebook ‘friends’ i hev 925
    So its really borin to realise that no body gives a shit that u ws drunk last nyt
    Some pple asked me abt my post in real life and i m like y don u comment y u askn me nw
    I hate fb i m usin twitter and whatsapp very quite and a bit personal
    I thnk facebook shld be banned it really sucks

  32. avatar kc says:

    P.s I’m on my phone so sorry about the errors.Facebook makes us more anti social rather than social.

  33. avatar kc says:

    I’m not going to make this too long,but I will say that it takes a much bigger person to delete their account.I just permanently deleted mine and it is very liberating.Deleting your account helps bring you back down to earth and realize that you really only have two friends,not 200,and that likes and comments aren’t everything.Deleting also helps you to learn what’s really important in life and who is really important.Real friends calk and meet up with you,point blank.I’d rather have two true friend rather than 200 fake one’s.Ever since I deletes my page,I could feel more satisfied with my life because I’m not comparing it to everyone else’s everyday.I feel like I’m living in the 90s again,ans its pretty cool.

  34. avatar solo says:

    Use it like a tool for business and dont bother with the ppl if you dont want to.
    I have very little “friends” and i said ” cause most of them are not even my friends the’re are just acquaintances and family.
    Yesterday i posted on my a question on my wall to check out something i was doing online and more than 24hrs later i have no a single response hahaha. Well that made me wonder about these relationships and also about what’s the point on friending ppl that are not gonna participate with the community. I was annoyed but then I thought who cares maybe they are really busy and surely this really teaches me that real relationships need the physical experiences to survive.
    So I’m not deleting facebook but i’m using it for more commercial purposes and this is how i concluded my dilemma over fb Yay or Nay.
    PD: have you ever felt jealous of the fb type that always boast of how great life is for them and how they just accomplished this or that whatever??
    I have.
    Good luck

    • avatar SamH says:

      I wouldn’t get too judgmental of your friends not commenting back on your updates. I have 1000 FB “friends” because I do add family and acquaintances. There is an update every few seconds on my wall. Yours like many others just gets lost.

      PS – To answer your question. YES! my wife boasts on FB and only shows 20% of her life. The other 80% is struggle, frustration, inner conflict, etc. …. Facebook is superficial that way.

  35. avatar Amanda says:

    I keep mine because I have friends I wouldn’t be able to get in touch with otherwise (overseas friends, etc). I stay for these long distance contacts and to stay up to date about events. It’s your choice how much you post or share. I personally got tired of thinking up witty posts so now I post very little. I log on to play one game I like, check on events, and say hi to a couple of friends and then I’m back to real life. I find the majority of people I want to stay in contact with do use the phone to get in touch and that’s usually to set up plans to meet. It’s all in how you choose to use the media. Control yourself and you have control… Pretty simple.

    • avatar Joanie says:

      To each their own you are you and we choose to be us. Some feel going away from it forever is the best and I agree .

      • avatar Kelly says:

        Same here. Being off Facebook makes me realize how much better my life is without it. To each his own indeed.

  36. avatar Aman Fromsomwhere says:

    Deleting facebook is a liberating feeling. There’s just too much on it. Too many vapid updates, useless information, that it just gets exhausting after awhile. They even suck you in with games like words with friends, which are totally fun but require facebook. I felt bad leaving those games hanging, but when does it end? We’re wasting our lives indoors, staring at vacuous screens of stupidity. I just said F*** it and deleted my accoun permanently. Who has a right to tell me not to? That’s right NO ONE.

  37. avatar jimbo says:

    you don’t lose anything if you have not got a Facebook account.
    what a disaster!!!! just people keep trying to find out what others doing.

  38. avatar Imp says:

    I’m a man, I found this page by googling “deleting facebook account”. I deleted my account yesterday (new year’s eve) and I’m starting a new year free of its shackles.

    I became addicted to it, making posts about everything. I now realize I was just showing off, desperately trying to impress people and waiting for praise. I usually got sarcasm! Well, deserved it was too. Facebook is the biggest time waster, if you ask yourself ‘what did I get out of those 2 hours looking at facebook’ the answer will probably be nothing. I’ve been off Facebook for 2 weeks (I deactivated back then but deleted yesterday), for the first couple of days I felt like an addict coming off drugs, it was all I could think about. That’s not healthy. Now I’m feeling better, and proud of myself for hanging in there, I’m looking forward to more time and a more focused mind.

    I go to university, in the library we have a large room of computers. It amazes when I stand in there and look around for a free PC and most of the screens have Facebook open. I want to scream, but then I was just as bad.

    I’m looking forward to people not judging me. For me to to judge others. To keep my opinions to myself. To not being annoyed at the opinions of others. To not feeling pissed off when I discover my “friends” went out without me. To not sending subliminal messages saying I don’t like you. To not agreeing to friend someone I didn’t like at school, then realising they NEVER post! What’s the point? I won’t miss being friend’s with my (real) friend’s wives and having constant posts about whether their children’s school is open or not or if soccer practice is on. I won’t miss getting into stupid arguments and then not speaking to the person for six months.

    Most of all, I’m looking forward to not revealing too much of myself to people who wouldn’t care if I dropped dead. It’s all to easy to lose your privacy in this information age.

    If Facebook works for you, good luck to you.

    • avatar smiles says:

      My husband has been terribly addicted to fb since he opened his account in 2012. First contacting old girlfriends, pm’ing women all over the world 12+ hrs. A day. Affecting his job, home life, marriage, non existent physical activity now & much more… He lies, cheats, & has no life & can’t go an hour w/ out logging in. It is used mainly to spy & rarely to uplift. Sad but 100% true, I couldn’t make up the horrors my teenage daughter goes through now & the lack of life my husband has been reduced to. It has been information sold off, profiling, stalking, & a humiliation device for those to abuse & break people down. Catfish the show is 90% of peoples lies, fake profiles, & non realities online. Delete & log off 2 have a real life & true relationships <3

      • avatar Rsm says:

        Love this! Im on 24 hours and literally have described it as being on a withdrawl from drugs or cigs! Glad im not the only person this has happened to!

  39. avatar Justin says:

    I am guy. I don’t know how I stumbled on this website. I’m straight, but like you all I had enough of facebook as well. I’ve lost numerous numbers of friends and relationships due to the website and people being flat out nosey and getting offended by things I would jokingly say. Facebook can be a torture zone when trying to get over someone. Facebook can be BABY central, when you get to my age and everyone and there mother wants to post 100 pics a day of there kids from age 10mins to12 years. Not to mention people just lie and it gets annoying to see it. I feel like facebook keeps us connected to people we really don’t really want to stay in touch with. Yea you can remove them, but mutual friends are proof that your business will all ways be made available to more than you know….Just food for thought….J.A.S. the future…

  40. avatar yourmothersir says:

    I do not plan to delete my facebook page, but every so many months I widdle at my friends list. I will not just friend anyone. If I don’t hear from someone in a year, on my facebook page or other wise, they get deleted. This is my life, not some reality tv show for people to peer in at but not be a part of. I don’t want everyone knowing my life or my business.

  41. avatar Sarah says:

    I do think facebook can be a time waster, but as 90% of my friends are foreign or living abroad, Facebook helps me keep in contact with all of them. it also gives me an overview of what they do and how they live abroad without having to permanently ask them over emails. When I see the pictures of my friend’s Finnish Xmas with snow everywhere, or my other friend’s Brazilian adventures, it keeps on that connection without having to always have conversations, especially with time difference. A simple “like” or little comment on a status or pic is a reminder that despite our busy lives, we still think of each other.
    If I had no foreign friends or abroad living friends I don’t think i’d feel the need to have a Facebook. :)

  42. avatar Ang J says:

    Should I delete my posts & likes & pics before deleting my account? Just wondering if anyone else did..

  43. avatar Olivia says:

    I think that FB can be very handy, depending on how you use it. I don’t get on a lot, and when I do I’m not on for a long time. It can make things easier to communicate. I have a friend from HS who I talk to on there a lot, and its much faster to talk on chat than when we text, and its easier than calling each other if we’re studying. I also have a terrible memory, so it helps me remember a few good friends birthdays. It allows me to stay in closer contact with some of my relatives, and I really appreciate that. Facebook is not for everyone, but if used properly it can provide a great experience.

  44. avatar Kelly says:

    I deleted my facebook about 5 months ago and i can say I’ve been much happier and enjoying my life without the drama and people in my business.

  45. avatar Waffen SS says:

    The real thing is facebook sucks.

  46. avatar Kelbs! says:

    I just deleted mine right before seeing this, I guess I’m a little insecure and needed some conformation that what I was doing is right…I feel affirmed. the comments are affirming as well!

  47. avatar cskell says:

    I deleted my facebook a little over two years ago. I personally couldn’t stand the fact that everything is displayed publicly to where anybody can find out what’s going on in other people’s lives.
    Facebook is nothing but a piece of garbage that has warped the use of wonderful social networking tools, such as AOL and MSN instant messenger. At least, on these two social networking tools, everything was more one-on-one; nobody could access your information and read all the messages you send to other people.
    Everytime I would sign onto facebook, I would get friend requests from people who don’t intend to communicate with me (I just rejected their requests), and I would read profiles of people who would digitally create themselves by making themselves appear as though they were one thing, but in reality they were something else. For example, they would create a list of things about themselves that aren’t true – movies they have never watched, video games they have never played, and hobbies they don’t ever engage in.
    After a awhile, I couldn’t stand the world of facebook, and just deleted my account. I just allow others to communicate with my via text message or e-mail.

  48. avatar Jennifer Lewis says:

    I deleted my account after only having it for a few weeks. It was my first time on Facebook. I got an account purely out of curiosity and my boyfriend has one. I had a bad feeling about it the whole time and I think it’s used as a cheating tool a lot. Guys or girls find an old flame and think that even though 20 years has gone by things are still the same. It’s not for me at all.

  49. avatar anastasia says:

    well idk how to do it some of this people is right and some is like ugh true. honestly i feel like a zombie im on it 24/7 i dont study and it gets me mad when i see my ex-bf or my crush is talking to cuter girls like really ugh…. now i understand that this facebook life is taking me out of something really fun in the real world. i also realize that i was putting my life out there something really private something that no one really care thats how i see it and i also realize thats facebook is a way to get haters and is no good my friends -_- well idk i just delete it and hope it goes all good WISH ME LUCK PPL lol

  50. avatar Sarai says:

    I deleted my facebook account 10 months ago after I heard that it is now the top cause of divorce. I am so happy I did. Facebook is so addicting and can be a huge waste of time. There is much more to life, so much more to experience than logging on to a site that will have you glued on it the whole day. My relationship has been 1000 times better, if your in one i suggest you delete it because it subtracts 99% of drama from your life and love life!

    • avatar melissa says:

      Hmyeah. But the top cause of divorce is people cheating on eachother. + Couples often forget they have to talk in real life too. My advice would be; Don’t post EVERYTHING on Facebook. Make sure you have something to talk about. Don’t post your personal issues on Facebook.. Talk to eachother ábout the good and the bad things.. That’s all you have to do.. :-)

  51. avatar mandy says:

    ive been without facebook for 3 years now and i love it. so much better without it

  52. avatar Paul says:

    I have since deleted my account altogether since deactivating merely hides it, i wanted it gone, now its GONE!

  53. avatar Paul says:

    I deactivated my Facebook months ago, i mainly used it to keep in contact with some friends and relatives who lived in other countries. However, there were a few problems, i recieved a few friend confirmation messages from people i hadn’t even requested so obviously i was hacked at some stage. But to be quite honest, even if that hadn’t of happened, i would still have deactivated, its very time consuming, distracting and after a while really dull and boring. Its also kind of annoying when you get requests or even messages from former schoolmates or co-workers that you dont want to have anything to do with anymore. And dont even get me started on dumb parents putting photos of their stupid babies all over it! Facebook is for silly teenage girls and people in general who have nothing else better to do with their time, good ridance.

    Twitter ain’t much better!

  54. avatar Tc says:

    After an extremely stressful two years I have decided facebook is no longer something I need in my life. After two horrible breakups and deaths in my family all it was doing was adding to my worries when I’m trying to move on. For those of you that have been through a breakup we all know that facebook is ultimately a torture zone. You log on and see a picture of him/her and then it brings everything flooding back, just when you think you have made progress. I think it’s important to realise that if the person wants you back or wants to make amends they know where you live and they know your mobile number.
    I definetley do believe facebook is not needed to live a happy and fufilling life.

  55. avatar rachel lynn says:

    I had a facebook each time I talked on it my sisters husband would call him to tell him what I posted and my long lost daughter says she hates me.I deleted it all and im never looking back.

  56. avatar Lor says:

    I just had to comment on your post, I have been off Facebook now for 3 years and it’s the best thing I ever did! I used to love going on and having a nosey but found I was getting pissed off with what people were putting in their status. I had just had a baby and facebook became my life (cant believe im saying that now) and loved putting pics up of her but I started getting random requests of ppl who are all ‘friendly’ in the ‘cyber world’ but wouldn’t even talk if they passed you in the street!
    It’s just my personal preference but I honestly think it causes trouble, I’ve had a couple of fall outs with friends over Facebook. My husband and I tried a joint account but in the end we just shut the lot! I’m one of these people that get annoyed with people licking each others arses and then slag them off behind their back, WTF my motto is if I don’t like ya I don’t even speak, best way! Why do people feel the need to tell everyone everything! So much for a private life, the only thing I do miss is photos, but they can easily be emailed! I text my friends or call them, after all it’s good to talk! :)
    Kids getting bullied happens more on sites like these cos it’s so easy to victimise someone online, funny thing is they probably wouldn’t dare say it to the persons face, it’s like a cover! I’m 28 and there was no social networking sites, bullying still went on but now I reckon it’s 100 times worse?
    Also just to add I think kids esp young girls should be careful it’s so easy to be charmed by a ‘boy’ who turns out to be a dirty old perv or worse! Look at poor Ashleigh Hall who was murdered by Peter chapman, I know from being young how it feels when a boy likes you, you get carried away and obviously believe they are genuine, this peado brought her to my village and did god knows what it’s a quiet village, I think the worst crime before this was a penny sweet getting taken from the coop!
    Seriously tho Facebook is bad sorry to rant on, there’s no way on earth I’ll be letting my daughter use ANY social networking site!

  57. avatar Ashley says:

    I have a facebook, and see no problems in having one. I didn’t for a long time, but now I see the upside to having one. When in person contact isn’t possible, and neither is phone contact or texting, facebook is a pretty nice thing to turn to. While it’s summer, facebook is how I’m staying connected to all of my friends from school. I also use it to keep updated on things related to my school, whether it be events coming up, or having classmates to ask about assignments, it’s nice to have it there. I rarely post status updates, and think carefully about what I put online, so I don’t feel like I’m revealing too much. I also frequently clean up my friends list, so I know I’m only reaching those I’m close to. I know there are reasons why someone would want to delete their facebook, but none of these seem like good enough reasons for me to do so. However, they might be good reasons for others, so it’s still a good post. :)

    • avatar allison says:

      Ashley, how much time do you spend stalking people on facebook? Think of spending that time doing something more productive.

      • avatar rachel lynn says:

        your right i found my daughter on there and it controlled my life.i no longer have facebook.

  58. avatar msteele says:

    I actually deactivated mine today.
    I was getting really bored and annoyed with a lot of my friends’ “I-need-attention” posts. From experience on Facebook, most of the “friends” are never really that friendly in real life, anyway. I just felt like it was a game trying to find out who my real friends were because sometimes they wouldn’t acknowledge my posts, especially if it wasn’t party related or depressing.

    I had also felt that everybody was in my business and I knew certain people who sent me friend requests all because they wanted to see what I had to say. It just didn’t feel right anymore.

    I feel like I made a good decision because I don’t have to worry about what everyone else is doing and saying; they can stay out of my business as well. I’d rather meet people through class and such; if we really like each other, we’ll exchange numbers and go out. It’ll give a lot more to look forward to getting to know each other instead of researching it ALL on a profile.

    Facebook just puts more social pressure on others by putting up a challenge of basically who have a better life. And it’s easy to lie and be to mean through the keyboard.

    • avatar Lor says:

      Well said be strong and stay off, your life will be so much more enjoyable I promise, everything you said is true! :)

  59. avatar alllyyson says:

    i think facebook has its pros and cons. ive met tons of new peers through facebook, its a great way to break the ice and gain new friends. every time i need pictures facebook is also a great place to find them, i have found tons of pictures of my friends to use in collages. then again, some people post inappropriate pictures. its all about who youre friends with, and what they post. and breaking that addictive hold facebook has on people.

  60. avatar Pascal says:

    If you can control yourself, I don’t think it’s necessary to delete you facebook. I check my facebook daily but I still finish my school work, have 2 jobs, go hiking, kayaking during the weekend. Life is still can be fun and awesome with facebook in your life =D Especially when we are getting older, friends are moving to everywhere and we all are getting busy, its a easy way to keep with them.

  61. avatar Bri-Bri says:

    i deleted my facebook earlier this year because i was tired of the things posted on my thread but im glad i did. im really glad i did after hearing all this craziness about facebook causing depression and lowers ones self-confidence. glad i was never reaally addicted to it.

    • avatar princess g says:

      lol sorry your comment was funny. so i had to reply to it. it is true what your saying though. Alexander Graham Bell invented a telephone. so that people can communicate to each other when they can. you do not need to have Facebook in your life, just to stay in touch. the old school ways of staying in touch should stay the same. if you have relatives that lives abroad. then there is a stamp and there is paper and pen and a post box for you to post a letter to them. or there is a email now too. Facebook is not a place for communication with your private life and family friends e…t..c.. plus the government would easily find you, once you have a Facebook account. so that is another bad thing. i am totally glad that i deleted my Facebook three weeks ago now. since i find that i had friends on my list that i would not even talk to in real. plus people on my list was treating me like rubbish. so in the end i asked my self. (why am i on this web site). there is people out there that really do care and really do keep in touch with me through telephone or text. (why am i on here talking to people who i do not usually talk to in person). then i asked my self another question. ( there is more to life, then wasting it on a web site). life is to short to be wasting it each day on a web site. if friends really do want to hear about you. then they have your number they can ring you and meet up with you. that’s how i am seeing it now. and that’s why Alexander invented a telephone. :)

      • avatar Ruth says:

        Yes, some of us only contact each other on fb messenger! I don’t have a landline, and my few friends only seem to contact me on messenger! I’m already quite isolated and would totally get forgotten about on fb group events if I was not on it.

      • avatar Ray Howell says:

        Geez… FB became extremely addictive to my wife, sisters, in-laws, and so on!! I didn’t use it as much, but I had the unfortunate honor of listening to her complain about how much better our FB friends’ lives were than ours. To make a long story short, this precipitated very explosive arguments. I also started to become an alcoholic!! We both agreed one week ago, to close ALL of our social media accounts (including LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and anything else I cannot remember!

  62. avatar sunny says:

    i have a facebook account, but i hardly ever go on it. Im one of those people who just dont get addicted to things. I find it handy though to keep in touch with friends, since i dont use my phone (cause i never have money on it), and its so much easier to organise events with.

    I get deleting it if your one of those kind of people who are constantly on it, but im the kind of person who tends to meet up with the same friends over and over again, facebook just helps me to remember that ive got other friends that i shouldnt neglect.

    • avatar jenni says:

      Yeah, but ignore it long enough and you run the risk of being hacked without knowing until you receive a bunch of notifications from your friends posting jokes to the porno gif you “posted.” I deleted mine after mulling over the idea for a long time. Besides, the people who are my real friends typically reach out to me either by email, text, or a phone call rather than Facebook when I did have it. It’s as if on some unconscious level we all know it’s all a fake place for fake friends for some sort of artificial ego boost. Kinda bizarre.

  63. avatar sonja says:

    I completely support what has been stated in the article above . I also deactivated my profile , but I couldn’t go without any social networks so I started using Evry’U. It’s very fun and there are a lot of interesting, unconventional people there .

  64. avatar Ritzy says:

    I feel very happy after deactivating my facebook account.Before i was a facebook zombie.whole day i was chatting even also at midnight.No study or nothing only i was using facebook

  65. avatar Angelina says:

    Thanks for your fantastic comment. I seems to that is a very nice post all student to attend study.

  66. avatar Jene says:

    I have been Facebook-free for four months now, and it’s great. I found that with Facebook, I was constantly looking for thumbs up and comments, so I would work really hard to make my life either sound humorous or exciting, or whatever. And I didn’t like it. There were days where none of my 150+ friends would like or comment on a status, and that made me feel like crap.
    People need to learn how they want their facebook life to represent their real life. I don’t like to think that I’m an attention-seeker, yet that is what facebook was doing to me.
    I still miss hearing from all my old high school friends, but I can live with that. We’ve all got separate lives now, and I just wanna be free.

    • avatar Lor says:

      You are so right!!! It’s crazy what it can do to you, you will realise when your older these so called ‘friends’ are not that, my true real friends text me and phone me, I hope you look back and praise yourself for doing this, JOIN THE MINORITY BE AN INDIVIDUAL AND BE FACEBOOK FREE :)

    • avatar allison says:

      I absolutely agree! I just deactivated my facebook and I’m really happy I did! I’m really sick of how narcissistic and attention-seeking it makes everyone, especially grown adults!! There’s such a dark side to it. People stalk others without even taking the time to get to know them. My personal opinion is that if I never felt comfortable around you in person or even shared my life with you before, then why would I do it online? Sorry but I’m not that desperate for attention or in need of online validation to know my life is worthy. I also don’t want people gossiping about me.

      An annoying thing is that every new mother feels the need to post millions of baby photos and brag endlessly of how great motherhood is. If it’s so great why are you at home taking pictures for facebook instead of being with your baby?!
      Facebook is for women (and men) who are extreme extroverts and need to be in everyone’s business or stay-at-home moms with way too much time on their hands. Your whole facebook feed doesn’t need to know lil’ Tommy took his first SH&*&.!!!

  67. avatar lilymay says:

    I deactivated last week and it’s been a bad experience having done so.
    For people who aren’t socially inclined, don’t have much phone credit or time to meet up with friends, Facebook is a good way to at least talk to friends.
    Why do you need your life to be ‘yours’ anyway? Have something to hide?

    • avatar Sean says:

      Oh please – not the old “got something to hide?” argument again. We enjoy meeting people for real, not hiding behind a carefully tailored profile page. Perhaps you’re the one with something to hide…?

  68. avatar Shamese says:

    I have deactivated for the time being, but when September comes i’m going to permanently delete it, but it feel like I have more time for me since deactivating and it feels good.

  69. avatar Deanna says:


    I’ve been trying to explain this to the people who insisted I make a facebook. You might feel like you’ll stay in contact with people, but it just makes everything less personable. If people need to contact me, I have a cell phone. I am so glad I deleted my facebook, so I can meet new people and LEARN about them. I’ll never understand how people can spend hours stalking people online just to find out information they would know if they spent time with them. Maybe with this post more people will delete their facebooks and get BACK to the real world.

    • avatar princess g says:

      i totally agree with you. i have recently deleted all my facebook profile. and i am so very glad i did that. it was doing my head in. plus i find that people would rather get in touch with me on there, then to ring me in real. plus i got treated badly when it was my birthday. so when i did delete my account i felt so great . i think the same as you. if friends want to get in touch with me. they have my phone number. or we can meet in person. i like the old way of communication.

    • avatar Maria Park says:

      You said it perfectly, Deanna. I am about to delete my Facebook page for the second time. I first will save all the pictures though. Those are invaluable. I will miss the positive things about Facebook, but it is in truth a time suck, and gives an illusion of a life. I will not miss the negative emotions of finding myself upset and annoyed at my siblings who never like or comment on my posts or pictures but certainly use it to stalk me and find out what I am up to — relieving them of any need to ever actually communicate with me.

      • avatar Facebook Free member ;) says:

        The reason I deleted it is because of my family and my relatives. Seeing their post about their lives and joy on a pic every day was awful. Whenever I tried to reach them by calling or texting, they were so busy they didn’t even reply back to me. Facebook life is what we call it. You won’t find anything personal there, even your own family. Whenever you post something, it seems like a successful post by the number of likes you receive, yet in an hour people don’t remember why they liked this post. In reality, no one is paying attention. Maybe someone might think I am an attention seeker, but I strongly disagree! The fact that everyone is trying to beat each other on social media and has nothing to do with keeping in touch just pisses me off. In spite of the fact that I have not spoken to my relatives for a long time, I constantly see their posts. haha, they seem to be online but not keeping in touch, then what’s the point lol? Whenever I post something they all seem to remember me by giving likes and commenting with hearts lol. All fake, if you don’t post or have Facebook they don’t even notice or care that you are alive. I don’t even have a contact number on anyone since I deleted my Facebook and seems like nothing had changed and they didn’t even realise that I left.
        Ps: this is my absolutely first comment in a discussion where it feels so good to relieve myself and say it aloud.

  70. avatar Sarah says:

    I did delete my Facebook last year, but I have since made a new one. As I am very shy, Facebook is a very useful medium to keep in contact with my friends, something which I didn’t realise until I deleted my account.

    I think it depends on how your social circles ‘work’. For instance, if most parties and other events are planned on Facebook you may end up being left accidentally not invited. It’s also harder to be involved in the planning of meet ups.

    It was still a very positive experience though. Making a new account means that I have gotten rid of all the ‘baggage’ my old account had from when I was younger and perhaps a little more naive as to what I should be posting. It also has been a handy way of culling all old school acquaintances, so now my account is a lot more private and my life is only shared with the people who really matter.

    Facebook has added a lot of new features such as putting accounts in groups. So it’s easier to do this from the start with a new account. I can also accept of reject tags, so I have better control over photos on my account.

    I often see people deactivate their account during exam time, which is very handy because it means that it is no longer a distraction, but you can reinstate it without having lost anything once exams are over.

    Facebook has a lot of pros and cons. For me though, the pros outbalances the cons.

    • avatar john says:

      This seems so interesting…..huh??you see,facebook is a modern era trauma.If you discover more about this you could get a really good answer.

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