Bikini Girl

Some girls are really open about their private issues. I’ve even heard of women going to get Brazilian waxes together. I, on the other hand, am a little more reserved. I don’t really make it a habit of talking about pubic hair online. However, with bikini season in full throw, I felt like it was important that college girls know they have options when it comes to hair removal down there.

You don’t have to try to find an extra-wide pair of unattractive bikini bottoms to avoid a beach humiliation, you don’t have to rub on sketchy chemicals that ‘magically’ disintegrate the hair, and you don’t have to show your hoo-ha to a total stranger (who will then proceed to drip hot wax on it and rip the hairs out herself!) Shaving your bikini area can be easy, pain free, and without irritation, so read on to find out how to do it:

Step 1: Prep

Before you even touch a razor, you need to ask yourself an important and embarrassing question: how much do you have to lose? If your down-there hair is longer than a ¼ of an inch long, you need to take the scissors to those bad boys or shaving is going to be torture. Trim them down to ¼ of an inch or smaller (as small as you can get without cutting yourself) and then exfoliate the area with a gentle facial exfoliate. Rinse off.

Step 2: Shave

I personally (cringe) use my regular razor that I use to shave my legs and underarms, but if you have sensitive skin, go to the drugstore and find a razor with lots of blades and some form of extra lubrication strip. I like the Schick Intuition because you can’t get much more lubrication than a big freaking bar of soap wrapped around the blades; or try a men’s razor blade, because, whether they admit it or not, their facial skin is just a sensitive as ours is. Once you’ve picked out a good razor, cover the area with a generous layer of shaving cream or, failing that, hair conditioner (it’s just as creamy and nourishing if you’re out of shaving cream).

Schick Intuition, Gilette Fusion ProGlide Power, Skintimate Shaving Cream

Schick Intuition, Gilette Fusion ProGlide Power, Skintimate Shaving Cream

I’ve read a lot of guides that tell you to shave “with the grain” (i.e. in the direction of hair growth) in order to avoid irritation. This technique does avoid irritation, but it also seems to avoid actually removing any hair whatsoever. Once again, if you’re extra sensitive, I would try this way first, but if no hair is coming off I find a side-to-side shave works best. You’re not going against the grain, per se, but you’re going enough against it to whisk the hair away and leave the area smooth.

How much or little you shave is up to you. If you’re just trying to avoid playing ‘peek-a-boo pubes’ with your bikini bottoms, slide them on to see how much you have left to shave periodically during this process.

Step 3: Treat

So you’ve finished, you’ve got a silky hair free bikini line, but if you’re like me, you’re thinking “how long until I have 15 little mosquito bites down there that look worse than the actual hair?” Bikini bumps are usually ingrown hairs and they happen more frequently down there because the skin is so thin and sensitive. To avoid this, add a little baby powder as soon as you’re done and dried off, this prevents moisture and friction from irritating the skin. There are creams and lotions out there, like Bikini Zone, that claim to prevent irritation after shaving or waxing your bikini line, but I’ve never tried them (can’t find them!). Please leave a comment if you have, and let me know if/how well they work!

Johnson’s Baby Powder, Bikini Zone

Johnson’s Baby Powder, Bikini Zone

If, even with prevention (the good razor and exfoliation should help), you still get a bikini bump or two, treat them with a little acne cream that contains salicylic acid. It will help reduce the redness and help the ingrown hair heal more quickly.

What Do You Think?

You guys have the luxury of making anonymous comments, so let me know how you get a hair free bikini line? Shave? Wax? Those weird, hair-melting creams? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. avatar Abi says:

    I am only 14, and I was really confused on how to shave down there without it itching and burning really bad the next day. These tips are so helpful! You are a LIFESAVER!!!!!

  2. avatar olivia says:

    so glad for the internet! i was concerned with the same question pat was as well. i’m 19 and haven’t shaved (just given my area a hair cut with scissors). Well anyways i was thinking of shaving but i think i will just trim the hairs shorter I have extra mega-sensitive skin. I’d rather have my boyfriend see hair than red itchy skin, no thank you. Also, Even when I give my area a hair cut it’s extremely itchy! I put lotion and such, but it’s still itchy! I find Vaseline works well (I will try baby powder a try as well).

  3. avatar Lindsay says:

    I am 24 years old and have only attempted shaving once. I was told to go with the grain so I think that’s why I got so frustrated, I felt like nothing was being accomplished. I am seeing a wonderful guy that hinted it would be better if my area was a bit trimmed up, but I’m pretty afraid of shaving again. I cut myself during that first attempt. Should I try again? And if so, how much of the area am I to shave, I don’t get it. Or, should I wax? So confused, and pretty much scared of any pain. Any advice would be great. Thanks!

    • avatar mel says:

      Only shave if u are comfortable with doing so, not for a man. I cut mine short with the Venus electric trimmer, then finish with a razor. And I just shave it all bc its easier and looks weird when I go for a “style” lol good luck.. oh and bikini zone smells like super glue but works great

  4. avatar tammy says:

    okay so i used shick intuition on my “bikini area” and i bleed uncontrollably! its so annoying and its painful and those bumps!!!! i never thought of the baby powder though thanks for the advise!

  5. avatar Bertie says:

    Does anyone have comment/experience/advice on using a personal electric razor? Hubby thought it might make things a bit easier.

    • avatar JustMe says:

      I ordered one online specifically for the bikini area, and it was terrible. Later, I tried a men’s shaver, and it worked very well. But afterwards, I still got little bumps, so you’ll still need to use something to protect the skin afterwards. An ice pack works, but only for so long !

  6. avatar alley says:

    @ Pat and Classic: I don’t even know where to start! Personally, I trim mine short and shave it down everywhere that should show if I were in a bathing suit. And that’s it, nothing fancy, just very convenient for me and whoever else is down there. I personally think that landing strips look trampy as hell, like the pubic equivalent of having your thong sticking out of your pants. I’m not a fan of natural, but if you can rock it with confidence it usually flies.

    As far as men go, their tastes vary as widely as women’s. My boyfriend was like a kid in a candy store when I got a brazilian wax, but there is no way I am keeping up with hairless genitals, it’s too much maintenance.

    In short, anything between completely bare and moderately trimmed is widely accepted. No one’s ideal is the same as anyone else’s, though I’d say most women just trim it short and clean up the edges.

  7. avatar alison says:

    whenever i shave down there, i get a cut right on the lip! it hurts very much and i can never seem to get every little hair. PLEASE if anyone has any suggestions i would really appreciate your advice. this is so painful and irritating and i need to put a stop to it!

  8. avatar Classic says:

    Can someone answer Pat’s question? LOL I am actually almost 18 and like not to sound promiscuous, but that’s one of my big concerns with sex, is I’m not sure how much hair you’re suppose to leave down there if any at all.
    Also, when I shave there sometimes even if it is smooth and etc there are still black dots like sort of in the skin that my razor can’t get. I can’t wax, does anyone else get this? What can I do?

  9. avatar Pat says:

    embarrassing question–I am 52, just divorced after being married for 20+ years. What is the current ‘style’ as to hair down there? never worried about it before. Is it totally bare, or landing strip so to speak, natural, unless showing in bathing suit??? Thanks

    • avatar Gabriella says:

      Most women and younger girls are going bare but its really up to you and what you feel comfertable with. I myself love the feeling of being bare but I mix it up every once in a while and have a landing strip :)

    • avatar 5o4boo says:

      Shaved!!! So clean and smooth. Makes everything better. Bathroom trips, sex, EVERYTHING! Some people claim the barely there look is too young but I feel it is just plain clean. Love feeling fresh. Dove soap and Mach 3 razor blades will not be matched.

    • avatar Kellyn says:

      Pat – im in the same boat – 45 newly divorced. Ive trimmed for years but decided to start shaving and love it. I started off shaving everything but my new guy prefers I leave a little triangle.
      I use baby powder but still get a few bumps. Im going to try the bikini zone gel

  10. avatar PAT says:

    I just want to say that if you roll up a very small washcloth (one used on an infant) or anything you have that is made of soft cloth and place it snugly between your labia you will protect yourself from nicks and scrapes.

  11. avatar Mah name :) says:

    I’m 14 years old and Ive been looking for
    Something to tell my how to take care of myself after shaving this worked sooofreaking good :) gaughg everything else said don’t shave down there! I know it hurts very bad but come on that’s hella gross

  12. avatar taylor says:

    -curious, so the side to side thing is the concept of shaving in the direction toward your right hip to your left hip. so horizontally instead of vertically like how you’d shave your legs. and this is supposed to reduce bumps caused by irritation. works quite well!! and we all like to rock sexy bikinis in the summer, and i was in that same boat as you and had to find a solution too! so i tried the bikini zone gel after i shaved and it stung for a few seconds.. but it was worth the pain bcuz NO MORE BUMPS! oh and use lots of shaving cream when u shave down there…no need to add to irritation in that sensitive area…

  13. avatar Bertie says:

    I’ve been using a home made product for razor bumps after shaving; 5.5 oz of alcohol, 2.5 oz of witch hazel and 28 uncoated aspirin – melt aspirin in alcohol and witch hazel and shake and apply after shaving. NO more bumps, even works on acne. And cheap!

  14. avatar Curious says:

    Hi Im really curious i have been shaving for quite sometime and every time i get these nasty bumps! I have never tried the side to side concept–would some care to explain that to me please? <–i know it may sound silly.

    And i have used deodrant after shaving it does keep it smooth but doesnt help with the bumps

    also i have old scars and i was wondering what could get rid of them???

    because of the bumps and scars i am always afraid to rock out a sexy bikini soo please help

    going on vacay in 2weeks wanna wear a nice bikini!!

  15. avatar Just a girl says:

    I have tried to use one of those hair removal cremes. And let me tell you, it really does not work as well as it claims it does. I have to do it two or three times to get it DECENT and then I still have to go through and shave…
    These are some great tips, though, that I will be sure to try out!


  16. avatar shawna says:

    okay when i shave..i cant shave till like 4 or 5 days later because if i do ill start bleeeding? its soo weird? but im going to the beach and i need to keep up with shaving any help??

  17. avatar jennifer lynch says:

    I use aloe after shaving and it works great i also use intuition razor blaze with pure silk shaving gel and it works. i didn’t use to cut my hair down and now i do it works great

  18. avatar brooke says:

    Umm , im 14 and i wanna shave down there but im scared of the little bumps and the itchness afterwards . but also i only have 1 razor that i used to shave my legs . so kan i just use baby lotion after i get down shavingq ????

    • avatar Katherine says:

      I’d suggest asking your mom for some new razor heads (if you use the kind of razor with a reusable handle) or new razors (if you use disposable razors) because you’re running out of things. I use Desitin afterwards and it’s pretty useful. As to your concerns about the bumps, the Desitin will stop them from happening. I discovered that the hard way! Also, make sure to thoroughly rinse your razor between strokes and change it after 5-7 days. If the blades aren’t dull, they actually work better.

  19. avatar lissy says:

    Holy crow, thank you so much for all this advice, people! I’ve always just shaved using shaving cream and not put any lotion on at all afterwards. Now I’ve got like a hundred ways to try to get rid of bikini bumps! :]

  20. avatar KRistin says:

    BIKINI BUMPS: Desitin diaper rash medicine is a good and cheap way to prevent bikini bumps…its a little heavy so i mix it with baby lotion, put it on right after shaving, and although its all white at first it stops bikini bumps for sure. Also, bio oil is good to keep bikini bumps awAy. my sister is a swimsuit model and her model friends told her about desitin. I have found nothing to be better. But be careful not to get to close to certain don’t want to throw off your PH!

  21. avatar Casey says:

    Every time i shave “down there” it hurts because i shave my pubic hair like i shave the hair on my legs. So when im done, and the hair grows back, it hurts sooo bad! Is there anything i can do to prevent that?

  22. avatar alex says:

    use bikini zone after shave gel. it gets rid of the bumps and its medicated to stop the burning/itchign somehow

  23. avatar Katelyn says:

    I shaved down there a couple days ago (before I read this) and I have really bad red bumps. Is there anyway to get rid of them?

  24. avatar Lindsey says:

    I heard that witch hazel and hydrocortisone cream works to heal and help the itch, so I tried the cream since I had some already, and the itching area was instantly so much better after I used it. I’ll have to remember to use acne cream with salicylic acid in it too.

  25. avatar JJ says:

    do u think guys perfer it to be shaved? im almost 20 and i havent touched that area with a razor…should i or should i NOT do it? Help pleez!

    • avatar Bell says:

      YES! Guys prefer the area completely and totally hair free. first start with cutting the hair with sissors and a combe too as short as possible than commence the process above!

    • avatar Rayah says:

      No, not all men prefer it to be shaved. It’s fucking stupid to generalize the taste of all men. Some guys love hair down there, some like it trimmed and some wont touch you down there unless you are as smooth as glass. It’s personal preference, just ask.

    • avatar Melanie says:

      I completely agree with Rayah, you don’t have to shave for guys. And if you are going to start shaving down there then do it for yourself. There are many different things guys like….for instance bushy, just trimmed a little, a landing strip, completely bare. I mean honestly the list goes on and on. If you are nervous about being with a guy and worried about down there then maybe it means you aren’t ready since you can’t be open about it. I don’t have my head in the sand though lol, so if you are going to do it and just want to be more comfortable I wouldn’t take a razor to the whole area down there. I suggest you get a trimmer and clean things up and maybe shave a little off the top and edges. This is a very common look down there, and it will cause way less irritation than removing it all.

      • avatar Sham says:

        I think I will let my hair grow back and just keep trimming but shave less. I have a landing strip but hate to shave so much off because it easily gets irritated and starts to itch. As long as the hair is trimmed, it looks clean and neat!

  26. avatar Emily says:

    “against the grain” means shaving in the opposite direction the hair grows; “with the grain” means shaving in the same direction the hair grows

  27. avatar Mireya says:

    What is the grain thing ?? & also does this steps leave the bikini area with no hairs and very smooth ??

  28. avatar Kari says:

    I usually soak in the shower and use hair conditioner after shaving down there, and I haven’t experienced any red bumps or ingrowns.

  29. avatar Tiffany says:

    I have a stripper friend who has to keep her area shaved basically 24/7, and she has sensitive skin. She says the trick she uses is, after she’s done shaving she puts on deodorant on her shaved area. She buys a separate tube for her underarms and private area of course. I’ve done that trick and no razor bumps! :) I use Dove deodorant.

    • avatar ruchi750 says:

      thats really bad… it clugs your pores! its not reccomended to even use deodarant in your underarms just after shaving, it is said to cause cancer

    • avatar Andi says:

      I wouldn’t do that if you want anyone to venture down there with their mouth. Bad news bears.

  30. avatar Emily says:

    it can sting at first, but it soaks in quick and relieves instantly

  31. avatar Emily says:

    Bikini Zone works really well, totally reccommend it

  32. avatar Kaiti says:

    I used the side to side trick, fabulous!

    I recommend expholiating with baby lotion/oil. The powder could make you rashier then not using it at all! Before and and after shaving and also using a large amount of cream. I use mens shaving cream, works wonders. Also, apply the lotion/oil with your palms going with your hair line.

  33. avatar Maui says:

    @ Ashleigh- exact same problem here! But I don’t even have baby powder to back me up!

  34. avatar Maui says:

    I’m 15 and whenever I want to go for a swim, I have the peek-a-boo bush!! I really and afraid of these bumps… I’ve never heard of them before. Is there any other way to rid of them besides store bought products? I definitely wouldn’t be shaving if it weren’t for these stubborn hairs!

    • avatar Alexandra says:

      I feel bad for you young girls! The bumps are not extremely painful or anything. It is just that they do itch and mainly they ruin the look of your clean shave. I’ve noticed that it helps to not wear underwear during the night after I shave. Underwear naturally rubs up against the skin so right after shaving when it is most vulnerable is not the best time to wear them. The edges are usually where I get them the most. Literally the line of your bikini.

  35. avatar ashleigh says:

    Hi im 13 nd i m very greatful for this tip cause i am very bushy down there im gonna use the powder cause my mom dosent really buy me vaginal things i dont even think she knows i have pubic hair

  36. avatar Lucy says:

    I also found that bikini zone doesnt work very good either! But I will definatly try baby powder!

  37. avatar Jessica says:

    I bought bikini zone (I found it at walmart near the razors). It smells extremely strong, burns when it goes on, and doesn’t seem to do much! But I used it after waxing my bikini area, so it may work better after shaving.

  38. avatar Dawn says:

    Yeah, I started shaving my bikini line around 14. I’m almost 16 now, and man, is it a hassle! I have one question, though- how long do you keep the baby powder on? I’m no expert in this…field? I don’t want baby powder covering my underwear, and I certainly don’t want to have to explain why powder is falling out of my pant leg! xD

  39. avatar Brittany says:

    Oh. Darn. I went against the grain and then used thick lotion with shea cream on after. But that was last night and now I have to go touch up again :P

  40. avatar Halley says:

    oh wow, i never thought to use baby powder afterwards!
    Thanks for the tips! i’ve always been skeptical about shaving down there..i thought it’d be a real pain! but it’s not as bad with the right products! thanks!!

  41. avatar poop says:

    Thanks! this really helped

  42. avatar Brooke says:

    Bikini Zone works great! I just got it tonight. I bought the shaving gel and after shave gel. Zero irritation, it’s great! :D I highly recommend the gel, instead of the cream!

  43. avatar Niah says:

    I had used a venus razor and shaving cream that worked really well. Also the powder was a good thing to use after.

  44. avatar Alexis says:

    I’m 13 and I was wondering after exfoliating could u use a plastic razor blade but for men?

  45. avatar Ellen says:

    I found some advice online from a stripper once. Buy an extra deodorant and use it on your bikini line or wherever you shave down there. It’s wonderful! It keeps it smooth and fresh.

    • avatar Sarah says:

      No it doesnt. Dont use deoderant …. it doesnt work it made my pubes so much more noticeable and irrtiated

      • avatar Emily says:

        deoderant always helps me. im guessing it depends on your skin type tho. i also asked a doctor about my bumps and irritation, and they gave me this cream that works wonders. I also use baby powder right after i shave along with the cream. works great(:

  46. avatar Paige says:

    Alright, I’m many years younger than college…13. But I had the “peek-a-boo pubes”! I have this guy friend who has a pool and a trampoline so I’d be jumping in my bathing suit and BAM!! Goodness thanks he never saw. But your little guide helped sooo much and i can now were bikinis! Im so happy with the results and thank you!!!<3

  47. avatar Hannah says:

    Thank you so much! I always assumed itwas just me cuz I never see other girls with red bumps down there at the beach or anything…god to know I’m not alone and that there is a solution. Can’t wait to see if it works for me!

  48. avatar Dana says:

    I will definitely try this tonight!! Thanks so much. I’ve gotten more and more bumps lately. Also, just bought a tube of Bikini Zone medicated after-shave gel, I think it was about $5 at Walmart.

  49. avatar gaga says:

    I’ve had a lot of luck with Bikini Zone creme. I would dread shaving when I first started, but as long as I use Bikini Zone, I encounter zero problems at all. It’s probably not necessary for everyone, but if you experience irritation or bumps at all, I HIGHLY recommend picking a tube up and trying it out for a few days.

  50. avatar Eimear says:

    Selena please please please don’t start shaving that area! You’re 13, you don’t need to worry about it, and the earlier you start shaving, the more you’re going to be cursing yourself in a few years time. I started shaving when I was your age, and I actually really wish I had listened to my mam when she told me to not shave anywhere for a few years. Now I have to shave at least once every two days. It’s not pretty! I’m sure I have the majority of other commentors with me on this saying please wait until you absolutely have to. And then waxing is probably better in the long run.

    • avatar Kaylyn says:

      I disagree. I didn’t start shaving until almost high school and I have to shave everyday. I see no problem in wanting to feel clean. When I don’t shave my legs/underarms I’m uncomfortable. I have only shaved my nethers when actually going swimming in the past but whenever I do it always feels way more comfortable. I’m interested in keeping up with it; hopefully this post helps!!

  51. avatar Tibitha says:

    I find it gets ichy down there when i shave in that area

  52. avatar rony says:

    I find it necesary to shave on or off summer for health and sanitary purposes, I never had the problem of in grown hairs or the red bumps, dont know why? all I do is shower every day with body wash not soap, I feel body wash keeps my skin more mousturized. Just be constant its all about your body and skin adapting to the routine…

  53. avatar Selena says:

    i am 13 and i really want to shave there but im worried about the little red bumps… any suggestions?

    • avatar Luv2Shave says:

      Don’t listen to the nay sayers “your only 13” they have forgotten what it is like to be 13. Invest in clippers (the same ones men use for beard trimming) and a quality three head rotary electric shaver.

      The hair needs to be short, that’s what the clippers will do, and the rotary blades need to be sharp, so they don’t pull the hair! Use a comb to lift the hair away from the skin while using the clippers.

      I like the Norelco wet shaver with lotion. I never get bumps (ingrown hairs) from this combination.

      • avatar Anon E Mouse says:

        “they have forgotten what it is like to be 13”

        Proceeds to tell unemployed child to purchase expensive shaving equipment.

        What great logic you have.

    • avatar 12andshaving says:

      Hey don’t worry I’m 12 yrs old and I shaved for the first time today it was easy as I got a few red bumps and they hurt but I put some powder on and It felt so much better and now they r diserpering slowley xx go on try it !! You feel better in yourself x I did :) xx

      • avatar SE says:

        thanks for the tips! im only twelve and my mom says just to trim with scissors, but that doesnt work very well, whenever i go swimming in my pool i still have hide some of the hair…

      • avatar Ally says:

        I’m 13 and I reall want to shave there but Idk how to like up or down and the flaps like what if I cut myself please reply

      • avatar Magenta says:

        @Ally: Like it says in the post, shave in the same direction your hair is growing (men do the same thing on their face). If that doesn’t take off enough hair, take the blade and shave sideways: start an inch or two below your public area and move the blade up toward your pubic area. Go gently, a few inches at a time, rinsing the blade thoroughly each time. If you use a brand new razor and are gentle, you shouldn’t get cut. If you do, just treat it like any other cut. Clean it with soap and water, dry it, and put some Neosporin or antibacterial ointment on it. If it stings, put some baby powder around the area, but the Neosporin should stop the stinging.

    • avatar Sarah says:

      Heey! Im 15 and ive shaved many times. I let my hair grow out during the winter (if i dont go to a indoor swimming pool) and i shave during the summer. Today i just tried the baby powder and so far i think its helping the red bumps. I used to get really bad ingrown hairs so to get rid of them i would pick them out with tweezers… which i wouldn’t do it if your unsure. i used allot of rubbing alcohol and hand sanitizer to help prevent infection and it worked every time. The first few times that I shaved, i itched the area so badly that it created bumps.. so no matter how much you want to touch it.. DONT. If your going to do sports.. use baby powder that day to help sweating. My mom has no clue that I shave, so i use alternatives to help certain issues.

  54. avatar selene says:

    i have shaved so many times but all those little red bumps come out nd it itches but i tried ur tips nd it works great

    • avatar Arielle says:

      I always have those bumps and I don’t I now what to do I’m scared to wear a bikini in public now. I put olive oil on the red bumps but the bumps are stil others but not red help

  55. avatar Bellsie says:

    I ALWAYS get those bumps but I am definately going to try the baby powder! Great advice!

  56. avatar Connie says:

    I usually after shaving that area I use Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel it works wonderful I buy it at Walmart, its great!!

  57. avatar Elizabeth says:

    Never shave that area! It makes the hair prickly and unkempt, and later makes it even harder to care for. Use an electric bikini trimmer and some tiny short hairs. These are invisible and it is less itchy when you do this.

    • avatar Gabriella says:

      I agree with you but you should never just go right into shaveing with an electric trimmer. It will just make a mess and even hurt your skin if the blades start to tug on any long hairs down there. You should trim down all that long hair and then go in with the electric trimmer to get the smooth and silky finish :)

  58. avatar jj says:

    That is very helpful, thanx. But I’m new to this as well didn’t know what to do when I first started. So my ? Is, how to get rid of the spots from past shavings?

  59. avatar amanda says:

    I definitely suggest getting the bikinizone cream (I dont know how the gel works but I use the cream one) and as long as I do for a few days after I shave I have very little irritation, whenever I dont use it though its painful and I always regret not using it.

  60. avatar Star says:

    Thanks for the tips! Like you I dont like flashing my hoo-ha to strangers, so I just began shaving. So far I use (instead of baby powder and bikini lotion) I use baby lotion and where sport shorts (with the breathable built-in underwear) all day to let the skin breath. It works wonders!

  61. avatar Becky says:

    i’m a new-be to the bikini area. only because i didnt see how bad it was till last summer. and i got this free venus bikini timmer, and im not 100% sure how to even use it, again i am new to this. help please???

  62. avatar Alexis says:

    I use aloe vera to soothe afterwards! brings down any red bumps, and after being cooled in the fridge, it feels really great down there!

  63. avatar Aly says:

    i started using bikini zone, and it works well. i always get bumps and rashes after shaving, but that helps prevent it. almost entirely. i used to get it at Target, but they stopped selling it in stores. however, they do sell it online. it’s only $13.


  64. avatar alex says:

    I tried bikini zone after i shaved a little while ago and no more bumps! they have them at all the cvs, walgreens, walmarts and stores like that by me, so i would definitely look at one of those

  65. avatar Amy says:

    I was so confused on how to shave my bikkini area. But this made it so much clearer.

    • avatar Ally says:

      Do u shave in the shower ? Please someone answer

      • avatar Mariah says:

        I have while showering. If you’re cold and have goosebumps though it will make you cut yourself so be sure the waters warm enough

  66. avatar Rae says:

    At the beauty supply type stores they often have creams and things designed to prevent ingrown hairs, slow growth, reduce irritation, etc. near the waxing supplies. Look near the muslin strips and applicators. Home waxing is something to look into too, if you’d feel comfortable with that. I’ve done it a couple times (and more on other places that are just weird to shave) just before the summer and it’s been worth it.

    This is good advice. Especially the side to side motion thing… It’s what I’ve done the last few years and it’s worked wonderfully.

  67. avatar Madi says:

    another tip for preventing bumps is to splash your skin with really cold water right after you shave. i don’t know why it works but it does!

  68. avatar Alaina says:

    This is great advice!
    And I haven’t tried any ingrown hair creams or whatever, but I can always find them at rite aid or walmart in the medication section. :)

  69. avatar Jennesia says:

    I have had some nightmarish problems with hair removal bu ti’ll try this good advice though!

  70. avatar Eimear says:

    Whenever I shaved that area, I have ALWAYS ended up with a rash that does indeed look worse than the hair itself! I never thought of the baby powder, even though I use that on my thighs to prevent irritation from friction. Thanks for the tip!

    • avatar Ashley says:

      Try Tendskin! this stuff works great, I have super sensitive skin and it is the only thing that works to keep bumps away consistently. It stings like hell though just be warned. Most beauty stores sell it, I know I get it at Ulta.

      • avatar Babbers says:

        Exactly which tend skin product do you use? I have considered trying it before but I was never sure which of the products was best. Do you apply just as directed or do you have any tips?

    • avatar Aryah says:

      Would gold bond body powder work instead of baby powder? It says it relieves itch, absorbs moisture, cools & soothes

    • avatar Em says:

      Well Im an African american and Im little darker in the bikini area . Im not sure if that is normal but Im super sensitive downtown and the bumps are ridiculous . I tried bikini zone .. Nothing happened . I’ve tried Alot of stuff but no improvement . Im starting to think Im stuck like this (not sexually active)):

      • avatar IrisD says:

        African Americans often have darker skin there (also armpits) you could make it less by exfoliating and/or waxing, but results aren’t right away

      • avatar Danielle says:

        I have incredibly sensitive skin all over my body, armpits, upper lip, even my legs AND my bikini area. I have tried just about everything and nothing has really helped. I have tried hair removers like Nair or Venus specially made for sensitive bikini lines and it was worse than the bumps from shaving. I even tried the bikini zone cooling shave gel. But I finally found something while I was using my homemade body scrub . I just put equal parts sugar and coconut oil and I added a bit of lemon essential oil but you dont have to. I just exfoliated and the residue of the coconut oil made the perfect shaving cream. I’m sure you could use just coconut oil too. I applied a bit more oil on after my shave and it gave me baby soft skin. Hope that helped!!

      • avatar Amm says:

        I am very light skinned, so my bikini line is typically RED and bumpy. lol. I have recently found that daily exfoliation with clearasil daily clear pore cleansing pads works well for eliminating ingrown hairs. Stridex pads in the red box are supposedly better, but I couldn’t find them. And to help with the redness, some deodorant works surprisingly well. I use the mitchum advanced control solid deodorant. It has made a huge difference.

      • avatar katester says:

        I have dark skin as well and i find that a homemade body scrub (i use equal parts sugar and coffee grounds, 1/4 c. coconut oil, and 1 tbsp olive oil) works great before and after shaving. I also use Dove deode the 5 days to smooth one, a quick swipe after your all dried off actually keeps the bumps away for me and the coconut oil keeps everything smooth. I hope it works for you too!

      • avatar Gnot says:

        Everyone is darker down there. Normal. Even on a translucent I can see every vein what are you some sort of anatomical diagram Irish super white person.

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