How to shave bikini area

Some girls are really open about their private issues. I’ve even heard of women going to get Brazilian waxes together. I, on the other hand, am a little more reserved. I don’t really make it a habit of talking about pubic hair online. However, with bikini season in full throw, I felt like it was important that college girls know they have options when it comes to hair removal down there.

You don’t have to try to find an extra-wide pair of unattractive bikini bottoms to avoid a beach humiliation, you don’t have to rub on sketchy chemicals that ‘magically’ disintegrate the hair, and you don’t have to show your hoo-ha to a total stranger (who will then proceed to drip hot wax on it and rip the hairs out herself!) Shaving your bikini area can be easy, pain free, and without irritation, so read on to find out how to do it:

3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Prep

Before you even touch a razor, you need to ask yourself an important and embarrassing question: how much do you have to lose? If your down-there hair is longer than a ¼ of an inch long, you need to take the scissors to those bad boys or shaving is going to be torture. Trim them down to ¼ of an inch or smaller (as small as you can get without cutting yourself) and then exfoliate the area with a gentle facial exfoliate. Rinse off.

Step 2: Shave

I personally (cringe) use my regular razor that I use to shave my legs and underarms, but if you have sensitive skin, go to the drugstore and find a razor with lots of blades and some form of extra lubrication strip. I like the Schick Intuition because you can’t get much more lubrication than a big freaking bar of soap wrapped around the blades; or try a men’s razor blade, because, whether they admit it or not, their facial skin is just a sensitive as ours is. Once you’ve picked out a good razor, cover the area with a generous layer of shaving cream or, failing that, hair conditioner (it’s just as creamy and nourishing if you’re out of shaving cream).

However, with bikini season in full throw, I felt like it was important that college girls know they have options when it comes to hair removal down there. You don’t have to try to find an extra-wide pair of unattractive bikini bottoms to avoid a beach humiliation, you don’t have to rub on sketchy chemicals that ‘magically’ disintegrate the hair, and you don’t have to show your hoo-ha to a total stranger (who will then proceed to drip hot wax on it and rip the hairs out herself!) Shaving your bikini area can be easy, pain free, and without irritation, so read on to find out how to do it:

Schick Intuition, Gilette Fusion ProGlide Power, Skintimate Shaving Cream

I’ve read a lot of guides that tell you to shave “with the grain” (i.e. in the direction of hair growth) in order to avoid irritation. This technique does avoid irritation, but it also seems to avoid actually removing any hair whatsoever. Once again, if you’re extra sensitive, I would try this way first, but if no hair is coming off I find a side-to-side shave works best. You’re not going against the grain, per se, but you’re going enough against it to whisk the hair away and leave the area smooth.

How much or little you shave is up to you. If you’re just trying to avoid playing ‘peek-a-boo pubes’ with your bikini bottoms, slide them on to see how much you have left to shave periodically during this process.

Step 3: Treat

So you’ve finished, you’ve got a silky hair free bikini line, but if you’re like me, you’re thinking “how long until I have 15 little mosquito bites down there that look worse than the actual hair?” Bikini bumps are usually ingrown hairs and they happen more frequently down there because the skin is so thin and sensitive. To avoid this, add a little baby powder as soon as your done and dried off, this prevent moisture and friction from irritating the skin. There are creams and lotions out there, like Bikini Zone, that claim to prevent irritation after shaving or waxing your bikini line, but I’ve never tried them (can’t find them!). Please leave a comment if you have, and let me know if/how well they work!

Johnson’s Baby Powder, Bikini Zone

If, even with prevention (the good razor and exfoliation should help), you still get a bikini bump or two, treat them with a little acne cream that contains salicylic acid. It will help reduce the redness and help the ingrown hair heal more quickly.

What Do You Think?

You guys have the luxury of making anonymous comments, so let me know how you get a hair free bikini line? Shave? Wax? Those weird, hair-melting creams? Leave me a comment and let me know!


  1. avatar Mika says:

    for anyone who has a lot of problems with ingrown hair, heres a pretty good checklist to follow (i usually have really bad ingrown hair but when i tried this, it worked shockingly).
    1. use a gentle, unscented (preferably physical) exfoliant. no matter where you shave, its always good to exfoliate the skin before shaving. it gets rid of the dead layer of skin sitting on top and lets you get a closer shave than you would otherwise. but use something very gentle
    2. apply baby oil. rub it against the skin and hairs to soften them. it makes it easier to shave and helps prevent razor burn
    3. apply shaving cream. i used to use a very high lather soap for shaving, but even my legs hated it. if need be, theres shaving lotions that exist and they work well, but suck to clean off the razor after each pass
    4. shave. like said above, the more blades the better, and youll have more luck finding them in the mens section. mens razors are cheaper, so its not too big a deal. if you need to go over an area again because the razor didnt shave it, reapply shaving cream/move some from elsewhere. dry shaving is the worst thing you can do
    5. apply rubbing alcohol. if you can, the spray stuff is better as it involves less irritation but if youre like me and only have the pads, go with the hair growth
    6. deodorant. if you have it to spare, trust me it helps. getting the aluminum free stuff is best as you dont exactly need to stop a bad smell. this stuff keeps the shaved area dry and prevents chafing. you can use baby powder if you dont have any of this to spare but deodorant works best
    before i couldnt even shave in the shower without getting bumps but now i can dry shave every day without worry. it genuinely helps so much

  2. avatar A. Nony Moose says:

    Shave at the very end of your shower, when the hair has softened and there is less bacteria located around the folicle.

    Don’t sit in a dirty tub or in rinsewater. Standing or sitting on the clean edge of the tub is better.

    Use the Bump Fighter razor from Walgreens or Walmart. You’ll likely have to look in the area where they sell men’s shaving products. The blade has bump guards that prevent irritation. Use a good gel or foam shaving lubricant.

    Some people like to use Tea Tree oil immediately afterwards, others use a hydrocortisone cream, others use an over-the-counter antifungal cream, some use a diaper rash cream with zinc. What is best is what works best for you, depending on what is causing the redness.

  3. avatar Jade Alayah Brown says:

    Can you exfoliate with Clean and clear face scrub?

    • avatar Lex says:

      You shouldn’t simply because the face exfoliator has chemicals in it that will be too sensitive for the skin on the bikini line. I’ve found that sugar scrubs work the best and aren’t expensive at all

  4. avatar Sajel says:

    You should put lotion up there everyday to soften the skin & hair so when it’s time for u to shave it’ll be easier cause the skin and hair is softened .. I just put lotion down there everyday (not close to your vag) and then when I’m ready to shave get a hot rag and gently exfoliate then get shaving cream and shave downwards

  5. avatar Dana says:

    I have tried numerous times to completely have a clean shave, but the irritation is the worst. I naturally have more sensitive skin. I’ve tried numerous weird tips, like putting deodorant on the area after shaving, but to no avail. I get millions of bumps, I get extremely itchy, it ends up being a bad experience all around. I know there has to be other people out there that have very similar situations and I’m hoping someone has a real solution so that I can be clean shaven. Since I haven’t figured out how to do a clean shave comfortably yet, I just use an electric razor to trim it as much as possible, but I want it gone! Any suggestions would be appreciated. I’ve even tried Coochy and it did not help a single bit, neither did Bikini Zone stuff for the bumps and irritation. Help please!

    • avatar AJ says:

      I have the sam issue and I find that waxinging works the best for me! Yes it is a bit expensive, I pay $45 a month for a Brazilian wax. And after my wax I exfoliate my skin every 2 or 3 days and I get 0 ingrown hairs and no irritation bumps. I feel like it is worth the money!!!

    • avatar Pinky says:

      I also have sensitive skin thinking of buying a bikini trimmer can u tell me your experience with it .does it nick the skin .do u experience ingrown hairs with a trimmer and do we need to stretch the skin while using such a device

  6. avatar Kayla says:

    Hi im 13 and i just started shaving. I have a razor but im kinda scared to use it because I heard it hurt, anyway theres this electric razor that I usually use but it never really makes its like gone like you can still feel the hair. I don’t have shaving cream and I don’t know what to do or excalty how to do it,i need help please.

    • avatar Hale says:

      It doesn’t hurt at all I’m 12 and I started when I was 9! Just don’t press to hard or you will cut your self. If you miss spots,just go over it…. Get a moisturizer type of shaving cream or gel.

  7. avatar fanny says:

    I’m 13 and never shaved *down there* I want to shave but without usin razors or waxing and I don’t want to ask my mum for help b/c she will say to stop talkin nonsense .some body help please

    • avatar obsessed24 says:

      Fanny–honestly, shaving is a personal grooming choice. I started shaving down there at age 13. I started because I felt uncomfortable about it and it stuck out of my underwear. Just because you shave it doesn’t mean that you want to get with a boy or do anything. Try telling that to your mom. Waxing is expensive, and at your age, I wouldn’t do it. Razors are difficult, but most of the time it gets the job done (with the right shaving gel, try bikini zone gel). I also use a disposable, two blade razor. Another option is Nair or Bikini Zone hair removal. It is a cream that you leave on then take off in five to them minutes. I’ve only used it once and discovered it didn’t work out for me. Depending on hair type and skin type (tough, thin, etc.) it may work. A small bottle is cheap, and you should be able to buy some without your mom of you’d like. Hope this helped!

    • avatar Nan says:

      Adding onto what obsessed24 said:

      Shaving can (and will, in my experience) make you itch like crazy, but having too wild of hair down there can stink (not literally, as long as you wash it!), so I would recommend trimming it if you don’t want to use razors.
      Also, trimming the hair (and then showering) before or during your period helps with the blood clotting. :’)

  8. avatar Astha says:

    I have never shaved down there. I always get a wax. However its very painful and now I am seriously considering shaving instead of waxing.

  9. avatar Kenzie says:

    I’m 17 and I have dreaded and embarrassed to wear a swimsuit because of the hair. When I was 14 I didn’t trim enough and I was wearing a swimsuit and I spread my legs apart and it was bad. I own 3 swimsiots, bur i prefer the one woth the fatter bottom part cuz no hair shows. I shave my bikini line and a little on the top and I trim, but I get lazy and don’t do it for weeks. I’ve only ever used soap and a razor. I get bikini bumps all the time which I’m embarrassed by. What is the best method for trimming? I’ve layed down on my bed in the birthing pose and I’ve sat on the toilet. There’s gotta be a more efficient way and doesn’t have a hard clean up. Please help! I also have dark hair below my belly button. I shave and pluck it, but this leaves red bumps and black dots. Amy suggestions? And my armpit hair grows back way too fast. I shave and the next day the black hair is poking out. How can I cheaply make it grow slower?

    • avatar Nan says:

      Hi, Kenzie!

      For the trimming part — you might put a towel down while trimming, and shower immediately after.

      For the shaving irritation — be careful with your skin! Use the razor gently, and make sure it’s sharp. You might use a moisturizer or exfoliate the area as well.
      Don’t itch or shave over the bumps until they’re gone, and don’t shave too often!

      For the armpit situation — It’s probably not actually growing faster, but just looks like that.

      Hope this helps. :’)

    • avatar Dolly says:

      Kenzie, I used to get red bumps to, but I learned that the more I shaved ” down there” the less painful it was. Also if you use a newer razor, it helps! Hope this helps!

  10. avatar Jennifer says:

    For everyone that is having problems with shaving, try the no-no! It works great! And news flash Walmart now carries a version of the no-no laser hair removal device, and it works just as well! Hope this helps!

  11. avatar Amber says:

    Dear original publisher and everyone else. I’m literally at Target right this moment and have found “Bikini Zone” it is currently $5.99 hope this helps people find it :)

  12. avatar shayna says:

    hi guys,
    I’m 15 and I shave occasionally but not all the time. I’ve been doing it less frequently lately, however because I’ve found that a few days after I shave, the hairs that are growing in are very painful are extremely sensitive to the touch. I haven’t bothered lately because that is more painful, bumpier, and grainier than when I do unshaved. I’d like to shave all the time but his is such a nuisance to me. when I shave again a couple days later these painful hairs are difficult to remove and my red bumps becom even worse. is there any way to avoid this?

    • avatar anonymous says:

      what you have it ingrown hairs and what you need to do is tweeze them. It will hurt like pulling splinters and those suckers are tuff. I would practice pulling leg hairs to get used to the pain first. Don’t go after them too quick or harsh because if they are really bad or you get too close to the skin you can bleed.

    • avatar Deni says:

      You should let all your hair grow out until all of the bumps are gone and the next time you shave, after you shave, use a sugar scrub and run in circular motions everyday after you shave until you need to shave again

    • avatar April says:

      Sounds like your hairs are thicker and not as soft. While it grows wash the area with the moisturizing body soap in a bottle. When you notice a difference in softness, go ahead and shave it, and then use aftercare treatment.

  13. avatar Joy says:

    Hi! So, I’ve been trying to shave down there for awhile now, but every time I try to run the razor over it, I get this weird sandpaper kind of feeling under the blades. Is this normal, and how can I avoid it?

    • avatar obsessed24 says:

      It could be because of the razor you’re using! Mine feels like that when I use a five blade, but when using a two blade, I don’t get that feeling. Also, make sure the skin is pulled taught before shaving. It will help, good luck!

  14. avatar molly says:

    okay hi im 15 and ive never properly shaved my vagina before (except for trimming and shaving for bikini bottoms) but because im growing older and beginning to experiment with boys i wanna shave because i feel uncomfortable with the hair down there but like it scares me a lil bit because the little bits ive shaved in the past have gone a bit red and blotchy so i don’t want that to happen everywhere :/ also all my friends already shave and will probably find me a bit gross if i admit i don’t (it’s stupid i know but sadly it’s the way my generation are starting to work) so i can’t ask them for tips and my mum would just say i was too young to do that because obviously she wants me to stay away from boys and be her baby forever lol. also i don’t have any shaving cream or anything but when i shave my legs & armpits i just use soap, so is that alright to use on my vagina too? and ingrown hairs scare me because when i was 13 i had one on my armpit and it was so horrible because i had to have it like sliced open by the doctor and it was so painful, so i really don’t want that happening down there, and it’d be awkward to explain to my mum :/ and is there any way of getting rid of the hairs which are more further backwards that i can’t see well enough to shave? annnddd i don’t have a bath in my house (which i’d find a lot easier to shave with if i did) so will it be difficult in the shower?

    • avatar Joanne says:

      Hi Molly! I’m not sure if you’ve already gotten answers to your questions (because it looks like you posted this about two months ago), but just in case you haven’t:

      First off, don’t ever feel like you HAVE to shave your pubic area! Many women prefer to shave, for many different reasons, but let’s face it: it’s a pain! It’s not gross or unhygienic to not shave, but if you choose to do so, soap works just fine. Just try to go for gentle, unscented soaps if you can, as the skin down there is pretty sensitive.

      And I don’t think ingrown hairs are anything to really be nervous about; at least, I’ve never had a problem with them. Razor bumps happen, but they don’t really require anything extra to fix, I find. No doctors needed! They eventually go away on their own, but baby powder or lotion may help the process along. Honestly, though, I just leave it.

      Also, showers are just fine for shaving! Sometimes I find having a tub is beneficial, since you have something to put your foot up on, but if you don’t, that’s just fine.

      Hope I was able to help a bit! :) Good luck!

  15. avatar taylor says:

    so i shaved down there and have recently found small little red bumps, did i do something wrong or is that normal? I have tried shaving once before and I didn’t go all out with moisturizers or special razors and shaving gels, I don’t have the money for that stuff. I also don’t use baby powder because it’s said to contribute to cervical cancer, what should i do? any tips for future shaving? I just want my bikini bottom hair-free :)

    • avatar Lizzy says:

      Right after you shave apply deodorant prevents bumps. Also shave with baby oil it leaves it soft and the hair takes longer to grow back

  16. avatar Jennifer says:

    Use coconut oil before and after shaving. Cheap and VERY effective.

    • avatar Lexa says:

      This works like magic!!! I use it all over my body and I’m left with soft silky skin, although it smells kinda weird and you still may have a couple bumps here and there but it’s totally worth trying!

  17. avatar First timers says:

    the females from my family that I asked don’t shave down there.i know it’s not a forced but I just don’t like it being there when taking a shower so I’m a bit nervous if I cut you self or how far along do I shave.

  18. avatar Jackline says:

    Hi Buddies, that is the razor, how best can waxing work?

  19. avatar Emily says:

    Hey Ladies,
    I just want to share my story. I just got released from a 5 day hospital stay where I had to have a 6inch long incision cut into my bikini line and having necrotic tissue cut out all the way down to the muscle. This happened right after a Brazilian wax. The place that I got the wax was completely sanitary and sterile. The aesthetician was wonderful. I had absolutely no pain and I was absolutely in love with my wax. But about 4 days after the wax I got a shave bump. I anticipated this as I am prone to them. As usual I put acne gel on it and also washed with acne soap. I shower daily. In two days it was the size of a golf ball. I went to a doctor who tried to drain it but the infection had gone too deep. It had also become antibitic resistant. I had to get surgery and spent 5 days in the hospital getting IV antibiotics. I have a wound that is about 2 inches deep and from the top of my pubic area to the bottom. I have to pack it with gauze every day and it will take 5-6 weeks to heal. I am not telling this story to scare anyone. I honestly don’t think what happened to me is very common. I do not blame the waxing salon. I also did nothing improper. Everyone’s skin has staph on it. Some people are also colonized with MRSA and may never have symptoms until something like this happens. What happened was that my pores had opened up from the waxing procedure and the staph was able to enter. So just be aware if you are prone to shave bumps. It can also happen with shaving. Just pay attention to the size of a bump and whether or not it gets bigger or hot or you get a fever. Good luck gals!

  20. avatar jasmine says:

    I use bikini zone shaving gel and after gel . I love it ! I used to get horrible razor bumps like the worst ever ! I live in canada the o ly drug store ive found that carries bikini zone is london drugs. I also put a shit load of baby powder down there .
    Ive heard of friends who put coconut oil and said it is amazing as well and your little lady gets to smell like coconut lol.

    If you cant find bikini zone I recomend shaving with conditioner so its clear to see where your shaving or even shave with lotion ! Afterwards you can put some non fragrance deoderant . And baby powder !

    Hope i helped

  21. avatar Kay says:

    I’m really annoyed. I try EVERYTHING to get rid of my “girl mustache” and it just won’t go away. I try wax scrub really hard I get a burn. I tried Sally Hansen hair removal. Scrubbed really hard still gave me a burn. I tried plucking and it hurts a lot. Any ideas?? (Besides bleaching)

    • avatar Raquel says:

      i had the same problem and the only solution i found to it was to thread my “girl mustache”. it’s expensive, but it works really well. another thing i do when i dont have time/money to get it done is a i trim it with some mini scissors i own and it helps a lot

    • avatar sexylady says:

      try. veet. facial wax trips. works for me and don’t burns you

    • avatar Tris says:

      if you’re okay to invest, electrolysis permanently removes the hairs; its a long process (a bout a year if you want it done properly) and not the cheapest, but its more effective than laser or anything else… and it lasts forever!

    • avatar Taylor says:

      If it’s not too much hair and it’s just dark, try bleaching it. Facial bleach is very cheap and easy to use

  22. avatar Kara says:

    I’m 19 and have been shaving for about 5 years now. I have never had problems with irritation or ingrown hairs until now. I bought a after shaving gel but when I used it I broke out in hives everywhere I used it. I called my mom and she said I should go to the ER but it seemed like an over reaction and I really can’t afford to pay unnecessary medical bills. I took benedrill and that helped a bit but I am still quite uncomfortable. Even after this reaction to the gel is gone I don’t know what I should do about the other irritations I’m having. Any advice is appreciated! :)

  23. avatar Robbie says:

    I’ve been going bare down there for years. I’m pretty hairy down there and have always hated it. Thank god for the Brazilians! I started off shaving in high school through college and don’t remember having any issues with ingrown hairs. The first couple of times I waxed, no problems with ingrowns either, but after 4 or 5 sessions ingrowns started showing up. I went to a different aesthetician, but the problem ensued. I’ve purchased a variety of products from them, but none worked. I went back to shaving and the ingrowns got worst. I started researching and came across a thread where someone recommended Retin-A or tretinoin. I have a prescription for it for my acne, so I applied it where the ingrowns were and voila! Ingrowns no more. It took a few days, but the skin started peeling. I know it sounds totally gross, but I think it was exfoliating the skin. Now, I apply it after I shave and the day after and I’m good. Keep in mind this worked for me, but may not work for you. Tretinoin is a prescription drug and really should be used as instructed by for your physician. When I was first prescribed the medication for my face, I was told my skin would start peeling, be red, and irritated for the first few days as my skin acclimated to the medication. That never happened to me, but I do know of people who it did happen to. Also, if you decide to start using your retin-a down there, DO NOT wax for a long time. It does make your skin more sensitive and if you wax, it could potentially rip off a layer of your skin with it.

  24. avatar jennifer says:

    deodarant works for preventing red bumps, just cover the shaved area with stick deodarant, it might burn a little bit at first, but it helps keep the hair folicle open wich stops the red bumps

  25. avatar Nykki says:

    I noticed all the younger girls are asking for tips…over the years I found the best way to possibly shave down there is using a decent razor like Venus embrace or the men’s Gillette fusion with the skintimate shave gel (found in all local drugstores) for smoothness or coochy shave gel for smoothness and no razor bumps…(ordered online at Amazon). I use baby oil and only on the thigh area no where near the lip area to moisturize as soon as I’m done. But overall, y’all should just try a decent razor with the skintimate shave gel and do what your comfortable with…also if you exfoliate the skin beforehand (mix 1/4c virgin olive oil with 1/2 cup sugar) it smoothes the hair follicles so it doesn’t get irritated as much for those of you who are doing it for the first time…then when your done use baby oil/gel and moisturize your legs and they’ll be very smooth :)

  26. avatar cherry says:

    Recently done brazilian wax. I find out that the pubic area has becomes black. Is it normal?

  27. avatar Tasman says:

    I realise it’s expensive and many of you are very young but if you can save up get laser brazilian, you have to shave a couple of days before each treatment but after 5 treatments you won’t have hair growing there at all and you might only need to have 1 or 2 treatments each year after that to maintain it. The first 5 treatments are monthly and don’t be embarrassed they gave seen it all before. A lot of places have specials eg $30 per treatment…worth looking into it to permanently remove it.

    • avatar Maggie says:

      This may be a stupid question but is Brazilian a full? Also when you shave beforehand do you have to shave everything?

  28. avatar Tasha says:

    Recently I shaved *down there* and it is so irratated, I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to use a particular type of razor to shave *down there* any idea how to stop it from being so irratated? Also my butthole is quite hairy and I’m not sure how to takle it! Any ideas would be much appreciated! :)

  29. avatar 2delicate says:

    Okay okay.. Ladies. I need help. I finally shaved down under for my second time. I typically just trim or use Nair. However, there is an area, mainly my lips and back by my butthole. There is hair, lots of it. And im not sure how to take care of it. Any suggestions?!

    • avatar paulasays says:

      Hmm – I’m a just get rid of it kind of girl I like the idea of nothing which is what I maintain.

      So my tips based on experience are:

      1. Buy a guys beard trimmer this get rid of most or the problem and isn’t that expensive at walmart.or wherever. If it’s a one shot deal you can throw this away when you get to stable state. I’m a bit seasonal gal and in the winter I maintain a landing zone but come summer I go back to this solution. I get my SO to help and there is no surprise where this ends up – oops.

      2. Guy’s razors or cheaper and seem to last longer than the pink designer things companies try and sell us.

      3. Razors are better then chemicals – don’t expect perfection on day 1 – after a week of a few strokes in a warm shower you are going to get a reasonable maintainable state and not get the irritation or ingrown issues if you try and deal with everything in one go,

      4. Use a shave product, use an aftercare one if that works for you. I just pinch my guys coconut one seems to work for both of us lol.

      5. Yes you need to deal with lip or labia hairs and your bum as well – just take a relaxed attitude and deal with some bits each day and don’t make anything sore – patience is perfect :-)

  30. avatar em says:

    Aaaahhhhh oh my gosh, PLEASE omit the suggestion of using baby powder anywhere NEAR the poon! It’s been linked to cervical cancer! One of the main reasons talc is no longer added to latex gloves.

    • avatar Leeny says:

      Very true! BUT, there is now cornstarch only baby powder. It’s harder to find and usually more expensive, but worth it.

      • avatar Heather says:

        Most baby decent baby powders are made talc free for baby health. Talc is harder and harder to find. Just go to the baby isle and get look for 100% cornstarch. If its safe enough for sensitive baby skin its probably safe for pubic region.

  31. avatar Holly says:

    I’m 16 and I have a boyfriend. Well he has been wanting to take to the next level such as being a little more intimate with more touching. Which im okay with except that I don’t shave at all down there and I’m scared that if he was going to reach down south he would get grossed out. We both are virgins so. I don’t know what to do and I don’t want to talk about this with him because I’m so shy when it comes to stuff like this. Please help me.

    • avatar Brunie says:

      i’m in the exact same situation, please help us

    • avatar Becca says:

      He won’t be grossed out. I think it is sexier if you at least keep it trimmed (ie- hairs about 1/2 inch or less). But I don’t think he’ll be grossed out either way. He has hair down there too and he doesn’t have any precious expectations of what you should have anyways since he’s a virgin. So in essence, I reccomend shaving or at least trimming, BUT he probably won’t care too much either way.

    • avatar anon says:

      Personal experience: shave it all off if that’s what makes you more confident and confortable. It was for me. Guys will never be grossed out by nothing down there. Later on down the road my boyfriend suggested a “landing strip” would be sexy (just his opinion) so you have that option as well!

    • avatar Helen R says:

      If he is a virgin too, he’s probably just thrilled at the thought of “getting some”. I would say trim. Don’t go completely bare as there will be friction. That’s why you have hair there. And, FYI, he has hair there too. Venus makes a nice trimmer. That way you don’t cut yourself. Always exfoliate before and after. Always use some sort of shave cream or hair conditioner. And always moisturize. It prevents bumps. Coochie Shave Cream is available on Amazon and worth the money. And, of course, always use protection with any sexual activity. Be safe. :-)

      • avatar Natalie says:

        Most guys don’t really care too much about what what the hair situation is down there. I’m 38 and I have conversations about this with my guy friends all the time. In your situation, he’s going to be so excited to be touching your lady parts, that he won’t care if there’s a full on rainforest growing down there! You do what you feel comfortable doing.

    • avatar emily says:

      honey, if talking about pubes with him makes you uncomfortable, how do you expect to have SEX with him??

  32. avatar Savannah says:

    I personally love Dollar Shave Club razors, shave butter, and the repair serum. Not only is it cheap and awesome, you don’t have to go to the store. Just update your box every month. It comes with four new razors every month so you have a fresh one every week. And if you don’t shave that often, you can change it to every other month. You can also cancel anytime. Really worth the money. I use the 4x razor, it’s supposed to be the best for women.
    Also, waxing is not bad, it just got cold to me.

  33. avatar Danielle says:

    So, I’ve been on a quest searching for a way to be hairless down there without pain and money down the drain, but it’s hard having extremely sensitive skin (even the dermatologist said it’s unnaturally sensitive, and that was just my face!). I started with a two-bladed razor, the cheap kind in a bag that my elderly mother who no longer needs to be concerned about shaving buys, and that failed horribly, ending with bleeding, pain, and skin down there that looked like acne. I used the Bikini Zone stuff, which made it redder and it burned, but I suppose it was better than before. I used that “magical hair remover” stuff, which burned so badly and left such a terrible rash that I couldn’t walk without looking like a cowboy who rode his horse too long for two days.

  34. avatar Allison says:

    so it’s the first time I shaved down there and It’s itching really bad. I think I’m walking funny and it’s really uncomfortable and I don’t have any baby powder at the moment. Any tips?

  35. avatar Raquel says:

    Hai people
    I’m Raquel and I am 12 years old.
    Whenever I shave my pubic hair I don’t use anything after I just rinse with water. Is that okay?
    Also, after a couple days after I shave the small hairs seem to be pointy and poke me. It’s very irritating… I don’t want to have to ask to use the bathroom every 5 minutes because it’s itchy. And I can never seem to make ALL of the hair go away when I shave. There is still very small hairs. I need help!

    • avatar Alicia says:

      I think it’s ok to rinse with water, although it’s better to use moisturizer.
      As for the itching, you can either shave more often to avoid it, or try using baby powder to make it more barable.
      And the hairs left behind, do you mean like the roots of the hairs? If that’s what you are referring to, then I have the same problem, and I really don’t know. I hope I helped a little : )

    • avatar Carlie says:

      Hi, I have the very same problem. I just had my second time shaving down there and last time I shaved down there, it left little roots and the next day, some of the roots were saw and a little red around them. It also hurt every time I tried to wipe on the toilet. Now I’m a little scared to shave all the way because I don’t want the roots becoming sore again. I tried moisturiser and added a little bit of roll on deodorant which seems to make it smell nice. But I probably advise leaving the tiniest bit of length when shaving so the roots don’t become annoying. I hoped I helped, I’m only 13 and I am trying to find some tips on shaving.

    • avatar Helen R says:

      Hair conditioner makes a really good and cheap moisturizer.

      • avatar poo says:

        don’t use hair conditioner as moisturizer, especially in sensitive areas. this should go without saying.

  36. avatar Lydia says:

    Hi havent shave down there much before and I didn’t know I was supposed to. I was talking to my friends and they all do. I mean I want it to be smooth but without the bumps and itch I have babypowder and razors but what else do I need? Any tips?

    • avatar rose ny says:

      you’re NOT “supposed to” remove your hair down there.
      It is a CHOICE.

      And from all the comments I am reading here about the pain, irritation, itchiness, anxiety, hassle and
      general discomfort that comes with removing it all, I have to ask: WHY????

      We all have hair there. It is a natural part of becoming a woman.
      Why this obsession with needing to look like a hairless pre-pubescent mannequin???
      Think about it.
      I just trim it a bit.
      Never had a complaint.
      The End……

      • avatar joche says:

        Thank you. I quite needed to hear this after all those comments which assumed shaving was obliged.

  37. avatar badi says:

    I wonder if any salon in bay area doing shave down area and under arms. I do it myself regularly and wondering some times get it done in salon

  38. avatar Sintia says:

    So, I’m 15 and my Mom says that I’m too young. She’s certain that I’m going to do this for a guy. But that is not the case. It causes a lot of problems. I even had to give up the cheerleading team because it was too embarrassing. Some girls from our team even started to make remarks. I’m afraid they’ll tell everyone in our school. How can i explain Mom that it’s really important to me?

    • avatar Harriet says:

      Dont let somethig that happens naturally stop you from doing what you love. Tell your mom that for some reason the girls at school find it socially unacceptable to have pubic hairs and that you just want to get rid of them so people wont tease you. Tell her it has nothing to do with boys, but that you really dont want to be teased or feel uncomfortable about it around other girls. If she still doesnt understand take the advice from this website and shave on your own. Dont let something as silly – though uncomfortable – as body hair stop you from doing what you love.

    • avatar Helen R says:

      Sweetie, those girls are insignificant, immature, self absorbed , insecure jerks. I’m 43 and those girls existed when I was in school. And sadly, they still exist even in adulthood. It took me a long time to learn this but what they think our say about you, says NOTHING about you. But it speaks volumes about them and their own insecurities. You do what is right for you. Period. Don’t pay them any mind. If you feel more comfortable or confident by trimming or shaving, then go for it. But if you are doing it to fit in our please others, don’t do it. Just don’t. Your self worth and self esteem is worth far more than they are. Years from now, those girls will still be belittling people. Just ignore them, do what’s right for you and move on. I know it’s hard, especially when you are so young. But believe me, you are worth it. God bless. :-)

    • avatar Michelle says:

      So my mom sayas test im to young to suave my self bit im 15 and i amo in cheerleading bit it Washington inberis trata they see my Haity from my legs and i need one of those

  39. avatar Ms Divya says:

    Yeah it always been important to shave the bikini area the idea of using a razor its much irritating and harmful too and now a days many electric razor are available in market to shave bikini are safely.

  40. avatar Sara says:

    I read this blog and I am shaving for the first time….
    So Do we have to apply any sort of cream / lotion before shaving ?

  41. avatar Kayleigh says:

    So I shaved my bikini area are its itching really bad. I did not shave my “deeper area” though. I feel like I’m walking kinda funny because it’s bothering me so much. It’s the first time i have. People say to put baby powered but I’m not sure where ours is and I don’t want to ask my mom. Plus there are a lot of roots I can’t remove. I don’t want to wax until a few years because I’d have to ask my mom to take me and I really don’t want to talk to her about it.

  42. avatar Amanda143 says:

    Okay so I’ve been shaving for a while and after a few days it always gets itchy and it’s quite embarrassing. Help?

  43. avatar Shiloh says:

    I’ve tried the bikini zone pre-shave gel and it didn’t work at all, wouldn’t reccomend it

  44. avatar rose says:

    I always use an electric shaver. It works well and it doesn’t give me irritation. I also use a razor that has a rubber thing to avoid getting cut. From experience, do not shave upwards.I found that shaving sideways works well.

  45. avatar College girl says:

    Hey there, well ive done shaving and self waxing. While waxing does last longer, its a pain to do. Shaving works just fine for a day in the sun. Shaving side to side does get best results. If u have sensitive skin like me, i suggest u use a mens razor like gillete. They cut well and the bar of soap thingy on it helps alot. Before you shave your area of choice, you should lather on either a shaving cream or conditioner. My favorite shaving cream is the light green bottle of aveeno. Once you’re all lathered up, shave side to side with a good amount of pressure, not to light but dont cut yourself. Once you’re done, get a cotton ball, put Witch Hazel on it and dab your chosen area. Then put on baby powder. This reduces red spots and irritation. After all this, you have bikin ready skin. Have fun! :)

  46. avatar ALittleEmbarrassed says:

    Hi, I was looking for advice from anybody, really. I’ve looked online, and I know this is actually very common, I’m just not exactly sure how to approach this. I have fine hairs around my butt area, and I can’t see to shave, plus I don’t want them to grow back more coarse! I am thinking a wax is my only option.. but that just feels so humiliating.

    • avatar Gabi says:

      As a female, our anatomy is definitely more difficult to deal with than that of a male. If you’re having trouble shaving down there because you can’t see anything, don’t be afraid to take a small mirror that you can prop up and stand above, and study what areas you want to shave and which ones to avoid. It’ll be a lot easier overcoming the nervous feelings of shaving down there the first time if you can see exactly what you’re doing. Also, this is your own body, so don’t be afraid to adjust it as needed to make the shaving experience more comfortable. With that being said, pulling some of the looser skin slightly taunt will help with irritation bumps, as well as showering and then applying baby oil afterwards. I promise that after you overcome the fear, the feeling it leaves behind is life changing!

  47. avatar kirbie says:

    17. I got reeeaally self conscious about hair everywhere was I was like 13, which is about when my sisters (late 20s/early 30s) helped me get my first razors and stuff. My mother sucks with all this, she’s literally never shaved. She used to tell me off for shaving my legs every 2-3 days (during summer) saying I was only supposed to do it every three weeks. Pretty hopeless. I started shaving my bikini area pretty much straight after my first time (so around 14/15). I personally feel gross if I let myself um, grow out, I have to keep myself at a nice trim or less. I would loove to have the confidence to not have to work as much as I do but until I do, all these comments and stuff are totally helping me find the best products and methods! Thanks guys!

  48. avatar Amanda says:

    I’ve found that using diaper rash oitment like Desitin or any others works so you dont get those bumps.

  49. avatar Makaela says:

    I’m 16 , I’ve been shaving since I was 14 but I started shaving because I hate the hair down there and my first time I got razor bumps and I didn’t know how to shave and I didn’t know I should exfoliate after , now I have all these razor scars and they are embarrassing to me ;(

  50. avatar Michelle says:

    Im going to college next month and I want to find the quickest and easiest way to shave. Ive been shaving for a couple years now and it normally takes my 40 mins to shave my bikini area but I have 4 other roommates that im sharing a bathroom with and I dont really want to be walked in on while im shaving. And im not a waxing fan so that is out of the way. Any help???

  51. avatar jacy says:

    I’m 16 an I shave an all but I’m super self conches about my body as my friends say ima “tooth pick” an very nervous about the middle areas I don’t know how to go down an shave that with out cutting that region an how do I get rid off the roots I can see them even after shaving an I’m considering waxing but not good with pain and Nair???

    • avatar sam says:

      Try going slowly and, it sounds really awkward but it works, sit on the edge of the tub or in the tub and spread your legs it stretches the skin enough your can get down there and shave so the roots don’t show and you can get all the hair you want. Please don’t use Nair, the stuff is super irritating and way to strong to use on the bikini line! If you don’t get all the hair the first time try shaving in multiple directions to get at the shorter roots but make sure the area is well lubed and your razor is clean every time you go over it I liked using baby oil for this but since i got a schtick intuition i’ve just used that. Also something to note if you have very dark hair down there you’ll always see pinpricks of it because you’re only getting rid of the exposed hairs above the skin not ripping out the from the base of the follicle like waxing its nothing to be ashamed of I have it too! Hope this helps ;)

      • avatar Maggie says:

        Thank you! I have been shaving for a little while down there and have super dark hair.. I m a little self conscious because none of the women in my family shave that area, but mine is out of control. I’m glad I found someone that understands about dark hair! And as long as you feel better about your bikini line and your body than its okay with what you do with it.

  52. avatar jacy says:

    I’m 16 an I’ve read every single comment an paragraph in suuper self conches an shy an I can’t wear a bikini I shave an you can still see the root its irratating an painful I wish it was all gone what should I do.. An what about nair I’m even considering waxing!

  53. avatar jelisa says:

    Hi I’m 18 and I’m very self conscious when it comes to my body, especially down stairs. I just always think, if I ever get married, will that turn them off? Will they ever want to see me again? I get nervous just thinking about it…..anyway is there truly a painless way to shave down there? If so what should I do and what steps?

    • avatar The Librarian says:

      Are you going to have an arranged marriage? If not, you should definitely only marry someone who you love more than the whole world, and who loves you back the same way. A good marriage is about teamwork and encouraging each other and sometimes making personal sacrifices for the other’s well-being. A good marriage is not about pubic hair or being bare. Personally, I think if you get the feeling that a man gets turned off from your natural body, he’s not good husband material. You want someone who will be devoted to you as you age, and who genuinely still thinks you’re beautiful when you haven’t showered for two weeks. {And yes, these incredible men do exist.} If, and when, you do get married, talk to your husband about his preferences, and feel free to shave for special occasions. But in my opinion it’s not a good use of your time to worry about that kind of thing and cause yourself discomfort over it right now. Best wishes!

  54. avatar Audrey says:

    Whats with all these girls thinking they need their mom’s permission to shave? This is a PRIVATE issue that you can deal with yourself with things that you should already have around the house.

    • avatar mommyx4boys says:

      Actually many parents dont allow their kids to even shave their legs until they reach a certain age, let alone their bikini area.

      • avatar Emily Ann says:

        It’s not up to the parents to decide what the child does with their private areas! My mum didn’t let me shave my legs but I did it anyway, I mean it’s not like they know what you’re doing in your shower, if it makes you feel better about yourself then that’s more important than what your parents want.

    • avatar Kyra says:

      Yeah until a girl tries it and ends up going to the ER because their mother knew that they had a skin condition that the girl didn’t know about….. Honestly if your mom is saying not to then ask her if either side of your family has a history of either: skin conditions, sensitive skin, or even genetic issues that could effect that. Honestly your mom may know a little more about it than you think and she is just trying to help or prevent issues. Hope this helped.

      • avatar Alayna says:

        Umm what mom wouldn’t tell their kid they had a skin condition? That’s super controlling and screwed up to not tell someone about their own medical issue

  55. avatar Tracie says:

    I have tried the razor with the plastic protector on it for ‘down there’. It doesn’t get a clean shave, but it definitely trims it up nice. I have shaved clean a few times and always hate the growing back in stage–for whatever reason, I didn’t exfoliate nearly enough. With summer finally here and shaving clean starting up again, can’t wait to see if the exfoliating helps!

  56. avatar marry says:

    hi, i just shaved my bikini zone a few days ago but there were still a lot like ‘roots’ left in my skin and i can’t remove. how could i do? and how to use another type o rozar, like a small one but with plastic protection(?? don’t know how to describe)… anyway someone please help.. thanks a lot:))

    • avatar Ally says:

      I usually take a set of tweeters to the roots left there from shaving to prevent the hairs in- growing (yes it hurts the first few times but numbs after a little while)

  57. avatar Alicia says:

    Well should I tell my aunt about my hair down there
    So I won’t be scared later when something happens
    But me and my close friends admitted it to each other
    Already but if anything happens should I tell her or
    Should I wait plus I do shave down there because I’m
    o self conscious about myself a little bit
    If it itches should I put oils or baby powder
    Or something?

  58. avatar Etiene says:

    Come on girlies! You don’t need yor moms permission to trim the bush. And it’s not rocket science. Trim it down with scissors. Lather up and shave. Just remember you’re scrapping a razor blade across your delicate skin! One or two swipes max. Lotion up or aloe up….and check it out the next day.
    Missed a few spots….touch it up. Ez pz.

    • avatar C says:

      Nads wax kit worked for upper lip hair. Cootchie cream didn’t solve my problems with bumps. Good to have more ideas here to try

  59. avatar zoe says:

    I was shaving a while back and i didnt realise but i have cut myself all the way down one side, i have tried sudocrem but it hasn’t worked and i dont really want to tell my mum because i am too embarrassed:| what do i do?

    • avatar Marki says:

      If it is really bad but you are embarrassed to tell her in person write it then on a piece of paper and put it somewhere that she will see.

      • avatar Anonymous says:

        So my mom got me the no no hair remover for my so called girl mustache. I haven’t tried it yet but it also says on the box that you can use it for the bikini area. Has anyone ever tried this out before? If so can you tell me if it works well or if it doesn’t. I’m getting tired of using a shaver to shave my bikini area. It gets itchy and gets those bumps and I was wondering if the no no hair remover or even one of those electric hair shaving things would work better?

  60. avatar Taylor says:

    You can find the Bikini Zone at Ulta!

  61. avatar Sierra says:

    Okay so I was having huge problems with itching and major razor burn! (Red bumps) I tried bikini zone cream and it didn’t help either- but I found that coconut oil works GREAT! I put in on right after I shave and every night, also try not to wear tight underwear that would rub and irretate are your skin.

    • avatar Tams14 says:

      The BumpBan is also great for shaving irritation.
      I use it after nearly ever shave, and it has made a huge difference.

  62. avatar alyssa says:

    I shaved but then I started bleedind and I had little red bumps and pointy dleft over hair what should I doo it hurts so bad and I’m only 13 years o

    • avatar laura says:

      Be very careful when you shave! Its best to avoid shaving the labia area because you DO NOT want to cut yourself there, it is very painful and irritating. Stick to just shaving the upper area and along your thighs. You are very young so it would even be okay to hold off on shaving for a couple years. But if you really want to, you should definitely confront your mother about it (or maybe a close friend). Maybe she will have some tips or maybe she’ll go out and buy you something to ease the pain.
      Also, other people have been posting good advice to avoid irritation.. exfoliate regularly, mousturize regularly and so on.
      Good luck.

  63. avatar sophie says:

    I shaved a while back. Have been doing it since quite sometime now. The first two days are fine but then it starts to itch like hell. Help. It gets really embarrassing at times. :(

  64. avatar sophie says:

    I shaved a while back. Have been doing it since quite sometime now. The first two days are fine but then it starts to itch like hell. Help. It gets really embarrasing at times. :(

    • avatar krissy says:

      There is no magic cure for this….regularly exfoliate and as soon as you get out of the shower lotion up (I use unscented baby oil). Otherwise, it’s not super embarrassing, it happens to everyone who shaves somewhere (Ever see guys scratching at stubble?) just learn to scratch in private (I will admit I’ve shoved a hand in my jean pocket to do a quick scratch) or just ride out the urge.

    • avatar Mariah says:

      For me it starts itching and or hurting from irritation about every two days. Just make sure to shave about every other day or every two days, otherwise it will itch like hell and/or hurt somewhat. :)

      • avatar lilly says:

        I lather on un-scented coco butter lotion from Bath and Body works on my legs and bikini area right after I shave and at least once a day after. I only use coco butter because even sensitive skin lotions make my legs itch and burn after i shave. If its really bad you can also use a dab of A&D or triple antibiotic to make it stop itching and prevent irritation. I also only shave down there once a week at most or the area becomes itchy.

    • avatar Brooke says:

      Put aloe Vera on it right after u shave it helps me

  65. avatar Livvy says:

    Hi I’m sorta having problems down you know where. So im super self conscious about it and I decided that I didn’t want all that hair down there. So i took a scissors and cut it. I didn’t ask questions to anyone or refer to the net. Now it seems really irresponsible of me. It’s really prickly and itches. Especially the.. insides. I’m kinda scared bout the more.. deeper places. What do I do?

    • avatar laura says:

      Do not take scissors to the “deeper places”!!! You can really risk harming yourself. You could attempt carefully shaving but even that is risk for cutting yourself in a very sensitive area (ive done it, it is not something you want to experience). (And honestly, nobody will see the “deeper places” except guys who you have “relations” with and they shouldnt care. If they do, they dont deserve to be with you.)
      As for the rest, you said you only cut it with scissors, right? And now it is prickly and irritating? The best thing to do is shave it. Follow this post and hopefully it will make things better. I get really terrible irritation when shaving my bikini area so i try to avoid it (i usually trim up the area with my razor and shave the edges). So, be aware that there may be irritation after you shave, but maybe try the bikini zone gel and/or baby powder suggested in this post. Im going to try to find some and use it next time too.

      • avatar Sausan says:

        Amm , sorry to disturb you…
        But it would be really a great pleasure for me if u answer it ! Whts the difference between using a razor and shaving ?
        (As I am using It for the first time so a bit confused…)

      • avatar Brooke says:

        I use aloe Vera it helps keep away bumps and the burns I put it on right after I finish shaving and dry off

    • avatar Ali says:

      I kind of did the same as you. I didn’t really, and still don’t know what I want exactly – but I sure know I don’t want people to notice when I’m in a bikini. So I generally trim the hair, keeping it short, and shave closer to my thighs and around the sides… I exfoliate and mosturize regularly.. I sometimes try to wash the hair to make it softer

  66. avatar Victoria says:

    Okay so, I’m 16 and I’m not doing this for a guy…I’m just really self concious. I tried talking to my mom about special razors and stuff..which unlike other moms, she didnt say I was too young, she just said we’ll see.. She sorta on the lazy side so she just never does it. I honestly don’t know what to do…in my mind all I can think of is when I get married, will they not wanna sleep with me Becuz of it? it bothers me to no end. Like I won’t even wear shorts or change in front of my friends. I won’t even play sports becuz that cause you to change in front of people. Someone please help.

    • avatar jacquelyn says:

      Tell your mom how much you are inhibited. She might then get on it. Then, the next time she goes to a store, go. You can pick up a good shaver and what you need at that time…so she doesn’t forget.

    • avatar Georgia says:

      Dear Victoria – one thing you do not have to worry about is whether the man you marry will sleep with you or not because of your pubic hair. The porn industry has worked pretty hard to make it seem normal for women to not have hair down there (which, if you think about, it makes them seem like little girls, right? The reason you have hair there is because you are, in fact, a woman!). So, some men, if they’ve only seen women who are meticulously groomed, may not be used to hair there, but it will be something you two can talk about and work through – not a deal breaker. Not to mention, most dudes do no grooming down there, so it shouldn’t be too big of a shock that the look is similar!

      Now, of course that doesn’t fix your anxiety and embarrassment about it (I have it too! I have such a hard time shaving down there without EXTREME irritation (that’s why I’m reading this blog post!).). I agree with Jacquelyn, maybe if you express to your mom how you really feel about it and why you need her help she will be more willing to help out. There’s a big difference between, “hey Mom, can you buy me one of these $12 fancy razors so I can shave my bikini zone” and “hey Mom, I’m really self-conscience about this, and it’s making me not want to do things that otherwise I would totally do. I heard that this razor was really good, do you think I could try it? Do you have any ideas?” (or something like that). The latter makes it seem like she’s really helping out her daughter – like she gets to be the hero, you know!

      • avatar Victoria says:

        Thank you for the advice. It doesn’t matter what I do, she’s never gonna do it. I love my mom, but she is the biggest procrastinator in the world. It’s down right ridiculous. I think I’m gonna wait till I get my own money and go behind her back. Either that or ill just start waxing by myself. The pain scares me though.

  67. avatar Amanda says:

    I saw that someone said that the rotary blades work best because it can’t nic you. Is that true?? If so what’s the best brand to get?

    • avatar Shorne says:

      A rotary electric personal shaver that has a single head will be the way to go. The single head makes it easier to get at hair in tight confined pubic areas. The blades do not touch the skin, unless you are pressing down too hard or are using a face shaver which has a foil design that has larger holes in the foil. This type of shaver foil is not suited for shaving privates as they produce shaving rash and red bumps.

      Among other personal shaver brands the Bare It All Shaver has titanium blades, an ultra thin foil to get really close to the skin and graduated holes in the foil for different hair textures and which prevents skin irritation “down there”.

      It also has self sharpening blades that do not need replacing for more than a year – which saves a bundle of cash over the safety razor blade cartridges. There is also an inbuilt trimmer which is very useful for the stray long hairs.

      If I were you or anyone agonizing over hair removal I would do an Internet search for personal shavers or pubic shavers. Then narrow your search for the shaver that meets the needs you have in terms of :

      * Price – the lowest price is not always the best deal
      * Cordless & rechargeable or not
      * Combined shaver and trimmer
      * How long can you shave before the shaver needs recharging
      * How many times shaver power cell can be recharged
      * Can the power cell and the blades and foil set be replaced
      * Can the shaver recharge overseas – ie universal voltage
      * Does the shaver have bulky charging stands and cords

      That my two cents worth.

      Good luck in your search !

  68. avatar simply me says:

    Okay so the information was really helpful and useful. But umm i noticed i have blood stains in my underwear is that normal? And no i did not cut myself or at least i felt lile i didn’t.

  69. avatar shantija says:

    Till date I have heard abt shaving but not did any I am also feeling to do shave

  70. avatar Taylor says:

    I LOVE Bikini Zone! It stops my razor bumps from happening every time. Just put a thin layer over the area immediately after drying off in the shower (which stings like a b**** for about two seconds and then leaves a nice cool) and again a few hours later and Voila! no razor burn. Make sure you keep an extra tube because I promise you, once you run out of the first tube, you won’t want to go through shaving with no supply of Bikini Zone!

  71. avatar imagirliwaswondering says:

    Hi everyone! I read this article last night along with all the comments they were so so helpful! I am going to Italy tomorrow on a skiing holiday with my school and other schools too. The hotel we are staying in has a beautiful swimming pool, and I love swimming! My delema was that the pool doesn’t allow shorts to be worn over swimming suits, which is what I usually do when going swimming, to stop my pubs from bring seen. The only option I had was to shave. M question to you all is that I followed all the steps that I had read here, and I began shaving below my bellybutton and down toward my clit, but the results I was left with was strubble?did this happen to anyone else?? Did I do it wrong? Also, do I need to wear ‘loose’ knickers? And what will happen if I don’t? It would be really helpful is someone could answer this asap. Thanks:)xx

  72. avatar Melissa says:

    I did everything in this article in the order of: trimming, skipped exfoliating because I forgot, shaving gel, used schick for both gel and razor (5 blades), then pat dried, and then put on baby powder. I feel great. No bumps or irritation and trust me I have had lots of problems with that, and as soon as I put the baby powder on the minimal amount of irritation I felt from the constant contact of the razor, went away. This was a great article, so thank you, and good luck the rest of you ladies.

  73. avatar Sarah says:

    Hello! This was sooooooo helpful! Thankyou very much! I am a 12 year old girl and me and mum aren’t very close. Any tips on asking your mum if you can shave down there? For the time being I have a big sister and I just use the razors I find in the unopened bags in the vanity. Also I would’ve been lost without this! I though u just got a razor and attacked down there!
    Thankyou heaps, sarah

  74. avatar Yeti says:

    WOW!!! dis article HELPED me alot tnxxx guyzz!

  75. avatar Lacey says:

    Using deodorant!! Yes think about it. You wear it under your armpit, and how many ingrown hairs have you gotten in there. Put it on after you dry off and it will greatly reduce the amount of ingrown hairs!!

  76. avatar Baba says:

    I disagree with ‘do not dry shave’ I shaved my area in the shower and it was very itchy, hard to do and painful. After that I tried dry shaving which is how I do my legs and it was great! I just put on a bit of talc beforehand to dry the skin out and make it so the skin doesn’t catch. It’s much better cause you can actually see why you’re doing-warm water makes your skin swell slightly. No bumps, no pain, just put some aloe Vera gel on after and it’s fine :) for the record I also have sensitive skin.

  77. avatar Kiara says:

    Well I’m 14 and I don’t have baby powder and I don’t know exactly what to do because I started shaving recently down there and I want to be able to have a smooth area. How would I go about doing this correctly without getting bumps or anything?

  78. avatar Ellyson says:

    I am definitely going to try this! I haven’t shaved by bikini area before so I’m doing tons of research on how to properly do it to avoid razor burn as much as possible. I will definitely try baby powder and will have to see if the side to side motion when shaving works!

  79. avatar Worried says:

    I’ve seen this be asked a few times but I still haven’t seen a proper answer – how to shave around the vaginal and anal openings?
    It seems like such a tricky area to get to and I’m honestly scared of hurting myself.

  80. avatar sophie says:

    So i shaved a few days ago. And used oil and baby powder and it was all good. No bumps nothing. But now they are back. all red and itchy and im not sure what to do. HELP. Also stuff like bikini zone etc not available where i live.

  81. avatar Kelley says:

    I was wondering if instead of baby powder or the cream you were talking about if regular lotion is ok for the bikini area or if it will just make it worse

  82. avatar jessica says:

    this article is awesome and extremely helpful. It’s more helpful than my bestie’s advice. Thanks!!! :)

  83. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hey umm I need help shaving my bikini area :c I’m 15 years old and have no idea how to do it ;c wenever I ask my mom she doesn’t help at all. I don’t get any of this. I tried shaving it once and I faced up cuz it seems too hard

    • avatar Jessica Farrell says:

      Don’t know if you still need help, but buy a good 4-5 blade shaver, change it frequently and use an aftershave (for men or women) start shaving down wards then side to side then upwards with the area drenched in a shave cream. You. Might want to consider waxing, your hair will take a long time to grow back and it will grow back thinner since you are so young. I wish I waxed from day one! (Im 31)

  84. avatar Rachel says:

    I lucked out with a not-so-sensitive downtown so BikiniZone worked well for me! It’s not harsh, so if you’re prone to bumps, baby powder works wonders! I have a friend that also gets Tendskin from Ulta and it works for her and she has sensitive skin. It just depends how your skin reacts to shaving. If you’re just looking for preventative, but never had a nick or bump – BikiniZone works and I think I seriously just got that stuff at Wal Mart and it came with a bikini trimmer with a 1/4 inch to get the same length all around while trimming. I believe it was around $10 to $15.

  85. avatar asha says:

    i hve been shaving there from the age of 16. now i am age of 32 and i am using nair hair removing cream over there, the hair grows back within a day or 2. please sujjest if shaving is better and do i have to shave it daily?
    and do i need to shave both upwards, downwards and sidewards. please sujjest. else sujjest me which shaving cream is better and i am also using veet hair minimising cream. still the hair grows back faster.

    • avatar Jessica Farrell says:

      Your hair down there will grow back seemingly faster than any other hair because its dark. I shave every other day unless I’m in a bikini every day on vacation, then I do it everyday. Waxing is your best bet, just get the stuff they recommend for ingrown hairs so your smooth hairless skin stays bump free

  86. avatar liliya says:

    I’ve read many things that POSSIBLY will work for me, but the thing is.. there are so many ways to get rid of these annoying bumps and irritation that i don’t even know where to start or what to try first! Many people recommend different things that they say worked perfect. i don’t know where to begin -_- i want this to go away

  87. avatar Emmelie says:

    I always pat the area dry and then dab on some witch hazel after I shave. then I use baby powder. It works every time and witch hazel is super cheap and doesn’t feel gross like the creams do.

  88. avatar Tiffany says:

    I’ve tried Bikini Zone shaving cream and it doesn’t work! Pure Romance has an awesome shaving cream called Coochie Cream and it works great!

  89. avatar Butterfly says:

    So, why wait 5 minutes? What does that do?

  90. avatar Butterfly says:

    Ok.. Kind of an awk question, but whatever. Alright, so I’ve never shaved down there before, but I understand how to shave down there, but I also have hair.. kind of on the inside of that area. Well, not really, but it’s like, right on the area. Like, RIGHT on that area. So.. does anyone know what to do about THAT hair, because I’m completely clueless. I feel like shaving there would be a bad idea, because of how delicate the skin is there. So any advice would help!

    • avatar Jessica Farrell says:

      I shave there all the time, it’s actually not THAT sensitive to shaving, just be careful and stretch out the skin to the side.

  91. avatar Karla says:

    I shaved for the first time today, it was easy.. :)

  92. avatar ghist says:

    The less blades in the razor the better. Schick slim twin is my favorite. More blades just causes ingrown hairs. Also I use a product called “shave secret”. It can be purchased at Wal-Mart. It’s a tiny bottle of all natural shave oil, It’s better than soap or shaving cream, which, when used in the female crotch area, can lead to bacterial infections. Ingrown hairs can be remedied with a salicylic acid gel/cream product like clearasil and prevented by using something like tendskin directly after shaving. It burns a little but it’s worth it.

  93. avatar Katie says:

    Hello girls, a tip I learned from the lovely Pinterest is to use Cetaphil when shaving your bikini area. Cetaphil is a cleanser that is generally used for your face and is very gentle on the skin. It also doesn’t have a perfumed scent. :) I lt works amazingly. Another thing I learned is that the razor “Hydro Shick” is great when shaving your pubic area. Due to the moisturizer things they have on there, it makes the skin super soft afterwards. :) That is all I know for now.

  94. avatar Sierra says:

    I tried the Bikini Gel and it didn’t work. And the baby power. Anyone suggestions? please help- I can’t go swimming like thisss

  95. avatar Lauren says:

    Ladies! Try covering the area with Desitin Diaper Rash Cream immediately after shaving.. works wonders! No redness, bumps or itching :)

  96. avatar Kandra says:

    Witch way do I shave. Up towards my belly button or don’t away from it?

  97. avatar Sierra says:

    Does anyone know if that No No hair removal thing works?
    Not that I can afford it anyway – anyone try it before?

  98. avatar Sierra says:

    I’m confused lots of people are saying the Bikini Zone works but then some people are saying it doesn’t – does anyone have really sensitive skin and it for SURE works for them? like you get noo razor burn or irritation or anything? also where do you buy it and how much is it?

    another question(: – how do I make it so I dont get so itchy?

  99. avatar Asdfghjkl says:

    WORKS LIKE PURE MAGIC! Recommend using the intuition razor, and then baby powder, I’m used to at least 10 ingrown hairs, this time, not one!
    Thankyou for this help!

  100. avatar hello says:

    Just wanted to say thanks:) now i can start wearing bakini bottoms without shorts :D

    Just wondering, what about inbetween your legs and private area? I’m not that flexible, and my baths not that big :P

  101. avatar Samantha says:

    i need an excuse for asking my mom where the baby
    powder is in my house. I know she will ask why i want it.

    • avatar Becca says:

      Tell her it’s for dry shampoo because your hair gets a little greasy after gym or whenever your hair gets greasy. It also works for that, in case you wanted to know. Good luck!

  102. avatar Megan says:

    Do you shave the entire thing? How much do I shave? Hairless? Barely hair? Or do I just do the bikini outline?

  103. avatar Katherine says:

    Thanks for the suggestions.

  104. avatar Krystal says:

    Use corn starch not baby powder. Use the little Noxzema bikini razors. For quite a while afterwards wear only boyshort underwear because the others can rub right in ur bikini line. Find some cheap soft ones, and after you dry off, apply a little corn starch let air dry (which means you have to keep ur legs apart a little, don’t start walking around or sitting), Put on boyshorts and if you see fit, apply an acne cream. Also one more tip. pull the skin tight in the direction you are shaving or the opposite depending on location.

  105. avatar Krystal says:

    its normal.. any woman who says they are hairless in the back is lying or freakishly hairless. Basically only a select few have little hair or even unnoticeable blonde hair. I like to use Noxzema bikini razors they have a little plastic piece over the blade and it wont cut you plus they are only one inch wide. You can usually find them with the other razors or in travel size area.

  106. avatar Katherin says:

    I usually shave most of the area with a razor, and the areas near the labia, I use a bikini trimmer, because I am scared I am going to cut myself. I wasn’t exactly sure which direction to shave in though. I was curious. It seems that when I shave upwards, I have more irritation than when I shave downwards, but I think shaving side to side works best. I still get terrible irritation after I shave though. I get red bumps everywhere and it’s so itchy down there. I will have to try using the Bekini Zone Gel. I think I have really sensitive skin. It’s always itchy no matter how much lotion I use, and I can’t really use scented stuff, it seems.

  107. avatar sophie says:

    Okay. So i trimmed the area and used a satin based razor but only shaved a lil area to umm test. The first day was fine but now its all red n inflammed n itchy. I tried using talc but aint working. help. :(

    • avatar Krystal says:

      corn starch and wear boyshorts afterward for a while to avoid friction on ur bikini/underwear line.

  108. avatar Liz says:

    Bikini Zone, at Rite Aid, is nearly always with the depilatories and often in the men’s hair and skincare section, depending on the year’s set. After five years of working there though, it was always near the Nair stuff.

  109. avatar name says:

    hayyyyyyyyyy. im thirteen and have only shaved down there a few times. every time i get redness and irritation that last until the hair grows back! i feel awkward talking to my mom about these types of things, so i dont buy any special products, just do it the old fashion way. also ANY TIPS FOR GETTING RID OF TUMMY HAIR????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  110. avatar K says:

    I shave my entire hoo hah is that bad? And also no matter whichway i shave i always get little cuts that bleed how do i stop it ALSO i cant get it smooth only prickly how do i smooth it without waxing

  111. avatar Sue says:

    Just want to mention a product that has helped me more than regular baby powder (for razor bumps) is: Anti Monkey Butt Lady Anti Friction Powder with Calamine. Also my top 2 favorite manual razors are: Gillette Venus Embrace and Gillette Fusion (non-powered model). They both are expensive, but I found I can make the blades last a bit longer by thoroughly cleaning them with some peroxide after each use. Just be sure to rinse the blades with water after cleaning and let them air dry.

  112. avatar Becca says:

    Okay I’m thirteen and I don’t want to talk about this with my mother, actually I have NO I sea how to bring it up to my mom but I was just wondering if u do trim it how long should u leave it? And if u do trim it, is that like “weird” if your hairs stick out of your underwear, like not out of the sides but like it sticks THROUGH your underwear

    • avatar Taylor says:

      Haha dont worry. Im 15 now, but I first shaved my Pubes when I was 14. My first time was hell… like I got HORRIBLE bumps and over grown hairs. So I let it grow out. The second time I tried shaving, I trimmed my hairs super short over a Kleenex and i planned to shave the next day.. well that was hell to because the next day at school i was super itchy because the short hairs poked everywhere and it poked out of my underwear too. So over time I learned new techniques… and today I tried the baby powder because I found some in my Mums bathroom. My mom has no clue that I shave down there… and I’m kinda too self conscience to ask her for proper scissors or creams because her reaction will be “your too young”. I learned that to get rid of over grown hairs, don’t touch them at all or else they WILL get really bad. When ever I get really bad over grown hairs I sanitize and pull them out with tweezers. I would not do this unless you have experience and understand your own hair. I have never got an infection from it, but I can tell that this one time I had a really bad over grown hair that it got infected.. but I helped it by using regular infection ointment that you would put on a cut. also, for a beginner I would NEVER suggest shaving the entire thing.. I wouldn’t ever suggest shaving the entire thing period. And don’t listen to people who tell you that your too young… these days swimsuits and bikinis are made so skimpy that’s its hard to hide pubes. Goood Luck and I hope my tips heelped :*

  113. avatar InnaLeigh says:

    This is awesome…. So helpful!
    Thank you!

  114. avatar arria says:

    i have been shaving down there for years and have always been sensitive to the razor burns and ingrown hairs. i will definately been using thouse tips. but i have found that after shaving and drying off and everything, if you massage the area it will reduce the number of bumps by A LOT.

  115. avatar heynaynay says:

    Also, apparently it itches when it grows back?? I am not looking forward to that and like if I want it to grow back is there anything I can do to make it not itch??

  116. avatar heynaynay says:

    This has been really helpful! I’m 14 and shaved down there for the first time yesterday, and had no idea what I was doing so I went “against the grain” because that’s how I normally shave my legs and what not. It hurts and itches really bad now and at first I put some Vaseline on it because I had no idea what to use and it just sounded like a good idea cuz I have used Vaseline down there before. But it did absolutely nothing. I didn’t think of the baby powder and wil try that next. Ill also definitely try all those tips next time. But can someone tell me what a facial exfoliate is? Is it just like a normal facewash or something else?

    • avatar Gab says:

      No, a facial exfoliate is different to a normal face wash, although some face washes do have exfoliating properties. What you’re looking for is a face wash with little beads in it or some other coarse material. You sould be able to buy them pretty much anywhere. Normally, it will say that it is exfoliating on the bottle or you could test a little bit on the back of your hand. If you can’t find one, I would suggest that you mix a tiny amount if castor sugar with a thick moisturizer.
      Hope this helps,

  117. avatar Panda-neko says:

    Thanks so much!!! I usually wear one of those swimsuits with the skirt attached because I don’t shave down there right and then there is always some hair that peeks out.. Lol…. So this worked a little better than my usual method… But my hair is weird … Like, when ever I cut some if it out of the way it starts to itch!!! And I’m dying when I’m at school and I need to itch but I can’t because its really awkward… Damn u pubic hair!!! And my mom said that once I get older i have to go to the doctor so they can check up there… I’m not looking forward to it… I just really hope it isn’t a dude … Because that is like the most awkwardest thing i the world to have some guy up in your “command central” ….

  118. avatar Christine says:

    First, I only use a wet razor and shaving cream once a week and I use Tend Skin after and pretty much every day for the first few days. I use a Clio Palmperfect battery razor for touch ups – keeps things smooth but doesn’t re-open the hair follicles. Tend Skin is key!

  119. avatar eeza says:

    Hi im 18 years old. Firstly thanks bc the post help me but i have this one question. Well you know that the hair grows around the V and up to the but hole. Should i shave all of it? Its embarassing but really want to know :(

    • avatar kayah says:

      eeza, im 17 and i shave it all. It requires some uncomfortable stretching to reach it all but other than that, it isnt a problem! I find it much more comfortable.

  120. avatar kc92jordan2010 says:

    I just tried it for the very first time. I am 6 months newly married and loving it! Never did it before this because I was terrified of cutting myself and of the itching when it grows back (is there anyway to make that not itch besides keeping it shaved now?). But, something else that works to not get red bumps that i’ve done. I put cold water on it. Dabbed it dry and put the baby powder on it. Then, I use virgin olive oil on my whole body to keep it moisturized. It is a natural moisturizer with no additives and it is safe on your body. I like using all the natural things of the earth I can. But, I then put just a pea size worth of virgin olive oil down there and I have no problems. I even cut myself a little and the baby powder and olive oil seal that up and help it heal. I have use olive oil on many cuts to make scars go away after they heal as well! I even use it on my face as a natural moisturizer every night after I wash the make-up off my face. It works wonders, is cheap, and is natural and probably in your kitchen!! :D Thanks for giving me the courage to try it for the first time! I love it!

  121. avatar Maddi says:

    hi.. im 12 and i am pretty bushy down there.. i got this new bikini and when i put it on i am always scared that someone will see hairs… i dont know if i should start or not.. i dont want my mum to know either..

    • avatar Samantha says:

      just trim all of it a little bit with scissors, then shave the sides where it might poke through. us the same tips on how to shave and you should be good! dont forget to use baby powder after!

  122. avatar Caitlyn says:

    the thing is I shave that area a lot because I find it embarrassing that I have so much hair there. but the real problem i’m having is…. within about an hour or two the hair is starting to grow back! and then the problem becomes painful skin because the hair is so thick now and with all the moving I do, my skin feels scratchy, and irritated, plus it is just plain unattractive! how do I get the hair to go away and stay away without going out for a wax? (plus my mother doesn’t know that I do this and I would like to keep it that way.)

  123. avatar Melanie says:

    Ok this is actually good. I can use my razor,shaving cream,and baby power so nothing goes werid with my mother. So she can’t know. I’m only 11

  124. avatar Emma says:

    my boyfriend asked to after fighting about it i gave in and ive tried everything that i had at home cuase i dont want to ask my mom but i still get red bumps abnd suggests?

  125. avatar jyushun says:

    the bikini zone works miracles on my skin. I use the shave gel though not the cream.You can find it in most rite aid pharmacy.

  126. avatar Mallory says:

    I’m 17, and I’ve been shaving for a few years now. I have super sensitive skin, and I’ve tried using a bunch of gel, the Olay razor, baby powder, deodorant, and lotion. Nothing works for me! Help please!):

  127. avatar ty says:

    Ok im 16 and i have a bf and i really love him. Sometimes when we make out he wants to put his hand inside of my pants but i wont let him because of my embarrassing area. im afraid that if he does feel down there that he will maybe feel the hair through my panties and get creeped out. I shaved once b4 with a disposable razor but the hair grew back fast. i don’t like having all that hair down there but shaving is so fustrating!

    • avatar maree says:

      Just be open about it and talk to him, its good to talk about your personal preferences and likes/dislikes when it comes to intamacy. And with the shaving, if you decide to shave you’ll just have to suck if up with the hair growth. But I do know that waxing keeps the hair away longer but that’s pricy and can be painful (for like 5sec. )

  128. avatar Kt says:

    Bikini zone sucks!!!!! I love “no bump” I get it at Sally’s beauty supply!!! Works amazing!!!

  129. avatar Sandy says:

    Who are you guys shaving for?? Who said we need to shave- the porn industry??? We have hair down there for a reason.
    I keep my are trimmed with a landing strip and it looks sexy and womanly.
    I don’t buy this complete hair removal- and to hear 13 asking about it is down right pathetic. Girls that age should be worrying about other things, not shaving down yonder!!!! I hope this fad eventually fades and we get back to a more natural look. I don’t think many men find it sexy to have a stubbly va jay, jay!!!

  130. avatar diana says:

    hi im 14 and i want to start shaving in my private but do i shave going up or down

  131. avatar Lauren says:

    This was SOOOOOOOO helpful! thank you so much!

  132. avatar Rosa says:

    Ok ok, so I’m 13 next month, I’ve had my period and I have hair in all of these new places for a while now. Almost all my mates shave their legs and some shave their armpits but I have no idea about their little secret gardens …. I don’t shave my legs but I really do need to and I shave my armpits coz those babies grow like a Forrest !! I’m thinking that shaving all my bits is a good idea for summer, but I didnt know that you should really shave your bush ! So I need a bit of help people! Here goes….

    First Q , I’m guessing the grain is at the top and I’m reading you go side ways, so imagine you’re in the shower looking down, shaving side ways going from the top downward , do you stop when you get to the lips or do you somehow shave the sides without cutting yourself all the way to the anus? This is confusing stuff!!!

    Second thing, correct me of I’m wrong. This is what I’m thinking… You wash as normal, then you lather in a bar of soap or in face wash????? Then you cut the big chunks with scissors then go ahead and shave it side ways. After you’re done you wash off , splash with cold water , dry, sooth with aloe Vera then rub on baby powder and leave it on for the day.???? Is that right???

    Another thing I would just like to say is to the girls my age. Some need to shave and some don’t. Most of my friends started waaaaayy too young and tell me not to start coz it gets annoying. But the thing is, people like me who are hairy need to! Coz people DO get teased at high school when they don’t. It’s the world we live in. We have to shave and we better start soon all us hairy girls!! Coz we aint getting any less hairy letting our grass grow! haha! xo love u all

  133. avatar Lyn says:

    I’ll be trying this method tonight. I’ve looked at other websites saying just to use a better razor which didn’t work out well. It gave the same irritation and bumps. By looking at the comments, hopefully this will work. Thanks c:

  134. avatar Me says:

    I shaved there once about… What, 5 months ago? And sure, it’s great for about a week. Then it’s horrid, b/c it grows back really prickly and itches like a mother of… I don’t know what. Don’t do it!!!!

  135. avatar Alice says:

    I’m 15 and I’ve been shaving since I was 11/12, I get the shaving bumps sometimes but it’s nothing to worry about! Splashing the bikini area with cold water really helps for me. People may say that we’re too young to shave out bikini areas, but if it makes you feel better about yourself, then do it! It’s for you to decide!

  136. avatar natalie says:

    I am having problems with how much to take off. I don’t know wether to take ALL of hair off or just trim it down or leave it hairy:/
    please help:)

  137. avatar kayleanne says:

    Is there any possible way to keep “down there” hair free for a couple of days after you shave? If there is…Please let me know ! Thanks !

    • avatar Shorne says:

      Try an electric personal shaver. It gives smoother reults for loinger than a razor.. Do an Internet search for pubic shaver or personal shavers. They cost about $35-45 but over time they are far cheaper, safer and smother than razor blades.

  138. avatar Kelly says:

    Just to let everyone know…

    Putting baby powder “down there” can and will cause a urinary tract infection if it gets into your urethra, even if you think you’ve thoroughly rubbed it into your skin and avoided your urethra at all it can still get in there. What we use in the hospital to absorb moisture “down there” is baby powder made from corn starch. You can buy it at any grocery store, Walmart, CVS, Walgreens, etc. Corn starch doesn’t cause urinary tract infections but it works the exact same as regular baby powder and it smells the exact same as well.

    • avatar Alice says:

      Then why is baby powder used on babies buttocks if there’s a chance it could get into urethra and cause UTI??

      • avatar christina says:

        Alice, There are plenty of natural baby powders that use corn starch rather than talcum powder. The bigger brands don’t care, they know people buy their product, and they get their profits.

  139. avatar Lor says:

    I used to get this a lot and the cause is…… The dreaded razor. I swear by hair removal cream like veet etc, it never ever leaves itches or trapped hairs! There’s nothing worse than an itchy nunu and even worse is when your out in public and the dreaded itch comes on gotta put ya hand bag or something in front for a good scrat!!! Hair removal cream all the way for me :)

  140. avatar Claire says:

    I have been looking through some of my things, and would tea tree oil help with the irritation and bumps?

  141. avatar Dani says:

    Hey girls, I’m 18 and I have problems with itchy/irritated bumps too. I’m going to try a lot of the things i have read to help. Its quite embarrassing trying to sport a bikini with nasty bumps everywhere. For the girls that are 12-14 I have to say just trim with scissors and if needed shave side-to-side so you can wear a bathing suit comfortably. Otherwise please wait. You are so young. Trimming is what I do most of the time. I just shave to look nice in a bikini. After i shave i use lotion and baby powder and i don’t wear any panties to bed so its less irritated. But to shave again i usually have to wait till it grows back more. I’m definitely going to be trying some of this.

  142. avatar sandy says:

    Elise ……….. it’s nothing lk loosing verginity, but should keep ur skin of private area as smooth as it feel. if u irritate of shaving better use trimming. n u can trim regularly also n give time to u red bumps better.

  143. avatar Elise says:

    Hey:) I’m 14 and I’ve shaved since I was 11/12 I’ve always had shaving bumps really bad all over down below I’ve tried everything, aloe Vera, sudocrem, anti itch vaginal cream and nothing at all has worked! I used to shave everyday but now I’ve laid off and only do it weekly but it’s still as bad, if not worse. I’ve told my mum and she told me to just stop shaving but I’m so self conscious of it and all my friends around me are losing their virginitys I asked them if they have the same problem as me and they had never heard of shaving bumps. This morning I tried the baby powder and it stopped the itching but the bumps are still as red!

    Ps. When I shave I can never fully get rid of the hairs there is always stubble!:(


    • avatar Lauren says:

      First of all, don’t feel pressured to lose your virginity so young! Your friends are stupid, you shouldn’t care about when they’re losing their virginities. That’s their problem, not yours. And second, you shouldn’t be shaving for the wrong reasons, I only shave down there because I just don’t like how it looks on me, and that’s my opinion, I don’t care what other people think. Besides losing your virginity isn’t that great when your so young, it can come with a lot of regret, embarrassment, and shaming! Just don’t worry about it. To solve the shaving problem though you probably want to take nice, long strokes, not short quick ones. And make sure your not directly shaving towards your body, it tends to create more irritation! So kinda, shave diagonally towards your inner thighs. That should help decrease the amount of bumps, there will still be a few though.

    • avatar eve says:

      Save your money and go buy a new name brand razor with lots of blades with a moisturizing bar. Only use this razor for down there. Slow down and take your time. Hope this helps keep using the baby powder too

    • avatar krissy says:

      First I’m not advocating losing your virginity at 14 (I’m 29, been there done that, wait at least a couple of years, sex is a HUGE disappointment at 14 and pretty much is until you’re 19) but first, no guy in his right might cares there are bumps, stubble or whatever they just don’t (Trust me I’ve dropped my drawers a few times to reveal a war zone down there, didn’t matter) so put the razor down for a couple of days and let the area heal from shaving. Shaving bumps happen, have a crazy good scrub on hand, lavender oil helps (a few drops in to some unscented baby oil) and bikini zone (hg of shaving for me).

  144. avatar Claire says:

    Hey. I’m 13, and I really want to shave down there, but I’m totally terrified of bumps and irritation. This was helpful, but I don’t have access to any fancy or baby products. Any suggestions? It would be great if someone could help me!

    • avatar John Doe says:

      Try deoderant a friend reccommended it to me and it worked!

    • avatar Love says:

      I’m 13 to, I just use conditioner and afterwards use deodorant and moisturiser! My mom never taught me so I taught myself !! This is a really good website trust me!!?!

    • avatar Fae says:

      I really wouldn’t recommend deodorant, especially if it’s scented, you can contract a yeast infection pretty easily doing it that way.
      I was never taught, and have been shaving mine for a years now, (I’m 16 now)
      Use conditioner to soothe and moisturize, to get rid of redness and bumps crush up aspirin and mix it with lemon juice, apply and let sit overnight. (NOTE:It will be crusty til you wash it off)
      This also works miracles on acne, good luck!

  145. avatar Rosie says:

    before i shave i use soap as shaving cream i guess thats okay?LOL also after i shave i still have dark hairs there and it tends to grow back the day after what should i do?

  146. avatar Sophiee says:

    Someone said on here a while ago about using sudocream to get rid of/prevent the little red bumps. IT WORKS SO WELL!!! Last night i shaved as i would normally, then when i got out of the shower i dabbed on the sudocream everywhere i had shaved and where the red bumps usually would appear. And ive woken up this morning and theres none there!!! And the old ones have faded in colour so they are no longer red :) so whoever suggested about sudocream on here I OWE YOU BIGTIME

  147. avatar Sophiee says:

    Hiii :) so im thinking of waxing my “area” because shaving is just starting to annoy me, and i was wondering first of all, shall i try a do-it-yourself wax or shall i go to a salon and have it done?? Also if i go to a salon to have it done how old to u have to be?? because im only 15, will they mind that im that young??
    Also from shaving i have a few of those annoying red bumps, now i know how to prevent them but whats the best way to get rid of of ones that are already there???

  148. avatar sandy says:

    @Senaida n Jewels – don’t shave towards up for clear all hair. it’s one of the cause of red bump get your skin darker. so always as siad above massage some olive oil n shave towards down. can use aloevera juice after shaving, it prevent the skin darker. don’t shave regular basis, u can shave once in month or 2month. it can renovate the shaved skin.

  149. avatar Madi says:

    Sorry @Jewels I meant salicylic acid :P

    Another thing I used a schik hydro silk razor with no shaving cream just conditioner

  150. avatar Madi says:

    @Jewels. I shaved this morning and splashed the area with cold water like some of the comments above said. I then put on dove deodorant like some other comments said and then on top of that put aloe vera gel just because :P after a couple of hours I put bio oil on to help with previous bumps and then an acne cream with that silicyic stuff in it. So far no new bumps and the old ones are fading. I’m going to continue shaving to try and get my skin used to it. I’m 16 and have been shaving since I was your age and I have super sensitive skin. Good luck hope this helps a bit

    xx Madi <3

  151. avatar Jewels says:

    hi, i am jewels. i’ve been shaving since i was 12 and i am 14 now. every single time i shave down there i get red bumps, they dont hurt or irritate me…. i just think they look weird and i want to get rid of them but i dont know what i should do? can some please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  152. avatar senaida says:

    wow, ok everytime i shave i get ingrown hairs they hurt really bad & leave ugly scars how can i prevent theses ingrown hairs.?

  153. avatar sandy says:

    Hi all, of all concern try the below method, feel it wht u never thought!!!!!!!

    HOLD UR NERVES…………. Here we start

    1. shot ur long bikini hair as possible followed by cut/trim.
    2. massage some olive oil/extravergin olive oil on shaving part of hair.
    3. no need of apply shaving cream/gel.
    4. shave by gellete turbo/fusion razor.
    5. thn wash it gently.
    6. apply baby powder or balla powder for cooling n shoothing.

    try above said, i can bate all girls n boys after doing this it can be more touchable n kissable by your boy or girl frndz….hv fun

  154. avatar Genesis says:

    Totes works

  155. avatar Amee Livingston says:

    Try diaper rash cream! It is awesome and works instantly. Good luck… It is a jungle out there.

  156. avatar Sam says:

    Ok, this might sounds weird but after putting on the baby powder I suggest you go commando and wear of shorts for about 30 min after shaving. I swear it works. I wear a pair of mens boxers to let the area air out so that way there’s even less moisture.

  157. avatar Max says:

    HI okay so when ever I shave usually the day after not only do I have those awful painful bumps but everything itches. How do I prevent that??

  158. avatar Kate says:

    Does anyone know if they sell Bikini Zone in Canada? Or if there’s a product like it up here in the North? I can’t seem to find one.

  159. avatar Tana says:

    I jst shaved there 1 hour ago I used some baby powder and I am sure it will work but the only problem is when I touch the skin it hurts and itches from all the tiny hairs!!! Please help me, Idk what to do!!!

  160. avatar Téa says:

    Hi i just started shaving down there and although this helps a lot there’s one question I have and a lot Of other people have had also, but I have I have not seen an answer. When I started shaving the first time was easy but then It came back 2 days later so I went to shave again and all I ended up doing was cutting myself. All I’m wondering is how to get those hairs that grow back the next day without cutting yourself?? Please help me and many others! Thank you!

  161. avatar Lou Lou says:

    So glad I read this! I literally only thought it was ME who had this mighty embarrassing issue of going wearing my bikini incase anyone saw hairs peeping out and at a recent friends spa party I looked down at my bikini line every few seconds! When I have shaved in the past I didn’t realise you trimmed first and although these “spots” weren’t really an issue itching was! It was TERRIBLE! In fact I would of traded it over spots any day. Going on a water sports camp next week so I am going to try out all these processes now! Thanks guys! girl 15

  162. avatar Asia says:

    This was really helpful! I’m glad I read it. Also I just started using bikini zone after I shave. I would say it works for me. I suggest that people try it.

  163. avatar Macii says:

    this might sound like a really weird question…but what if you have hair growing like inbetween your bikini area and like your butt? (ew that’s gross..I’m glad nobody knows me haha) like how should you shave that?

  164. avatar Hannah says:

    i just need to know witch way to shave i mean up or down i am 12 and my mom said tht i should start shaving cuz at the beach i have little hairs showing so i thaoght idk how to do this and i just dont wanna hurt my self doing this it scares me!

  165. avatar Addie says:

    I’ve had issues with the red bumps, but they weren’t itchy, but i used powder, lotien, and deodoranr it took awhile before any of them actually helped! Now the only problem i have is you can see the ingrown hairs? how do i get rid of them!!

  166. avatar Addie says:

    I’ve had issues with the red bumps, but they weren’t itchy, but i used powder, loti

  167. avatar angel says:

    i cant just shave ma pubic hair , coz it causes a lot of cuts on my pubic region plz suggest me some creams which i need to use … is using hair removal creams on pubic area dangerous

  168. avatar Makenna Reid says:

    hi. me and my boyfriend were thinnking about doing sot me stuff ( not sex ) and it wouldd be my first time shaving.. i was to afraid to ask my mom so i just talked to him about it . so i tried it .. i didnt know to cut it before so it took FOREVER . i wasnt sure how far down i went so i was confused. i wish i would of looked this up before . anyways , is it suppose to be itchy?! because its bothering me more than the hair did

  169. avatar Lauren says:

    I began putting baby oil on my bikini area before I shave, then using shaving cream/conditioner and a 4-5 bladed razor, then after shaving and rinsing I put baby oil on again. It helps to keep the area moisturized and smooth.

  170. avatar Zoe says:

    I’m a red head so I have fair and sensitive skin. I’ve tried shaving against the grain before and it hurt so bad. So I went with the grain and its okay. It leaves stubble behind and I don’t like that. I’ll try this and hopefully it will work before my date tomorrow(:

  171. avatar Katie says:

    Oh and don’t forget ! Put baby powder on after ! :)

  172. avatar Katie says:

    After reading all the comments and trying everything for myself , I found something that works really well!
    So okay guys , if you lather up really well with soap and then put a lot of conditioner to make it like a thick paste , you don’t get bumps !
    And shave little by little , and keep re-lathering and it works so well !
    I hopes it works for you guys and you have to let me know !
    :) happy summer !

  173. avatar sophia says:

    @wildchildlol thats kinda natural. if you shave against the grain it will seem rough.. but then make sure you use the razor properly. use ones with satin cover . :)

  174. avatar sophia says:

    @emelie thanks a lot for the help! :)

    @chitra i have heard of that cream and i would advise you not to use it coz it causes skin darkening and pigmentation over time.

    @a young chicka i think you should try using oil and any anti itch powder for a few days. also try wearing loose clothes

    and. since this was my first time i now know that it does itch like hell so i managed by 1. wearing loose dresses for 2-3 days
    2. using a lot of powder. (anything works if you dont have baby powder. just make sure you apply it well)
    3. after you take a bath, apply a little oil on the shaved area.
    hope it helps! :)

  175. avatar kayla says:

    well yea im nealy 14 i have alot of hair dwn there and figured out that its ok people cn acept u for it yea its extremly imbarrising i worry all the time so i just do the sides and if it bulges at front just cut with scissors i really dnt know bout the icheyness tho its really bad like really! i used to try fix it i hv a bf and he knws its a touchy subject but i think hes ok but i will not have sex with him! im hopeing all works out for u girls yes i know its imbarresing btu hay it happends to all of us

  176. avatar Katie says:


    im 15, ive never shaved or anything down there. but its getting bad and i hate wearing a bathing suit in fear it’ll show. i have a poor self-image already so i dont want the hair or the bumps! im not sexually active at all (virgin), but i want to be able to wear a bathing suit without having to hide it.

    the side-to-side thing works for my underarms, so should it be best to do that down there as well? i dont have baby powder and i dont want to deal with aloe there. im 15 so my parents would probably FREAK if i bought stuff for this, especially since my mom doesnt shave there. i read about how deodorant or really cold water works. should i try that?

    im bushy really bad, but im scared to shave. should i just trim for now and shave around edges? i can NOT wax (i HATE people touching especially in private areas).

    im DESPERATE! ive been in our pool a few times during the summer already and im definitely getting back in (no air conditioning yet). I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!! pleeease help me

  177. avatar Just a Tip says:

    Hey, I don’t know whether they do this product in America or Australia or whatever (they do in England), but if you’ve already shaved “down there” and it’s itching/hurting/razor burns are being very painful, I’ve found that putting some Sudocrem on the burns or itchy spot really helps to ease the pain.

    Hope that helps someone! :)

  178. avatar wildchildlol says:

    Hey guys. The advice on here has really helped in reducing pain etc… but I really want to know how to properly shave (am i shaving right), when i shave it’s smooth going downwards, but going the other way it’s rough. My boyfriend has commented on it sometimes, during sex, saying it’s pinching. But i don’t really want to have a wax yet… Any ideas anyone?

  179. avatar muthafawkingunicorn says:

    Alrighty. Soooo I’m 14 and I’m extremely…bushy down there and I’ve shaved my bikini area alot but I’ve always had the peek a boo pubes issue ya know. Mostly on the top area. But what I was wondering was do any of you have any tricks that would help the shave last longer?? Because when I shave it usually comes back like the next day and its all prickly and whatnot.. So any tips for me please and thanks?

  180. avatar A young chika says:

    Alright. So I’m 14 and I’m gonna go swimming with friends A LOT this summer. But not even kidding, my pubic hair is CRAZY. It’s super long and all over the place. ): Anyways.. I always get bumps wherever I shave and I just trimmed my pubic hair, and now I’m an itching mess. ); All of my moisturizers make it burn, and I have no access to that fancy-shmancy stuff. I have no baby-powder either. My pubic hair is super thick, do any of you know how to make it thinner? It was so embarrassing when I went swimming with my crush and hair just started coming out the sides and I noticed that he kept glancing at it. O.o I felt like dying of embarrassment. It’s like a lush, dark brown jungle. HELP ME! D;

  181. avatar Sarah says:

    I have found that using dial extra nourishing after you shave leave you bump free.

  182. avatar chitra says:


    I have been using veet hair remover cream over there, but within a weeks time the hair grows back. Pls give me any idea so that the hair doesnt grow for some period of time. Any home remedy would be better.

  183. avatar Silky says:

    I have never had any red bumps after my shave cuz I apply a moisturizing gel afterwards. The itches happen whenever the hair gets too long… The gel stops that, too.

  184. avatar Emelie says:

    Ok I now TAKE BACK what I said. The baby powder has only worked to an extent but I am now quite itchy and I have some spots. Not as bad as 1st time though. :)

    To Sophia, yes that is normal. Lots of people say that the first time is the worst and also I think baby powder is not the best as you would not believe how much I used and I still have bumps!

  185. avatar sophia says:

    i tried aloe vera gel. didnt work . :(
    now i have hair griwth and red bumps which itch bad!

    advice. please! :(

  186. avatar kaely says:

    Hey guys!!
    i have recently discovered my routine for shaving down south. so not long ago heard if your skin is itchy and irritated from shaving, like anywhere, to use a bit of oil. it can be any oil which is kinda icky but it works. and yes its oily so just enough to cover skin.

    so my routine:
    warm bath water, soak for a few minutes, dampen area with a wash cloth. apply gel shave, evenly spread out everywher
    shave side to side. when your done and if you miss a spot REAPPLY GEL. then rinse and very cold water, when dry: use deodarent then wash cloth to apply a tad bit of oil rub off then more deodarent. worked for me :) already starting to see a difference. hope i was helpful to some of you :P

  187. avatar Macy says:

    I found out that aloe Vera gel (like for sun burn) help the bumps and itching.

  188. avatar sophia says:

    i tried using a razor.. this being the first time. and now i have an almost clean bikini line along with a rash and terrible itch. i tried using powder but it hasnt altogether stopped the itch.
    is this okay.?

  189. avatar Hannah says:

    Ok young girls 15 & under don’t shave yet and if they get too long for a bathing suit then trim them intill guys get attracted to you in a certain way then you follow these directions k

    • avatar Merissa says:

      Don’t take this the wrong way or anything, But im 16 and shve my bikini line as well and I dont’t do it to get attention. Not all teens shave just to get a guys attention. We do it because it makes us feel better about ourselves, to feel clean, and not have the embarrassment when we go to the pool or the beach.

  190. avatar Emelie says:

    I’m Emelie everyone!

    So yeah I have been reading all your comments peoples and I just have to thank you all for all your comments they have helped me a lot

    I’m just about 15 and I tried shaving once about a month ago. It was THE WORST week of my LIFE! I was constantly itchy and I had all of the dreaded “Red Bumps”

    I was a little stupid I didn’t even like check up on what to do or nothing so I just had a go but after that first time I read this I was really reassured and since my second attempt (and after I practically LAVISHED on the Baby Powder) I have been absolutely fine!

    Thanks everybody! xoxo

  191. avatar Katie says:

    So I’m 15 years old .
    I went to the beach today , and I got red bumps .
    Now , if I get tan , do they get less noticeable ?
    And even if I shave side to side it doesn’t take care of the whole shaving thing. It kinda makes it harder to get all the hairs . It doesn’t get rid of them . So , I usually end up going against the grain but , I don’t like doing this because it always starts to bleed . I’ve been shaving for awhile but i don’t know why it won’t stop getting red and bumpy . I’ve tried the bikini zone , which has worked alittle , I’ve used baby powder and that doesn’t work at all . Does anyone have any ideas on how to get them to stop ?
    I’m already self conscience about my body and the bumps don’t help at all .

  192. avatar helena says:

    I am helena, I am 21. I was shaving that zone three times a week. Today I decided to let it grow and then to trim it in a very artistic style. My skin became so smooth! Kisses, girls!

  193. avatar Becky says:

    Ok; I just read “b’s” question; I leave the landing strip at the top of the camel’s toe, but everything else must go. Even inside of the labia lips, and down the butt crack. For years I have used Bikini Zone, and it works amazingly well, once you endure the slight burn for 30 seconds. I keep a Steptic pencil handy in the event that I nick myself while shaving. You can find these in the “men’s” shaving cream area. If you nick, apply pencil tip to area for 10 seconds. It will stop the bleeding. This is what barbers use in old fashion barber shops, should they nick their clients while giving them a close cut shave. I am in need of a “GREAT” RAZOR to use for this area. Mine seems to dull way too quick. And since that area is shaved clean anyway,,,it shouldn’t dull on the first pass. Remember to take your time. Pull the skin as tight as possible to allow the surface of the blades to skim across the skin. Because the skin is slippery,,,,,,,It takes a great deal of patience.

  194. avatar Jay says:

    I am itchy red bikini bumps, not one or two, every hair formed a bump it hurts so bad and i am finding that i have to put baby power on every few hours and i had to wear loose shorts and no underwear all day. What did i do wrong????I started by triming the hair and exfoliating the rinsed. I put conditioner on it shaved then washed and did the same with shaving cream cause there were still little sharp dots of hair then after that no matter which way i shaved there were still sharp pricks so i shaved with conditioner. it felt dry so i threw on some mosterized and dried it off then put a crazy load of baby powder on it and it still hurt so hours latef i had to put more powder on. So on and so on. I didnt cut myself and i pulled tight what didd i screw up?

  195. avatar Becca says:

    I’m 17 and have never had the need to deal with my pubic hair beyond trimming until today. Shaving with the grain worked but probably because it was my first time. I’m Italian, so I’m super afraid it’ll grow back by tonight hah. I think I will start waxing after this to thin it out. But this advice was perfect for me. I used hair conditioner and baby powder and I have zero bumps :)

  196. avatar b says:

    Ok I am hapy for all the wonderful tips on here, but I am curious how to shave the hair just inside the vagina. and also maybe how you reach or see to shave your butt crack or should i not bother with that.

  197. avatar Shalina says:

    Does anyone actually shave every where not just the bikini line, when I get the red bumps I just use tweezers because it’s just ingrown hairs and then apply baby power which soothes the itching. I’m 18 by the way.

  198. avatar tracie says:

    anyone that keeps bringing up waxing the bikini area, its a great quick fix.. but you’re actually causing the hair follicle to come back thicker and stronger. that’s a true fact, the follicle feels it needs to build better resistance against future waxing. To shave or to use a removal cream, you’re only removing the surface of hair, BUT using warm water causes the follicle to then shrink once it dries back into the skin- leading to ingrown hairs under the skin. The side to side method has proven the best way to shave, but still, using water will lead to the hair shrinking once dried.

  199. avatar Rapunzel says:

    for all u girls (like me) who tend to get the itchy feeling or red bumps… Ive been shaving for quite a wile. am 21 an the bumps seem to stop if i constantly keep shaving.
    …..the MAIN thing is to keep your skin moisturized…. i use Warm water before shaving to soothe the skin and afterwards rinse with Cold water an it really helps but try to keep in mind that for a couple days after (if u still feel irritated) rinse only under cool/cold water…. NOT warm because the heat could cause more irritation and u could drop soft lotion (soft: no fancy scents … like nivea… ponds…aveeno…hinds… or any lotion that leaves that cool feeling) {this works on evry skin type}

    …..about the bleeding part…. i gotta say i did experience that once an it scared me bt it was bcz i had a small little bump i didnt even notice an well the razor blades cut thru…. so for !st timers… this mite soun an feel awkward bt like any other part of our body.. u need to get acquainted with ur area below so as no avoid hurting urself (make friends with a mirror) …

    …. and for the scars try using what u would normally use to fade acne scars on your face…. i use asepsia and cocoa butter cream…it helped me {be careful with what product u use if u have sensitive skin}

    hope this helps….

  200. avatar Bre says:

    Wow, i did the side to side shave with my razor and used conditioner instead of shaving cream and holy crap does it feel super smooth and no bumps at all, i put aloe vera gel and deodorant on it afterwards and it looks great and my bf loves it :)

  201. avatar Susan says:

    Super helpful. I hate asking people these type of questions and find it super helpful when poeple post things like this online Thanks :)

  202. avatar Courtney says:

    I have tried the bikini zone and it didnt work at all for me I had also tried the baby powder and that also did nothing :( I have extremly extremly sensitive skin but its only in that area… I have also tried shaving with the grain and still get razor burn and ugly bumps. I have to shave because if I dont the hairs are more irritating than shaving and if I dont shave I get severe and painful yeast infections… HELP ME PLEASE!!

  203. avatar LH says:

    Im going to try this, thanks for the help. I understand how to shave it like in the front but how do u shave like invetween ur legs like by ur vagina without cutting urself? I tried before and it was really itchy when it grew back. PLus, like after summer, how do u stop without it itching as it grows out again??

  204. avatar Katie says:

    I’ve found shaving it often like every day whether you think you need it or not and using a good razor not a cheap disposable helps control the red bumps.
    Getting your pubes used to being shaved was important for keeping the red rash away and a couple times a week was not enough at least not for me.

  205. avatar Kourtney says:

    I am 12 being shaving since I have been 11 not really shaved down there I’ve trimmed, when I did shave I got bumps, I don’t go swimming anymore Incase anyone sees my pubic area some of my friends haven’t started puberty yet and they ask me all the time to go swimming and I always make up some lame excuse HELP please!!!

  206. avatar Silky says:

    Well ladies, I’ve been reading these inquiries for several hrs now and I’ve come up with several remedies.
    For you very young ladies who r scared to shave down there but feel u have to becoz of sports, bikini season or whatever yr reason is, try an electric shaver first. I have been using a Conair electric, rechargeable, water resistant shaver to keep things tidy down there. Their about $10 at Walmart. It worked great until I wanted a closer cut!
    After reading all the stuff here I decided to shave the choochie tonight! Not entirely off, too creepy, but allong the labia up to the camels toe. Will leave a landing strip. Here’s what I did:
    1. Used my trusty Conair shaver to crop things close,
    2. Took a warm bath with moisturizing bath oils in the water for 15-20 min,
    3. Lathered up the area with the best shaving cream u can get, *
    4. Took advice for the best razor and used a new Schick Quattro razor and shaved with the grain and against the grain, up and down, left to right. Hold skin as taute as u can. Keep adding the cream until yr silky smooth. It’s slippery so take yr time!
    5. Rinse the razor in the water after each stroke. Clean razor is a must!
    6. I originally was sitting in the bath but found standing up with a leg on the edge
    of the tub was easier. Forget the mirror… They fog up and r useless!
    7. After all is done shower normally to get rid of all the shaved pubes in the tub. Don’t want mum snooping around….
    8. Yr hoo-ha should feel silky smooth and to be sure apply an oil based moisturizer. **
    9. Let yr chootchie dry without underware on. Sit spread-eagle for an hour if u need to.

    I went to a passion party and bought some speciality shaving products:
    *Soft & Silky Unisex Shaving Cream in Plumeria scent…. Nice!
    ** Soft & Silky After Shave Protection Mist
    I know these items are expensive but google them & make yr own decision. So far no bumps and I feel great…. Soft and silky!,,

  207. avatar Rose says:

    I didn’t have any super-lotion-y razors but I did try this and so far its working really well. But instead of baby powder, because I didn’t have any, I used baby oil, which I think (probably, haven’t tried powder yet) feels and would work better than the powder. Also, Madi left a tip to splash cold water on yourself and I could really feel the difference. Thanks for the tips, now I’m ready for the beach!!! (:

  208. avatar Katie says:

    Omg ! This is so great ! Im always self conscience of wearing a bathing suit when I shave because im afraid people can see the bumps . I’m going to have to buy some of this stuff and try it out ! I can’t wait to see If it works ! Thank you everyone for all the helpful tips !

  209. avatar Raven says:

    Hi all,
    I shave there every few months and as i leave it that long the red bumps go away on their own and don’t scar as they have a chance to heal. Usually its just shaving gel/cream but i will be trying this tip next time hope it works as i really am sick to death of the itchiness and bumps as the bumps make me self conscious and the itching drives me crazy when i’m out and about. Sudocrem is a diaper rash cream here in the U.K and it is amazing though Bepathen is a lot better. I’m going to try conditioner instead of the shaving gel/cream as i’m hoping it will be easier and cleaner to use as i’m messy and the shaving stuff seems to go everywhere.
    Now for my question/s….. People have mentioned soaking but i only have a walk in shower so not sure how to soak in there? And the deoderant……is it the stick/roll or spray would be nice if that was clear and for itchiness i’ve found E45 itch relief cream works as long as you don’t go too far down. Thanks again :D

  210. avatar Constantine says:

    I’ve been shaving for years (about 8 now) And I’ve found that using a wet/Det electric razor before I use the Schick hydro razor (men’s) and I found it gets me really smooth-not to mention my husband loves it too! I do find I get red bumps occasionally so I plan on trying the deodorant and baby powder methods to see which works best.

  211. avatar Myooh says:

    Its absolutely important to shave that area whether you have a boyfriend or you dont. As 99% o the commenters said : it get itchy. Yes it really does. I’m thinking of doing the hair removal ( laser ) it is much faster and easiar ( it doesnt itch as i read from another sites ) it can be very expensive but its worth every penny.

  212. avatar Ashley says:

    i suggest you talk to your mom. When I was 14 i asked my mother and she was very helpful. If you do not want to talk to your mother. I suggest following the advise from the article above. To make exfoilating scub, take two tablespoons of sugar and add it to 4 tablespoons of conditioner. Scrub the area well while in the shower. When you get out lay a towl on the floor with a cup of hot water and your razor. Put just a little conditioner and shave just your inner thighs to the crease. Make sure you rinse the razor after every stroke. Then apply a cold washrag to the area. Then use the baby powder.

  213. avatar Sarah says:

    Hey girls. I am 13. I don’t have a new new razor, but i want to start shaving down there. I play soccer, and sometimes wear short shorts. When we strech, and do butterflies, if you know what htose are, you can probably see some peek-a-boo pubes. This isn’t good, because I am one of the only 3 girls on my team!!!! I am scared to try, because i dont want my mom to know(it’d be akward). I have deodarant, conditioner, and baby powder, i am just afraid i will hurt myself. I will try a little bit tonight. Please give me some ideas. Thanks!!

  214. avatar clover says:

    For anybody who doesn’t want to shave but want to go to the beach why not wear board shorts and a bikini top instead. I get mine from “Animal”.

  215. avatar Hollywood says:

    Ok Sarah there are a couple things that you can do. Before i started shaving my mother and i used a electric trimmer that works for around that area and have you tried waxing that is also a ok way to get rid of hair anywhere down there. Anita2001 that is pretty normal that is how my hair was when i first started puberty and i started in elementry, a really good way to get rid of hair is waxing it keeps it away for longer periods of time rather than shaving a lot.

  216. avatar sarah says:

    i shave almost every second day, is it mornal for it to grow back so fast? now i have a bf i sometimes leave it a week and then it gets itchy. Also (Cringe) but my anus is very hairy and it is so awkward to shave with a razor is their anything else available?

  217. avatar Anita2001 says:

    Hi my hair is sticking out of my swimmers and the swimmers are bulging because if the hair ‘down there’. If I hadn’t shaved it it would be triple the length. I am 11 turning twelve next year and I havnt started my period or getting my breasts yet. Is it unusual to have really long puberty hair at the age if 10 and 11. One day at camp
    When we went swimming I my friend started staring ‘down there’ and showed everyone. I looked down and saw about an inch of hair was sticking out. I had last shaved the week before using a spare shaver I found in the cupboard. What can I do because I am sure that my puberty hair isn’t supposed to grow this fast. Lately at school I have been called hairy pants. I just want to be like any other girl and I feel left out. Please help me because I don’t know what to do and if I should ask for bigger swimmers to hide the hair but if I ask I won’t say that I won’t then to hide the hair. Then it will look like I am fat though or that I have a giant bum.


    • avatar Natalie says:

      You can use scissors trim the area, and a razor to clean up the area a little more – just bring it in a little bit.

  218. avatar lolita says:

    I just turned 17 and i had been shaving. does waxing hurt??? because it sounds scary lol.
    also I have armpit problems lmfao it is nothing big, but it does bother me …….. can someone please explain and tell me how to make armpit more clear!! do many other people go throught this?
    help me please <3 :)

  219. avatar benny says:

    hey y’all! i tried the honey advice sent from L-A and you wouldn’t believe the results. I went from having my Vaginal area (big bush betty) red, sore, and itchy. But now thanks to L-A I’m a free woman. The honey has re-named my Vaginal area to SMOOTH SAILING SALLY and I’m feeling gooooodd! Thanks L-A! you saved me from years of vaginal depression and i am no longer big bush betty!

  220. avatar clueless says:

    I am 23, and have almost never touched my hair down there. Trimmed it a few times, shaved a little bit of it once. I’d really like to see what it feels like to be less hairy down there, but I’m super scared of doing any more shaving than I did the first time – the bumps, the bumps!!! I’m thinking about just getting an electric trimmer and starting off that way…does anyone have any suggestions about which trimmer to use???

  221. avatar LindseyS says:

    This website is amazing ! I use to always get red bumbs but now I use diaper rash and it’s gone! But I still have the scars of the old bumbs , is there anyway to get rid of them? Please help!!

  222. avatar Anita2001 says:

    Hi my hair is sticking out of my swimmers and the swimmers are bulging because if the hair ‘down there’. If I hadn’t shaved it it would be triple the length. I am 11 turning twelve next year and I havnt started my period or getting my breasts yet. Is it unusual to have really long puberty hair at the age if 10 and 11. One day at camp
    When we went swimming I my friend started staring ‘down there’ and showed everyone. I looked down and saw about an inch of hair was sticking out. I had last shaved the week before using a spare shaver I found in the cupboard. What can I do because I am sure that my puberty hair isn’t supposed to grow this fast. Lately at school I have been called hairy pants. I just want to be like any other girl and I feel left out. Please help me because I don’t know what to do and if I should ask for bigger swimmers to hide the hair but if I ask I won’t say that I won’t then to hide the hair. Then it will look like I am fat though or that I have a giant bum.

  223. avatar Suzy says:

    i’ve been shaving since i was twelve.My mom showed me how to do it , she is very hairy down there and shaves every second day. It also helps to stop matting during my period which i hated and had to wash my hair several time a day.

  224. avatar L-A says:

    HEY,HEY,HEY!! gurlz this s*** really helped. MY man will be so proud and pumped! imma have fun tonight:) also honey!!! honey sooths the pain, leaves it smellin good, its tasty, and it allows not friction! TRY IT LADIESSSSSSS!!!!!!!

  225. avatar Kayla says:

    Bikini zone doesn’t work sounds like your the only one with it figured it out :) I’ll try your tip thAnk you!!!

  226. avatar missy says:

    I’m always going to the beach; until recently I haven’t had any problems with the peek-a-boos.
    I want to shave down there but I am worried about what it will entitle me to do years later. I don’t want to have to shave every two days, as someone before me said, because stubble shows. I don’t want to be itching.
    anyone help???

  227. avatar Kay says:

    Im nervous ill still get razor burn no matter what i do it still happens and i dont want it to be worse

  228. avatar Anita says:

    I have found a solution on this website sorry!
    Please don’t answer to my earlier question

  229. avatar Anita says:

    I am 11 turning twelve and I have tried shaving ‘down there’ a few times and my mum doesn’t know. I have been getting some rashes but I don’t want to put on deodorant or something else on it. What can I do? Please help!

  230. avatar Unsuree says:

    So im 18 and I just dont know how I should shave down there, I am still a virgin and need a litte help on preperation

  231. avatar Travis says:

    @JustHappenedByHere – it only happens after i shave.

  232. avatar J says:

    I read ‘peek-a-boo pubes’ and busted up laughing. Thanks for that. :)

    I’ve used Bikini Zone and it works like a charm… But you have to put it on RIGHT AWAY (it helps if you put it on after you already have the bumps…but then you already have the bumps…) It burns/stings for a few seconds, but it’s totally worth it not to have razor burn on your junk. Just VERY CAREFUL that it is used *externally only.*

  233. avatar Marissa says:

    Alright, I’m 14 and I don’t care what people say. It needs to be taken care of and I’m doing it! Does it matter which way you shave it like left to right or right to left?
    I don’t think I’m going to use baby powder because it usually irritates me even more.

  234. avatar Brittany says:

    what if you already have dark spots from the previously shave?

  235. avatar Brittany says:

    So after you dry off down there, you apply the bikini zone or baby powder first? How do you get rid of dark scars on bikini area?

  236. avatar JustHappenedByHere says:

    @Travis – I STRONGLY suggest going to see a doctor! Odor and/or pain in that area is a sign of something else going on. Go and make sure you’re o.k..

  237. avatar Travis says:

    Honestly, I really didn’t know what to do about the bumps after shaving. One problem I face is that (although I shower every day!) after shaving, after a couple of days, there is a VERY unpleasant odor and pain in the area between my privates and leg. Any ideas as to why this happens?

  238. avatar Jane says:

    Wow this is embarrassing but I’ll try it and see if it works

  239. avatar May says:

    I personal found out how to get those black spots away. U shave the opposite direction. You don’t want to drag it that’s not good and will cause scrapes. You want to slowly do it so that don’t happen.

  240. avatar kassie says:

    every time i shave i cant seem to get everything smooth,theres always like prickley hairs left behind can any one help?:/

  241. avatar Pleasehelp says:

    Ok, this is really embarassing but i am 18, and have always had a problem with my downstairs area. I trim it often and have shaven most of it off a few times but it always itches and is prickley minutes after im done. also, i have to shower before i go to bed and in the morning before school to make sure that area doesnt smell (it’s kindaa fishy smell but pretty sure it isnt a yeast infection) if i go a morning without showering i feel dirty and can smell myslef all day and feel really embarrassed. ive talked to my mom about it and she got me one of those talc powders but it didnt help much and it was really hard to explain to my bf why there was white poweder on my cpanta. I would never let him go down on me or take off my panties because the sight and smell was just too mucg to handle. also my mom wont take me to the gyno because im not sexually active yet. Please help. how can i get rid of the smell and make the area smooth? The smell is the bigger issue here.

  242. avatar Kat says:

    I shaved about 30 minutes before reading this and was very irritated but then I went, put some aloe on and at first it kinda hurt but then it worked awesome! Thanks this helped a lot

  243. avatar sigh says:

    i have tried shaving it all off several times and i also tried trimming it but i want to know opinions on what is better i feel cleaner with it all gone but it is kinda a nuisance and my best friends says im not supposed to idk what to do but please help my family doesnt talk to me like they should lol but seriously

  244. avatar Ibella says:

    Gonna try this out right-now!! (: I’ve never been open with letting random strangers see my “hoo-ha” either so I’ve always just shaved (also cause Im scared of how much waxing would hurt ;P) and I use the razor I shave my legs with too. Seems to work fine but you have to make sure the razor is clean or else MAJOR rash. I can’t wait to try out these other new tips!(: thanks!!

  245. avatar Jasmine says:

    For people in England (don’t know of they have it anywhere else) Sudocrem is a godsend. Put as much on as you want before you got you go to bed after shaved. Then just leave it over night and it will soak in. If there is any left in the morning just wipe it off with toilet roll of a damp towel. It is really soothing, prevents itching and red bumps! Its amazing! (and p.s it works with practically anything. I use it as a face mask as well and within a couple of days all my spots were gone!)
    Sudocrem is a wonder!!!

  246. avatar Elizabeth says:

    I am 16 and have started shaving because I just couldn’t put it off anymore. Especially because I’m swimming more. But I need help! When I shaved I don’t think I got all the hair off and it’s really itching. I don’t know what to do. I don’t feel comfortable asking my mum, but I really wanna get ALL my hair off. Should I try waxing or stick to shaving? Also how can I easily get off all of the hair? Please help!!!

  247. avatar rathernotsay says:

    so i’m a gymnast, whitch means leotards. and leotards means exposed. but i would always wear shorts with my leo, so it was never a problem. then, competition season came up, and i dreaded it! you can’t wear shorts! and out gym has a rule that you can’t wear shorts the week of a meet. and i hated it! 1 out of every 5 attemps of shaving there, it would be semi-ok and i would just constantly pull down my leo. lets face it girls, the red bumps are un attractive. we’ve all tried the home remadies, the hydrocotisone creme was good for the itching and redness, but those unattractive bumps still left me worried. then i discoverd BIKINI ZONE. i Used shaving cream, a new razor, shaved using the side method, got out, put a thin layer of bikini zone on, a tiny bit of baby power, put on loose pants, and about a hlaf hour later, i checked.. and i was AMAZED!no more red bumps!! this stuff saved my life! :) now, i feel confident during a meet/practice and i dont have to hide behind shorts. thanks bikini zone! <3

  248. avatar Princess says:

    I use Bikini Zone all the time and it works excellent, I used to have a problem with getting bumps after shaving before I started using bikini zone. I got mine from CVS

  249. avatar Brenda says:

    Hi. I stumbled onto this site from Google. I’m 37. I just started shaving completely there about a year ago. It has been a nightmare. My hair is so course, it hurts after just a half of a day when it starts to grow back. I can’t stand going even a day without shaving it. I have red bumps so bad, that I hope it won’t scar. Some days aren’t as bad. I tried the stripper trick with deoderant yesterday and broke out horribly. I am sooo sensitive. I’ve used tea tree oil, which helps a little. I use Bikini Zone, which helps a little. But it is still horrible. While sitting here reading comments (and full of red bumps) I noticed a can of Burt Bees Hand Salve on my husband’s nightstand. I figured… what do I have to lose, I’m already broke out. So, I rubbed the area down with this stuff, then laid a warm cloth on it, slightly wiped it away (I’m so sensitive that I fear leaving ANYTHING on that area for too long.) I did this step over again three times… and I am right now in awe. The bumps I’ve had forever are literally disappearing! I’m going to wait about and hour and try those steps again and see if it completely diminishes them. I can’t imagine WHICH ingredients are healing this, but I don’t care. I am amazed!!! It’s just like a freak discovery I guess. :P

  250. avatar Krystina says:

    I have used bikini zone before after shaving and it burns or for me it did. But it did get the job done I had no bumps or redness. Just burns for a few seconds.

  251. avatar Cheyenne says:

    I want to know if you girls could tell me what “vacum” motion is? When i am done shaving it looks like i did not get it all like there is still hair and i go to fell it and see there is nothing there! What should i do

  252. avatar Anonymous says:

    Hi there! I’m 16, and I’m a swimmer, so “peek-a-boo pubes” are a huge problem for me. I’ve tried shaving a few times before, and I always get tonnes of ingrown hairs, and dark spots like there’s still hair there that my razor can’t get… I also have a hard time shaving the sides (not quite sure how to describe it…) because I’m scared I’m going to cut myself. I also recently got a boyfriend (we’ve been going out for a month) and I’m really worried about my area in case things get serious. I’m not sure whether I should shave the whole thing, or what. I’m not very close with my mom, and asking her about this stuff would be way too embarrassing. Can anyone help with any of my problems?? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!

  253. avatar Michelle says:

    Use diaper rash cream afterwards. Works for me!

  254. avatar lauren says:

    I shave with a vaccume type motion, i use this same motion for my legs and underarms, the hair does not get clogged in the razor this way, and afterward I wash my area with a face wash for acne one with the salicylic acid, then starting the next day I use a stridex pad in the morning and one at night, it burns just a little, but it keeps all your follicles clean and i hardly ever get a bump or ingrown hair. really this works great, and i can go months w/out shaving and with the vaccume stroke it takes the longest hair off no problem, and i just use like baby wash or conditioner, never shaving cream, too thick.

  255. avatar Tania says:

    I have seen bikini zone gel at cvs… ima try it because this is a nightmare for girls

  256. avatar Sofia says:

    This blog has helped A LOT! (I just turned 14) I’ve been really self conscious of my bikini line, but now I’m not :). I find using conditioner worked better than shaving cream. Always go side to side! I also soak in really cold water right after, then pat dry, an wear sweat pants. I don’t usually wear underwear after, so it doesn’t irritate.
    I’ve also got those little pink bumps, but they won’t go away! Any ideas?

  257. avatar cessy says:

    alright girls I received my gilette venus embrace yesterday and just shaved tonight. It DIDN’T HURT A BIT. I used coochy for the shaving cream, it was my first time but I didn’t even cut myself! no nick no anything. after that I sprayed coochy after shave mist. and now its super smooth. I shaved side to side just like what the blog says. so yeah it was wonderful(lol) ;D – ihave sensitive skin!

    i know that the razor is pricy, but i think as long as its 4-5 blades its going to do the trick.

  258. avatar Zuzana says:

    Hey, girls!
    I am 20 and I am shaving down there for a longer time and how I do it? razor and wather or some bikini shaving cream (I am using Willkinson smells :) good like roseberries). I am always doing it in the shower, just sitting with my legs spread. But I am using also shaver for sides becase it doesnt hurt so much and razor for main part, I am shaving everything because I dont feel good with hair down there and its not good for boys during sex (some positions can hurt). And after shaving put on some oil to make your skin soften :)

    Good luck!

  259. avatar Cheyenne says:

    damn……………this shit HURTS!!!

  260. avatar Cheyenne says:

    Hey Panda Monium,
    I think you might be refering to me? I dont know……….but last night I did these exact steps!

    1. soak in the tube for about 3 minutes
    2. Put condituner “down there”
    3. Shave side to side
    4. Put deoderatnte on as soon as you are done

    I only had one little red bump when I was done and it was because I pressed to hard and it bleed! Also can you guys tell me how to tell my mom that I have blood bleeding in through my clothes because of my peird?!?

    • avatar lizatherese says:

      if she does your laundry, she will notice, believe me… and if you need feminine hygiene supplies, you can get free samples from always, tampax, U by kotex, and maybe some other ones. if that doesnt work, you can just put some of that stuff in the cart if you guys go shopping together.

  261. avatar May says:

    I recently started shaving “down there,” 4 almost 6 months now(I don’t reaally know if you would call that recently though) and I sometimes get those bumps but not often. When I do get those bumps I don’t do anything, even though it’s irritating, I just let them go away. They usually go away within 24 hours. But whenever I do shave down there i always get little stubbles of hair, and Im trying to get all the hair off without having to get any kind of waxing done (to terrified to do that…. :( :/). Any suggestions? Anything would help if you have any tips email me please([email protected]) and @Panda Monium, I agree with you who the hell is gonna wait at our age when there’s a freakin jungle down there??? But anyways thanks sfor the tips I’ll try them :)

  262. avatar Panda Monium says:

    I have a friggin jungle. So a couple nights ago, I was bored and home alone, so I figured why not. I did the trimming thing but I shaved up and down and with my normal razor and ohmyfuckinggod, do NOT do that. :s I shaved once before (almost two years ago) and it was a lot worse, but this still sucks. Imma try the deodorant and the conditioner thing later.
    And I saw someone in the comments saying 12-13 year olds should wait…hell no I’m not waiting, I dont want the entire pool seeing a bush in my bikini bottoms. And it just feels really..icky.

  263. avatar Cheyenne says:

    I need to know a very good prosses for me at the age 12. I have a real mom and a step mom, well my real mom says shave and my step says dont it will itch! What should I do? I tried once what my real mom said to do…….
    Cut it with the sissors and then like shave up and down! It fucking hurt! @ Sarahbeth- I will try what you said deodorant. I will try deodorant tonight!
    Word of advise if you dont want the whole house to know you shaved “down there” do it over the toilet when you are down with your shower/bath.

  264. avatar Sarahbeth. says:

    I usually don’t really shave my area in the winter, I just keep it trimmed, and Summer’s coming up, so, I’m trying to uhm… Keep from looking hairy when I go to the beach. I’m 14, and well, last year was pure H311 for me because of bumps, so a few days ago, I tried deodorant, and NO BUMPS :D

    • avatar Natalie says:

      I have a couple of friends who used to be dancers (i.e. strippers) and they have to be smooth down there every night on that stage. In my own personal experience, if I get a smooth shave one day, and try it again 3 days later, it’s gonna turn out ugly. My dancer friends said that they used deodorant to prevent that ugly.
      Never worked for me though.

  265. avatar frz says:

    Its kind of embarrassing :( I am 17 and have not shave that area yet :(
    I am planning to get the whole thing shaved kind of like a brazillian..
    I am a bit confused and dont know how much is to be shaved and what to do.. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME OUT !!!

  266. avatar Dancrr says:

    Does hydrocortizone with aloe help with the itching and the redness? PLEASE ANSWER

  267. avatar Mickey says:

    This was really helpful. I’m a little younger than a college girl but still I always wondered if you were actually supposed to shave down there and I was too embarrassed to ask my mom or older sister. Thanks!!

  268. avatar kayleanne says:

    Okay, so I am 14…I think I am going to try the tips that were given. I am really scared. Is there any tips you can give a first timer. Please, anything that will help….Cause, I think I am going to use the razor and shaving cream….Embarassing question…but do I shave everything?? and does the deodorant really help, with the red bumps?

    • avatar JayLynn says:

      Hey, I’m fourteen too. I know it’s weird and uncomfortable, but for the first few shavings, just have the bikini area. After a while once you’re comfortable with that, you can try to shave all around there. You probably won’t hot water pouring o you when you shave so keep that in mind. It a very sensitive area like your underarms would be, so just save it like you would there. As for deodorant, well, I’ve never used it down there so I can’t really answer that question. :) hope this helps. Dont be embarrassed to ask your mom or sister or aunt or a trust older woman in your life. Thy have expirence and will help you out :)

  269. avatar Gina says:

    I have tried shaving, waxing, and exfoliating creme but still have stubble down there. What else is there to do to get rid of it?

  270. avatar CS says:

    Ok, this may sound odd to you guys but I have been buying and using
    Magic gold shaving powder from walgreens since past 5yrs now and I never had bumps or irritation.
    I read it online on a strippers blog that she uses this (it is basically made for sensitive skin types which have kind of acne or moles and it is difficult to shave with a razor). It is a white powder, mix it up with water to make a smooth paste (like cake batter consistency) and then put it on wher eyou want to shave and leave it for 5-8 minutes, and the with a plastic card or blunt side of butter knife (the best thing that works is a credit card i know it sounds funny, i have an old credit card which is expired and it works perfectly, I have saved it for this!!) and take the cream off. Wash it nicely and put a regular cream on the area.
    Trust me the hair comes back very slow, the skin is super soft and I never had any problem with bumps or redness!

  271. avatar Rian says:

    Hi I am 14, kinna embarrassed to say that I’ve never done anything done to my down there before as I don’t go to the beach, or swim that often. Lots of people have told me that shaving will result in thick and rough pubic hair growing out after shaving, so I’ve been really scared to try. I would trim it down with scissors but will the red bumps still appear? I’m more worried about the rough pubic hair growing out. Please help! Really uncomfortable feeling like I have some bush growing down there.

  272. avatar Sarah says:

    I’m 16, been shaving down there for a while. I’m just a hairy person in general so it needs to be done, especially since I dance. It’s also just so much cleaner, especially when I’m on my period. The only problem is that it takes so freakin long to shave!! Any tips?

  273. avatar cessy says:

    im 18 this is my first time shaving down there, i never shaved before. my hair is coarse & short and fyi i dont have armpit/leg/facial hair, the doctor said it has smtg to do with my slow growth. so im a little nervous but thanks for the tips!!

  274. avatar Jesse says:

    sooo, do you put on the cream right after? and leave it on? and do you keep puttin in on daily untill you shave again? sooo comfussedddd!

  275. avatar hanna says:

    Thx for advice lots better :)

  276. avatar anne says:

    apply ice to the shaved area with a decent amount of pressure after shaving, it helps with the red bumps, also moisterize regulary to help keep the hairs soft. makes things alot easier.
    and to all those 12 n 13 year olds on here, wait a few years. your way to young…… especially if your orried about asking your mother for special trips to shops to go get a special product. hen you are old enough to go to the shop yourself and have your on money(not your mothers) then consider a re-doo
    till then enjoy being a kid.

  277. avatar CANTtell says:

    I really want to get those hairs away, ive had my eyebrows, legs and under arms waxed but I have this personal beauty hairdresser thingy, and she doesnt do that waxing down there (i didnt ask for it) and my friends always say that when they see other girls bikini lines they see a jungle and think its gross. I feel really wierd about it and I want to get rid of it. But I dont know what to do, shave or wax. I dont want to ask my mum because she always tells her friends. IM SCARED!!!!

  278. avatar Hanna says:

    I’m 13 and recently started shaving down there but I’ve got stubs now and it’s not comfy at all. I don’t want to talk to my mum cos it would be awkward. Any suggestions????

  279. avatar Stacie says:

    13 and shave the peeKaboos and it itches like hell! but should I be shaving my whole ass??!! Because I Am not waxing no way girl!!! And I wear a thong am I too young!?

  280. avatar anon says:

    I used to always get lots of red bumps too….and was horrible! But all you’ve got to do is take care when you’re shaving…don’t rush it, and make sure there’s plenty of shaving cream or soap down there. Then, when you’ve finished shaving get an ICE cube and rub it round the area you’ve shaved…that closes the pores and stops itching and bumps later on (it’s sore because it’s so cold, but it works)! Then just dry off and moisturise to keep things smooth. The more you do this the less sensitive you get too…so keep at it :)

  281. avatar Jazzy says:

    I have tried soo many things (including bikini zone, baby oil), and I always seem to end up with bumps. I will definitely try the baby powder and the vaginal anti-itch cream. I’m really want to be able to wear a cute bikini bottom or underwear w/o itch irritable bumps.
    @Tiffany, think of a T or cross shape. the horizontal line would be shaving from the outside to the inside or inside to outside, if that makes more sense.

  282. avatar BuNNii says:

    I don’t regularly shave my bikini but when I do I use shaving cream an an unsented soap, and the put Shea butter in it after. It works great. I’m sixteen,btw.

  283. avatar pumpsznpatron says:

    i use vaginal anti-itch cream. it doesnt have the menthol in it as regular anti-itch creams unless u like walkin around feelin like theres a cloud of minty cool air in ur pants lol. but i jus use that i dnt itch or get bumps.

  284. avatar Tiffany K. says:

    What do you mean by Side-To- Side shaving? Didn’t quite catch what that ment. If you wouldnt mind. please E-mail me my answer because im not sure when ill be on this website again. i just happen to come across it.

  285. avatar laura says:

    It means to go up instead of down. I find going side to side is easier though.

  286. avatar Griselda says:

    What do u mean go against the grain?

  287. avatar Rafeeq says:

    Thats cute, I need to seggust that to my bestie. I, on the other hand, like to torture myself with a damn epilator ( oh how I hate it) or a professional wax job. Thats nice and compact though.

  288. avatar Loz says:

    I’ve only just turned 13 and had a lot of hair ‘down below’ and i really got on my nerves! I’m not the type of person to ask mt friends about it and i definately don’t feel comfortable talking to mum or to ask her if she would get me some after shaving gel or cream. I literally only just started shaving yesterday, I put baby powder on afterwards but it still really itches and already there are a couple of bumps! I have no idea what witch hazel is and I don’t know if I have anything else else in the house which I could use. Does anyone have any ideas what I could use?
    Would much apperciate if someone would help me with this?!

    • avatar lizatherese says:

      you can find witch hazel in the health and beauty section of stores. its and ‘astringent’ and it works on little cuts or stuff like that. i use it mostly as a toner for my face. make sure you get cotton balls or cotton rounds or something like that.

  289. avatar Kiki says:

    thanks so much for the tips! At 18, I still felt a little unsure about shaving down there, but especially with cheerleading I felt I should “tame the mane” (haha) that, and with some “risque” stuff going on with the boyfriend, I felt really awkward because I know most girls do shave, I just never really had a reason to until lately. You’ve given me a bit of confidence, thanks!

  290. avatar Cathryn says:

    I have this really weird small, red bump down ther but I don’t shave down there because I don’t need to. Does anyone know what this coud be? Please help its really weird and concerning. It’s not painful or anything though.

  291. avatar Savannah says:

    This was very helpful. I’m gonna try this! (:

  292. avatar Veronica says:

    I never heard of using baby powder after i shaved, this was a fantastic help! i’ve slowed down on shaving because of those stupid bumps, this tip was a life saver! I like to look nice and clean for my boyfriend, but i hadn’t shaved to spare myself. these tips we’re really for the better! thanks!

  293. avatar Kayla says:

    I shave ALOT off. The sideways motion is a great idea, so is the baby powder. is there a way to keep that smooth skin longer? or at least a way to prevent it from itching like crazy until I get the chance to shave again?

  294. avatar Unknown says:

    Try deodorant !! It really does work good ! And you’ll notice it will be affective with in hours !!

  295. avatar Katherine says:

    I personally have tried the bikini-zone products and baby powder has worked better for me, but I’m having an issue getting rid of old bumps. Since I started using baby powder I haven’t noticed any new bumps, but still can’t seem to get rid of the old ones. I feel like the best thing would be to just let them heal and not shave until they are healed, but I just started dating someone and don’t really want to do that. Any advice would be appreciated!

  296. avatar Neo says:

    Use Neosporin to get rid of razor burn down there! It works.

  297. avatar Kylie says:

    Thanks so much. I thought I was the only one with bikini hair problems. I will try the baby powder. My problem was that when I shaved I could still see the hair if I shaved with the grain. Than I’d shave against it, but I’d get red bumps. So I will try it! Thanks

  298. avatar anna says:

    @ Jess, Thank you!:)

  299. avatar Kat says:

    Thank you for this article! I found that the comments were especially helpful, too! I know those times at the beach, yanking down my swimsuit over my upper thighs in embarrassment… and then the red spots came and I just thought that I was doomed for eternity to be the girl with the bumps- but hopefully not anymore! I will try as much as I can and see which one works. But the thing about shaving becoming easier the more you do it makes sense- I remember someone telling me that.

  300. avatar Sierra says:

    I am 14 and really want to shave down there. It is really bugging me and I am afraid of those bumps. I can’t go to the store to get products. My mom doesn’t want me to shave down there. But I feel that it is the best thing then having hair down there

  301. avatar Jess says:

    I shave down there with a regular razor and shave gel for sensitive skin. I VERY rarely get bumps, but that’s only because I follow a very delicate process. If you have really sensitive skin try this: cut your pubes as short as possible with scissors, wet area with lukewarm water, exfoliate gently with a facial exfoliator, scrub a little bit of bacteria-killing wash for acne (nothing too intense like proactiv, just a gentle gel with like 1.5% salicylic acid), put a pea size amount of shave gel on your fingers and rub it on one small section of hair, use a side to side, up and down motion to shave off all hair, rinse it off, repeat last 3 steps on different sections of hair until all the desired hair is gone. Then rinse the area with the coldest water you have, let air dry, rub regular deodorant on it (the solid, matte kind, not clear), apply baby powder until its silky smooth, if possible don’t wear underwear for the next 12-24 hrs. If bikini bumps appear, use acne medication applied directly to them.

    I know I repeated a lot, but this is my EXACT process.

    Also, a piece of advice for people just starting to shave: DONT shave it all off! I did it once when I was 15 just to try it, and it looked so weird I never did it again, it looks completely bald and juvenile, really creepy. Also, real men appreciate a real woman with a little hair down there. It’s up to you in the long run, but be prepared to be creeped out and do it when you’re older.

  302. avatar Anna says:

    Urm, Im going on holdiay in a week and i dont want to have pesky pubes sticking out of my bikini but im scared if i shave for the first time that i will be itching constantly?! i cant just cut it back because the root of my hair is still visible around the top of my thighs when wearing my bikini! What can i do?!!?! PLEASE HELP!

  303. avatar J says:

    Personally, when it’s summertime I always wax! There’s nothing worse than being on vacation for a week at the beach and having to shave everyday, which of course the more you shave the more irritated your skin becomes. So waxing is definitely worth the pain (and embarrassment). But for the winter months, shaving is a great alternative. I find if i shave pretty regularly, maybe a couple times a week, my skin adapts and i get fewer red bumps. The side-to-side shaving as opposed to going against the grain definitely helps as well. Also, finishing with bikini zone or acne cream as well as baby powder and exfoliating regularly works wonders! Good Luck Girls!!

  304. avatar Sophieee! says:

    Hey girls! So, I’m a young one too. New teenager in fact. And I am the “big sister” to my friends when it comes to puberty. At our age we are all worried about fitting in with our friends. Listen, you don’t need to worry about this stuff too young. I am much more hairy than my friends when it comes to this stuff and they do shave. My mom tells me not to because of the risk of infection and irritation. If you are that conscious about it, there are some things I do. I find it very itchy ‘down there’ after awhile. Instead of risking, I recommend starting by just trimming it with scissors. It’s much safer and if you’re young it makes sure ‘George Bush doesn’t leave the white house!”

  305. avatar Katie says:

    Couple things I found the best way not to get the little red bumps is to keep it shaved. I shave down there almost every morning in the shower and it only takes only me a minute.
    If you let it grow back in, ya it going to itch and be careful if you use a lotion as some will burn.
    The other important thing is to use a good razor, not a disposable. I found that in it’s self made a huge difference for me.

  306. avatar Vouny says:

    This is my first time trying, and I wanted to make sure I got it right…
    I’m so scared if I do something wrong!!!! But hopefully, this article gave me a bit courage…
    I just don’t anything to go wrong…I hope this works!!!! :)

    Thanks for the advice :)

    • avatar lizatherese says:

      just pretend your shaving your legs or armpit. don’t get nervous, bc if you do, you might cut yourself

  307. avatar lyn-z says:

    Shaveing is a pain in the a$$ i use to every couple days but my boyfriend said he would doit for me lol i didnt like the idea of a razor down there if it wasnt in my hands so he waxes it now it hurts lik hell but better him than a stranger n he likes doin it lol

  308. avatar lucy says:

    hey @alice i was worried about that. It will grow around your butt hole but it wont go any further that that. If you want to remove it just shave it.

  309. avatar Aubrey says:

    Alice, it won’t keep growing up your back. it’s normal, don’t worry!

    To everyone else, I used to get really bad bumps too. I shave everything every few days, because I like it to be smooth and hairless. I started using facial moisturizer on the area and it worked wonders! no bumps or anything, and I even shave against the grain.

  310. avatar alice says:

    Umm well this is really embarrasing :( i have reeeeealy thick heair down there :( its growing around the… you know vag and thenit started growing up around my butt hole and im worried it will like grow further up onto my back. is this normal???? like it doesnt stop at the vag it keeps going. :( how the hell can i remove it?!!!!!!!

  311. avatar Brooke says:

    I am 13. I started shaving the end of last school year, and I got red bumps and it was very itchy. I have lots of past spots, have any idea how to get rid of these? I use a lotion for after shaving in the shower, and put lotion on afterwards, plus I use a moisturizing shaving cream. It’s off and on with the bumps. They really bug me!

  312. avatar nikki says:

    i wanted to know after you get these bumps how do you get rid of them?? and also i found baby powder works its just the past spots, that remain, any ideas on how to get rid of that>>>

  313. avatar Laura says:

    Im 16 and going to be 17 soon. I shave down there once and i got bumps and it itched like crazy. Also, when I was finished I had little cuts that were bleeding. I want to shave down there again but am scared to death. Then I read this and feel a lot better about it.
    But… In a few weeks a have a physical appointment so I an play on my schools softball team. Should I wait till after I get my appointment, not shave till after the season is over or just shave now?? I really dot know what to do here. Please help.
    Thanks XD

  314. avatar yang says:

    thanks you for the baby power tip it really help.

  315. avatar cjjohnson says:

    I shave a lot (I like things to be very soft and absolutely hair free) and I used Bikini Zone every time i shaved, but since it has alcohol in it, it actually stings really bad, especially if you shave everyday and already have bumps… I then discovered witch hazel… I use it for everything. Its gentle on your skin, isn’t oily and drys quickly. It also doesn’t hurt at all. One thing I don’t like is its earthy scent, so you can actually buy scented witch hazel at health food stores! Hope this helps!

  316. avatar queenie says:

    I want to start shaving but am unsure what area is supposed to be shaved clean and what should just be trimmed. Should the labia be shaved clean and the area above trimmed?

  317. avatar hannah says:

    Ya i had the same problems! Can’t wait to try these tips but i am 13 and dont have baby powder and dont wanna ask my mom for special trips to the store for bikini zone any ideas??

    • avatar Krystal says:

      corn starch your mom probably has it in the cupboard. keep some in a small container or plastic salt shaker like I do.

  318. avatar JB says:

    ^AA, i was scared at first too, and i’m only 13, it turns out that it really pays off in the long run , and i didn’t find these tips until now, i shaved without these tips and was irritated for awhile, but it eventually goes away, if you follow these tips you will be fine i did, and im much better now, it turns out most of your friends probably shave too. and when i was like 10 ish, i just shave it so it wouldn’t show outside of my bikini, so since your scared, maybe just put on your swim suit in the shower and then shave so you don’t have to shave more then is needed…. hope this helps :)

  319. avatar P says:

    honestly for all those people with questions about shaving for the first time or wanting to go on a date and being worried, try waxing! it’s awesome. The estheticians who wax you are very casual about it and you will feel super comfortable within the first ten minutes. It’s a bit expensive because it adds up every time you get it done, but it’s so worth it because unlike shaving it comes out super smooth even after the first two days, lasts much longer, and grows back less every time!

  320. avatar AA says:

    I am 12 and I am a little scared to shave down there because of the bumps and itchyness but if I don’t I can’t go swimming or were swim suits without it being noticable.

  321. avatar V says:

    this seems like such good advice i can relate to this alot!

  322. avatar L says:

    I have a question, not really about red bumps but I have dark hair down there and my skin is extremely sensitive as well. After shaving my skin is smooth but u can still see the dark hair in my bikini area and just a little down my legs. Its embarrising bc when i go to the beach or pool I wear shorts to swim in so no one sees it. Any ideas on what i could do????

  323. avatar Natalie says:

    hey everyone, i have a big problem, so i get red bumps and it is really embassing.. i have shaved for over 3 years now and i am 15 , i found that the more i shave the more the pubic hair would spread down my legs.. is this normal? i get some long hairs growing on my lower thighs , also i have shaved my stomach and now i have a dark treasure trail. i am so not confident in a bikini and even changing infront of anyone and this is a major issue cause i am in a change room with my gym class and the sports teams i play on. ahhh! help!? also i have tried waxing and i still get bumps on my area and lower thighs, :/ i feel like this will never go away and i dont know how i will ever be comfortable in my body and around guys if i ever get to that point in a relationship. please help cause i stress everyday over this :(

  324. avatar bubblegirl00 says:

    I want to thank you so much as I was kinda getting bullied by saying im a lad etc i cannot wait for summer to wear a bikini and shut them up

  325. avatar spazy says:

    I’m 12 and my mom said to shave there but it stings and I have skin like a baby what should I do baby powder doesn’t even work.

    • avatar lizatherese says:

      she doesn’t know your body as well as you do, so don’t shave there unless YOU want to. and try cutting it down with nail scissors if its bad enough that you want it gone.

  326. avatar Bri says:

    I just wanted to say a little thanks for posting this. I’m 16 and it’s very hard for me to talk to people face to face about this kind of stuff. I’ve also been searching for answers about this everywhere and your is the most helpful. So thank you.

  327. avatar Sangita says:

    pl let me know for permanently hair removing from bikini area.

  328. avatar Virginia says:

    I always alot of those bad looking bumps, hope the powder works

  329. avatar Melissa says:

    Get some Vitamin E Oil and apply it after you shave and for a couple days after – no bumps and no itching!

  330. avatar Jessica says:

    I have a date tomorrow at 11am with a guy ive known since primary school and we’ve been after eachother for ages but its always been bad timing. Im fairly bushy down-there. Should I shave it all off?? I want to sleep with him as this is the 4th date, and i think its going to happen, but the hair is REALLY holding me back, it makes me REALLY nervous. Guys what should I do!???

  331. avatar Delany says:

    I have a question regarding this. – First of all, thanks for all of the advice! Great stuff! ..

    Alright, so I just bought my first electric razor, and I was wondering if you still need to use like .. an ‘after shave gel’ of some sort after trimming and smoothening with an electric trimmer? Thank you.

  332. avatar Teena says:

    This has really helped. I have an old shaver and nearly cut myself down there one time. So I went down to the shops and got a new good razor and read these tips and never turned backk. My boyfriend certainly appeciates it;)

  333. avatar Genevieve says:

    I am not sure what which hazel is ?can anyone explain? Please the little bumps are extremely annoying and I am going to use these tips thanks sooooo much

    • avatar lizatherese says:

      witch hazel is an ‘astringent’, and can be used for stuff like little cuts or the like. personally i use it mostly as a toner for my face and its great. the smell isn’t bad, but is a bit strong when under your nose. it also works pretty well for razor cuts when shaving. and its natural, so that’s even better.

  334. avatar Kaykay says:

    I shave down there all the time, and i used to get the red bikini bumps. But ive found that if i apply aloe gel, and let it dry, then babypowder the area, it works wonders. also, wearing loose fitting, or better yet, no underwear, has improved the red bumps. while seeming slutty, and maybe nasty, it just works for me! sometimes i wear like, cotton, work out shorts under… those both seem to help.

  335. avatar Emily says:

    Im 14 and my school has a swimming pool, which means we have to go swimming every day for a couple months. Whenever I shave down there I get the red bumps and its pretty itchy. Baby powder doesnt help at all, Any other ideas?

    • avatar Krystal says:

      Corn Starch. Baby Powder actually balls up around moisture like some terrible deodorants. I keep corn starch in a plastic (usually travel) salt shaker. It comes out like baby powder would from its container. Great for any kinds of chaffing, rash, or diaper rash!

  336. avatar Brenda says:

    I’ve found the best thing for preventing/healing razor burn/bumps, for me anyway, is diaper rash ointment. I figure if it’s gentle enough for baby parts, it shouldn’t do too much damage to me. If for some reason I get REALLY bad burn (dull razor or something) I immediately mix a couple crushed aspirin with the Desitin or Butt Paste or whatever diaper rash cream, mix it all together and apply it to my wuzzle, and when i wake up in the morning it’s usually all healed up. I also find that after a few weeks of this routine, my skin toughens up and I don’t have the problem anymore. The trick is staying on top of it and not letting a bush grow when I’m single. LOL

  337. avatar Michele says:

    All the suggestions here are great for preventing itchiness and bumps. I just want to point out that alot of these products and creams may potentially be toxic for our bodies and vaginas. With the increased amount of cervical cancer, I don’t always trust these companies producing products. There is a reason we have pubic hair, to prevent bacteria and to protect our sensitive skin from harm. I like to have a clean shaven bush, but it’s not worth it.

  338. avatar Kenadie says:

    Alexus, your 12 and you might be getting some? Oh my god, I’m 13 and don’t plan on getting any right now. Your too young. Just trim it, but seriously your too young for it to last. If it’s real love he can wait.

  339. avatar ladys says:

    thanks alot!

  340. avatar neelu says:

    i luv to wax my bikini area, but its really not possible bcoz i used razor wen i was 19 & alter on i really tried to wax but it hurts alot so guys can anyone give suggestion abt my problem,& one more doubt do we have to shave everyday ,what cream we should use while shaving

  341. avatar Lizzy says:

    I just trim around the edges to avoid the peek a boo pubes… and then trim the rest cuz when I shave everything the very next day it’s all covered in in-growns and bumps, so i was like screw this and just trim, I use medicated powder that’s special for that area (Monistat Intimate Care) , and there are gel to powders i also use. Hope that helps, they help keep ingrown hairs down and itching as well :)

  342. avatar TheKaay says:

    To Emma, I have the first time it will be uncomfortable cause it’s growing back but after the second time you’ll be fine

  343. avatar emma says:

    should i shave my whole vagina?

  344. avatar Arthas says:

    I shaved for years & what I just discovered was getting sugar waxed! I love it! It even promotes hair loss. Sugar waxing is much more safer & doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as regular waxing. It’s also cheaper too. About 4-5 sessions will probably leave you bare for many many years. I’m on my 2nd one & the hairs that grew back are very fine.

    Any kind of waxing hurts, but sugar waxing doesn’t attach to your skin like regular waxing.

  345. avatar Kay says:

    ok, i’m going to get a bikini wax, don’t like the idea of putting a razor blade anywhere near down there!
    … so from tips on here I will cut the hair to about 1/4 inch before I go, exfoliate with a facial exfoliater down there and then apply baby powder afterwards and wear loose clothing.
    I hope i don’t get any bumps or redness because i intend to wear a bikini for the next week.

    I have used hair removal cream in the past and it was pain-free, quick and easy, but the hair started showing again within days and i didn’t want to put those kind of chemicals too close to the sensitive lady area!

  346. avatar jes says:

    I am 14 and I used to have severe acne. Now i am on a medication the doctor prescribed me, but the acne scars remain. I have ALOT of acne scars. I have to wear makeup everyday cause thats how bad my acne scarring is. But my makeup gets shiny and oily and people can just tell I have tons of make up, i have been told. Please dont tell me not to use makeup, cause i still am. But I just need a regimen or something that will make it look more natural..

    • avatar Kellyn says:

      you can try something that exfoliates to minimize scars like a microdermabrasion. but as for make up, try a powder based one rather than heavy cream makeup….or maybe something like bare minerals that is dry and helps deflect light. ((hugs))

    • avatar lizatherese says:

      for the oil, try a finishing powder and put that over everything.

  347. avatar Lindsay says:

    I tried sugar waxing and it worked well. It didn’t hurt as much as regular waxing, the hair took a while to grow back and it grows back thinner. It also was less money than regular waxing. Good luck

  348. avatar raja says:

    i have been shaving my pubic area from the age of 16. still the hair grows, any method to permanently remove the hair at cheapest price .it grows back within a week.anyone please suggest a method for smooth skin for a long time.