Think back to every gym bag, beach bag, and sleepover bag you’ve ever packed. Before you start stressing out all over again, remember that one item that you couldn’t go without for any occasion that called for chic comfort: Soffe shorts.

While Soffe shorts seem to be a reliable and trusty item in every girl’s wardrobe since high school, it’s time to put a college girl spin on the staple. Soffe’s new Spring collection incorporates a lot of bright neons and prints, and also includes sports bras, yoga pants, and comphy tanks and shirts.

After wearing and working out in some of the new pieces, here are a few of my favorites:

soffee 2

First, the yoga pants. When I think of adding college flare to my go-to comphy clothes, yoga pants emerge as the Holy Grail. First and foremost they’re comfortable, and they’re also chic in that they’re fitted. The versatility of yoga pants are undeniable: you can work out in them, go to class in them, walk the dog in them, wear them to the library, and just about every other outing you can imagine, and they’re a guy favorite on top of it! The Soffe yoga pants are great because they’re more affordable than the Victoria’s Secret ones, and they’re also just the right length without too much flare. I’m 5’11, and the Small size goes right to the floor without shoes. They come in a lot of great colors and prints, and retail for less than $25.

Second, the tank tops. Soffe tanks come in just about every color and print you can imagine, and they have a great fit – they’re tight in all the right places without being too long. Another great discovery I made is that they don’t ride up or get bunchy while you’re working out. The rib tanks retail for less than $10.

Third, the “slickster” Soffe shorts, which retail for $20. These shorts have the perfect fit, they’re low rise but don’t bunch up in unflattering areas, and they have cute exterior zip pockets that add a little shape to the shorts. If you’re looking for a pair of workout shorts with a to die for fit, look no further.

And fourth, the compression shorts. They retail for about $15 and come in both neon and dark colors. These spandex shorts are great for wearing under other workout or training shorts. I wore them to a cycle class, and to my delight I didn’t find myself sliding in the saddle like I do with other spandex shorts. They’re thin, so wearing something over them is a must.

So, to break it down…

The pros: comfortable, expressive, have a great fit, and are very affordable – most of the shorts retail around $15. What more could a college girl ask for?

The cons: one thing I would suggest when buying anything Soffe is to go a size smaller than you think you need, as the items seem larger than expected. The sports bras definitely could do with a little more support, but if you like to double-up on sports bras for a workout then it would make the perfect bottom layer.

Overall, Soffe once again solidifies its role as a staple in every college girl’s wardrobe, and solidifies its spot as a go-to for practical comfort.

What do you think? 

Do you wear Soffe? What are your favorite items? What do you think of the items featured above? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. avatar Anna Patrick says:

    They go from “women” to “juniors” to “kids,” sizes, the above sizes were all in the “junior” category, which only goes down to a size S. But I think you can get the same thing in kid’s medium or a kid’s large which would probably be the equivalent of an XS, that’s probably what I would do

  2. avatar Sara says:

    I wonder if any of their sizes would fit me…normally I wear a small but you said the yoga pants in a small fit you and you’re 5’11”, I’m 5’6″…. Plus I’m pretty skinny…do they have smaller than an XS?

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