There is still plenty of summer left – plenty of mini skirted nights and short short days. With that being said, the next few weeks become crucial for getting those sexy toned legs to complete your perfect summer body! Read on for the best ways to both tone and slim your stems.

How to tone your legs:

Yoga and pilates

Celebrities swear by it, and yogis and pilates faithfuls everywhere flaunt the results: yoga and pilates are great ways to stretch your leg muscles while building strength. These exercises help you to become more limber, and as a bonus they are great for building up your core too!

Don’t be afraid of weights

Aside from the many benefits of weight lifting, doing some leg exercises with weights is a great way to tone your legs. Try squats and lunges, both with weights held either in your hands or on your shoulders. Using machines like a leg press is great too!

Quick twitch cardio exercises

Cardio exercises that work your quick twitch muscles (which are the ones that really help to lengthen and tone your legs) are usually short moves that take a burst of muscle energy. For example, running steps, doing interval training, or working on an incline. Jump roping, jumping jacks, and burpee exercises are other good alternatives.


Stretching not only enhances the appearance of your legs, but also aids your muscles so that you can work out more safely for longer periods of time. To avoid any injuries and to keep progressing with your workouts, stretching is crucial for at least five to ten minutes both before and after your workout.

What do you think?

What do you think of these leg toning tips? What are the best ways that you tone your legs? Let us know in the comments section below!

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