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Cardio: the universal love/hate relationship that we all share. While we all love the results, feeling healthy, and doing something good for our bodies, it can become monotonous quickly. And when boredom turns into a complete lack of motivation, our entire workout can become sabotaged. Read on for some of the best cardio exercises you can do, and shake up your routine by trying a different one every time you work out!



If you haven’t tried kickboxing yet, and you’re looking for a cardio workout that incorporates stress relief and strength, look no further. Many gyms offer kickboxing classes, and the cardio trend is on the rise. Each workout contains structure and routine, without the strenuous routines of zumba classes.



Cycling or spin classes are a great low-impact cardio workout that won’t put stress on your joints but will still give you a great workout. It can be done inside or outside, so it’s perfect for the ups and downs of the Spring season. If you’re looking to tone your legs, this is also a great option.


Jump rope

Jump roping is a great way to spike your heart rate fast. If you’re doing interval training, jump roping in between sprints is a great way to rev up your heart rate. A few minutes of jump roping also kick starts your metabolism. My favorite way to incorporate jump roping into a workout is to do it in between sets of weights or aerobic exercise – it will keep your heart pumping and burn calories fast while your muscles have time to recover!



The old fallback, running. While it can get monotonous, it is one of the best cardio workouts you can do. To keep things fresh, try running in different locations, adding some hills, or downloading an app that lets your track your speed and distance to keep things efficient. Your body will thank you for it!



Ellipticals are a great cardio workout because they’re low impact, you’re working with resistance at an incline, and you can add your arms and working different leg muscles by treading backwards. The versatility is key! With this one cardio machine you can work out many different muscle groups at once, which is also a plus if you don’t have time to lift weights and want to streamline your workout.



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