How about the freshman 0? Don’t worry about weight that you lose or gain, just worry about staying as healthy as you can in an often unhealthy environment. Staying in shape in college doesn’t have to be something that you actively pursue, with the following tips you can get into a health and fitness groove that will seamlessly blend into your daily routine.

Drink smart. Not hard. Part of integrating in to college life involves drinking and actively engaging in the party scene, which often involves binge drinking and late night eating. To save your health, and your GPA, try to opt for just going out one or two nights a week. And if you do drink, even to excess, snack smart at the end of the night. Instead of greasy awfulness, opt for drinking a lot of water and having whole grain toast or a whole wheat Eggo waffle with peanut butter. If you do chose to not forgo drinking, go for something clear and without sugar, like a vodka tonic.

Utilize your school gym’s fitness classes. Aim to try a new one every week! Most school gyms offer free classes taught by student trainers, like yoga or spin classes. And the best part is that the schedule caters to most students’ schedules, with lots of evening or morning classes. Since the classes are often free and your gym is close by, why not try something new and drag a few friends, or workout buddies, along with you?

Take a fitness class. If you have room in your schedule! Most college and universities offer a 3 or 4 credit fitness elective, which can be anywhere from yoga to scuba training! If you have the time, why not make fitness part of your regular schedule? This way you’ll be committed routine, and you may even learn some new fitness routines and activities that you like in the process. Think of it as having a free personal trainer and designed fitness plan!

Keep healthy snacks close by. You will be a lot less likely to overeat at the dining hall or overdo it after a night out if you have healthy snacks close at hand, in your dorm room or in the bag you take to class. Bags of fruits, veggies or granola bars can take the edge off of hunger and curb your cravings, helping you to stay at your healthy weight without depriving yourself of anything.

Always walk or take the stairs on the way to class. College can be a natural fitness booster, since most campuses are accessible only by walking or biking. Even if you have a shuttle, opt for walking and getting some fresh air, or you can even bike or jog to class. If there are certain routes to your class that involve stairs, take them. A little extra movement goes a long way!

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What are some ways that you stay healthy at school? Have you tried any on our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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