Want to workout more efficiently and still maintain your own routine? There’s an app for that – and just about everything else really. Whether it’s inspiring your workout, counting calories, or tracking distance, the following apps are great to bring to the gym and incorporate into your workout!

Nike Training Club

  • Price: FREE
  • Download if: you want access to new workout routines designed by professional trainers and professional athletes

Nike Training Club gives you free access to nearly 100 custom workouts designed by professionals, fitness gurus, and world class athletes. You can enter in your fitness goals and fitness level and great workouts tailored to your needs will come up right to your phone.

Jillian Michaels Slim-Down Solution

  • Price: FREE
  • Download if: you love Jillian Miachaels’ workouts on televised fitness programs like The Biggest Loser, as well as access to meal plans

The Jillian Michaels app is great because it combines fitness and nutrition. She explains and demonstrates every move in her workouts, and follows up with a healthy meal plan to keep you going after your workout.

5K Runner

  • Price: FREE
  • Download if: you’re a runner looking to increase your speed in a 5k, or if you’re looking to run a 5k and you need training help

The 5K Runner app boasts a training plan for a 5k that includes a 35 minute run, 3 times a week, over a span of 8 weeks to improve your speed and stamina. The app can be used whether you’re running outdoors or on the treadmill, and the beginning workouts start at 25 minutes and work up to 35 so it’s great for any fitness level.

Gold’s Gym: Spotter

  • Price: FREE
  • Download if: you want access to a range of workouts, instant inspiration, and tracking of your workouts

This app does not require that you are a member of Gold’s Gym, and downloading it gives you access to the trifecta of fitness: workouts, tracking, and motivation. The best part of this app? The “shake” feature, which allows you to shake your device and receive inspiring messages instantly. There is also a “flipbook” feature that allows you to track your workout progress.

Tap And Track Calorie Counter

  • Price: $3.99
  • Download if: you want an easy way to keep track of your calories both consumed and remaining to burn

If counting calories is a part of your fitness routine, look no further than this app. While there are free calorie counter apps available, this one is way more efficient in that it also breaks down calories into grams of fat and carbs, tracks your total weight loss, and measures and tracks your body mass index (BMI).

What do you think?

Have you tried any of these apps? what are your favorite fitness apps? Add to our list and share your favorites by leaving us a comment below!


  1. avatar Cheyenne says:

    Wow my birthday was just March 4, and I got an IPod for it and i will defentily look in to these

  2. avatar Emily says:

    Another great app is called “my fitness pal” – it allows you to keep track of all of your calories (what you have been eating) and you can also track your workout too. It has every food imaginable on it and its super easy to use and also its FREE (always a plus!)

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