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Every college girl needs a little study break now and then. Mine was collecting these fun videos, photos, and links to break up your day! Good luck on finals, everyone!

  • When you’ve been studying for 10 solid hours, videos of baby animals sneezing is the funniest thing in the world. Trust me. (Click here for baby elephant sneeze, click here for baby panda sneeze).
  • Classic college fare: texts from last night. Any of them sound like you?
  • Want some guilt-free down-time? Check out Marc and Angel’s 29 Semi-Productive Things to Do Online (While Avoiding Actual Work).
  • It’s 2 am. You are done studying. You need ice cream. Luckily, you can make it in a zip-loc bag in 5 minutes with stuff you already have on hand! Yeah, you love me.
  • Take a trip down the rabbit-hole (and back in time, to 2003) with these shots from the Vogue Alice in Wonderland spread Annie Leibowitz created, featuring top designers. This is couture porn.
  • Do you guys have to write prof/class evaluations at your school? We do, but I’ve never been clever enough to write anything like this.
  • You know those people who post Facebook statuses that just make you shake your head? Make fun of them collectively here.
  • Ever wanted to see a guinea pig in a dinosaur costume? You’re welcome.
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  1. avatar laura says:

    where can i buy this adorable penguin?

  2. avatar Kelsey says:

    Awesome! perfect for every college girl !

  3. avatar Louie says:

    Dry posts…I mean…watching sneezing animals for laughs? Come onnn you gotta be joking.

  4. avatar Margot says:

    haha! just wat i needed! i <3 this blog, i read it every new post

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