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In preparation (or continuation)of a brand new school year, I thought it would be fun to discus doodling. Believe it or not, doodling actually has been known to help people retain information from long lectures better than those without the doodle urge. According to this Time article, doodlers were able to remember 29% more information from a speech then non-doodlers in a study on the topic. So a higher GPA this year? Well, it’s potentially a few doodles away.

So what should you doodle? Here’s a list of some things you can start drawing today:

Your Name

Doodling your name is second nature to most students. Practice your signature. Practice your print. Try writing in bubble letters. I’ve developed 3-4 different ways to write a cursive “j” just from doodling. Not that I needed 4, but it’s still an accomplishment

Hearts and Stars

Chances are you learned how to draw hearts and stars in grade school, so they are super easy to incorporate into the margins of your notebooks. If you get bored with the normal shapes, try filling them in with fun patterns. Try making them lined, plaid, tiger striped, or even argyle!

Pixie Dust

I developed a doodle which I call “pixie dust” in high school. It’s super simple and after only a few seconds your paper can look like a fairy just flew past. First begin with little circles, like little bubbles spaced out randomly. Add some little “x’s” about the same size as your circles spaced out just as randomly. Now just dot with your pen our pencil all around your shapes. Add a few squiggly lines to show movement, and you’re finished. Unless of course your professor is still talking. In which case you can start adding colors too!

Random Doodles

Flowers, lips, ribbons, rainbows, suns, ice cream cones, wine glasses, block letters. And those are just the things I thought of in about a minute. Surely you have a signature something that you like to doodle. Maybe you love drawing puppies or volcanoes. Or an outfit you’re dreaming of.  As long as it keeps you awake in class, but doesn’t distract you from your note-taking, it’s a successful doodle.

What Do You Think?

Do you doodle? What things do you draw? Leave us a comment and let us know!



  1. avatar Mariah Dawn says:

    This really did not help me at all.

  2. avatar Lauren says:

    This is a great post! Finally I have an excuse to doodle in class without people telling me to pay attention. My personal favorites are 3D shapes, hearts, balloons, and bows. I also like the comment about writing down funny quotes in class because usually whenever a teacher says something funny, I tell myself to remember it but by the time class is over, I’ve already forgotten. I also agree that sometimes this is the only way to stay awake during exceptionally dry lectures. Thanks for the tips!

  3. avatar Julie says:


    I do that too! I completely forgot about it while writing this post. I write down any funny quotes from my teachers. Out of context some of them are exceptionally funny! Plus it keeps me awake!

  4. avatar Dee says:

    I doodle by writing what the teacher says/words/thoughts all over the page. I can fill pages in a class.

  5. avatar ShakimbryaJ says:

    I doodle too! And your last suggestion is my Favorite! Just because i love being random

  6. avatar Julie says:

    As a fellow doodler, I love this post, and as a fellow Julie, I particularly love your first suggestion!

  7. avatar jennesia says:

    lolz this is ca-ute!

  8. avatar Klaine says:

    Loved that post!
    I could give you even more suggestions of how to write a “J” since my name starts with it, too.
    I prefer to draw flowers all over the place or to fill in the whole space with bubbles.

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