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It’s around that time again, that terrible, terrible time when you have mountains of things to study for and projects to do but all you can seem to do is procrastinate.

Here are some simple things you can do to limit or prevent procrastination:

Take regular breaks during study sessions

This makes it seem like you haven’t been sitting around studying forever. Sometimes what I do is study for 2-3 hours and for every 2-3 hours I allow myself an hour break, depending on the material. If it’s a boring class I might study for an hour and a half and for every hour and a half I break for 45 minutes.

Prepare for tests and projects in advance

It’s college we all have syllabi telling us when things are due, you’ve known all semester this test or project was happening. Prep! Prep like a week before the paper, project or test.

Take Days Off

If you take off every other or every few days from studying you’ll be more likely to actually study because you won’t feel overwhelmed and you’ll be well rested.

Do a spa day

Go to the spa or create your own; gather a few friends and have a girls night in doing nails, watching movies and doing facials.

Go shopping

It always relieves my stress anyway.


Great way to relieve stress.

Ask questions!

Email your professors if you need help.

Keep track of your grades

All semester you should record your grades in your own personal journal so that you can predict what your final grade is going to look like and so you can alter your study habits in advance because I don’t know about your college but mine only posts midterm and final grades, in between that time I have no idea what my grade looks like unless I’m keeping track plus keeping track puts less pressure on me during finals.

Most important, remember your worth is not defined by how well or how poorly you do. You are so much more than your test scores!

What do you think?

What are some points on your finals survival guide? Add to our list below!

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