Tired of the old barbecue, chat, fireworks routine? Why not liven up your Independence Day celebration with some patriotic party games! Read on for a few that can entertain virtually every age group, and can be easily pulled off without complicated rules or equipment.

Red, White, and Blue Tag

While this one is mostly for the kids, it can also be a competitive race for adults too! Each person receives a chip or token (poker chips work great!) that is either red, white, or blue. Once you are tagged, you must give up your chip to the person who tagged you. The goal is to be the first one to get a red, a white, and a blue chip, completing the colors of the flag. The incentive? For kids it can be anything from a baked treat to a set of sparklers, but for adults it can range from a beer to a special burger.

Name That Color

This game can be played by children, but mostly makes for a fabulous drinking game. Every sits in a circle, or the game is at least played with circular order. The first person must name something that is red, the next person must name something that is white, and the next person must name something that is blue. The objective is to go as fast as possible, to not use the actual color name at all during the game, and to see how many rounds you can go! Every time someone says the color they are trying to describe or messes up the game has to take a drink.

B.Y.O.F. – Bring Your Own Fireworks

Ask each guest to bring a firework, anything from a roman candle to a box of sparklers. You can either pool all of the fireworks together to make a big show, or you can split them into groups to do periodic shows, naming the fireworks after the guests that brought them and announcing them as they go. If you have a lot of sparklers in the mix, give a sparkler to each guest and make it a competition as to who can make their sparkler run out first.

What do you think?

Which of the party games is your favorite? What is your favorite thing to do on the fourth of July? Share with us in the comments section below!

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