college safety guide

Guide To Staying Safe On Campus

College Safety Tip #1: LOCK YOURSELF IN A CUPBOARD AND NEVER COME OUT. Only joking! It’s a big scary world out there, and by the end of this you’re going to think it’s way bigger...
How To... Make An Irish Car Bomb Cocktail For St. Patrick's Day

How To… Make An Irish Car Bomb Cocktail For St. Patrick’s Day

This beer-based cocktail is a St. Patrick’s Day classic, and whether you’re Irish or not and you want to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day today, as most college campuses do, read on to learn...
How To... Survive A College Party

How To… Survive A College Party

You’re excited. You’re nervous. You might meet Prince Charming tonight or you’ll end up going home bored out of your mind. With college parties you never know what to expect, but they are...
A New Party Favor: Cupcake Fondue

A New Party Favor: Cupcake Fondue

For a fun and delicious way to add a cute treat to your next party or social gathering, cupcake fondue is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth while giving your guests...
4 Unreal Summer Festivals From Around The World

4 Unreal Summer Festivals From Around The World

What better way to celebrate summer than going to an outdoor festival, basking in the sun, listening to amazing music, dancing and indulging in summer culture! Sure, images of ragers from Coachella or...
3 Awesome Fourth Of July Party Games

3 Awesome Fourth Of July Party Games

Tired of the old barbeque, chat, fireworks routine? Why not liven up your Independence Day celebration with some patriotic party games! Read on for a few that can entertain virtually every age group,...
How To... Make The Perfect Summer Fish Bowl Drink

How To… Make The Perfect Summer Fish Bowl Drink

As college girls, we may have encountered a fish bowl or two… and hopefully remembered the tale. But regardless, fish bowls make the perfect summer drink because they’re refreshingly sweet and can be shared with...
Your Weekend Survival Kit

Your Weekend Survival Kit

Heading out this weekend for a little r & r? That’s rockin’ and rollin’, not rest and relaxation, y’all. If you’re in the party mood, have no fear! I’m stuck at home with...

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