Skip all of the endless lists of fashion, beauty, food, or any other category’s “must haves.” We all know that while those things are great, there are a few go-to’s that outshine any other tool or treat we can buy.

A pair of comfortable black high heels. Here’s one thing that you definitely don’t want to look back on in college: sitting at the bar instead of dancing because your feet hurt. Don’t let yourself be that girl limping home at the end of the night. Invest in a pair of stylish, but more importantly comfortable, pair of black heels that you can wear with everything, wear confidently, and dance in all night. Aim to make memories instead of blisters.

An updated résumé. You never know when opportunity will strike. Represent yourself well, and don’t judge yourself by how long it is. Put some time and research into your résumé to make it accurate and presentable. It’s safe to assume that you outgrew the last minute one you threw together for a career workshop, business class, or career fair.

A friend who you can both laugh and cry with, one as easily as the other. Read: a friend who you can be your true self with. A college girl recognizes that while she is fully self-sufficient on her own, she still needs a great friend by her side to share things with. A trusted person who you can be free with. Don’t limit yourself to one!

A belief in yourself. So maybe this isn’t an item, but it’s just as important. Believe you can do anything. Believe that even though you may fear your dreams, it’s only because their big enough to be worthy of dreaming, and go forward believing in yourself. Above all, promise that you will love yourself conditionally.

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