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Being single on Valentine’s Day may seem like a horrible thing, but there are some pretty fun things you can do yourself and with your friends. From the party girl to the girl who just likes to relax, this list has a little something for everybody.

1. See it as a day for yourself

Treat yourself to a spa day. Get a mani/pedi, and a new hairstyle or haircut. Treat yourself!

2. Share the love

Just because you’re not dating someone doesn’t mean you don’t love someone. Spend the day with other single friends or family.

3. Hit the club

Go out, have a good time! Maybe you’ll meet new people, or you may even meet a new potential crush. There’s nothing like starting up a new romance on Valentine’s Day.

4. Treat yourself

Buy yourself that gift that you’ve been eyeing for a while. You deserve it,

5. Do what you want

Do an activity you really enjoy, something that always puts you in a good mood.

6. Volunteer

Spread love by volunteering. Volunteer at food pantries, medical centers, or shelters. Or you can set up a collection and send the money to a charity. An easy and feel-good way to share the love with your community.

7. Take a trip

Go to your favorite place, a place that you go for peace or fun. The beach, for example is my favorite place.


What do you think?

Single girls, what is your favorite thing to do on Valentine’s Day? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. Good tips. I like No. 4.

  2. lita says:

    Yeah I know it can be a downer if you’re single but once you see it as a day for spreading love instead of just a couples holiday it can be pretty fun.

  3. Emmi says:

    Thanks! I was feeling a little blue since I don’t have a valentine this year. :(


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