As much as I love learning about new, exotic, or breakthrough beauty treatments coming on the market, every now and then I come across beauty treatments that are downright strange, scary, or silly. Here are three that have come to my attention lately, read on and then decide if they’re beauty dares or beauty disasters. (Warning: The third beauty treatment contains descriptions and a photo that are potentially NSFW)

Microneedle Therapy

Getting rid of years-old scars and blemishes can be nearly impossible. You can rub pure vitamin E on daily to no avail, which is why a company in California developed the Microneedle Therapy System. Rollers are covered with tiny needles which are pressed over the skin. These needles puncture the skin just deep enough to tell your body that a layer of skin has been damaged, so that your body then regenerates some brand new baby skin in that spot. I know some girls have embarrassing scars that they are desperate to remove, but my fear of needles would keep me away from this treatment regardless! Do you think it is revolutionary, or revolting?

Eyeliner Tattoo

I hate my eyeliner running and smudging as much as the next girl, and nobody looks good the morning after a night out with a smokey eye, but I can’t imagine going to this extreme to get no-budge rims. Micro-pigmentation is a form a of tattooing that works to replace makeup by enhancing the colour and shape of eyes, eyebrows, and lips. Advancements in tattooing equipment and technology have made this treatment, created in the 80’s, more popular recently as an alternative for women who are tired of the daily makeup process. Although the treatment isn’t permanent as it fades over time, and each person can decide how subtle or dramatic a look they would like, I just would never be comfortable with the idea of makeup I can’t remove. Are you as freaked out as I am, or are you 2 seconds away from Googling where you can get the treatment done?


Even though the word is fun to say, it’s just about as dirty as it sounds. It comes from combining the words “bedazzling” meaning to add dazzle or glitter to, and “vajayjay”, meaning, well, vajayjay. The treatment consists of a full Brazilian bikini wax followed by an application of small gem crystals in a pattern of your choice (think red lips, hearts, or roses). Back in January, Jennifer Love Hewitt confessed that she had tried out the glittery treatment, created by the CompletelyBare Spa in NYC. Of course, as you would expect at a Manhattan spa that services celebrities, their treatment consists of Swarovski crystals. Personally, I think this sounds like the next big craze for high-cost strippers rather than something a college girl would want to try out, but some of my more daring readers may disagree. Would you ever try it?

What Do You Think?

Ok, so I asked a lot of questions in this post, but it’s because I’d really love to hear what you girls think! I’m totally baffled by these beauty procedures, but maybe I’m being too timid. Have any of you tried any of these treatments? Would you ever? Leave a comment and let me know!

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  1. avatar Sammi says:

    I think with the shaving (or waxing) plus the adhesive, it would be doubly itchy down under. I think I’ll pass on these.

  2. avatar Myca says:

    I’ve seen that microneedle thing in a skin care center once. It scares the crap outta me. =))

    I think the last one is outrageous. I can’t imagine myself having my vajajay jazzled. LOL

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