Dancing is not only a great place to meet eligible men, but it is a great workout as well! So wondering how to find out where you can go dancing? It is really simpler than you think! Read on to find out.

First ECG Dancing 101: Bring a friend. That way you can have more fun and be safe at the same time! Next let’s find a place and go dance!

1. Ask around. You can find fun dance parties in apartment complexes and other student housing. Often fliers are left around different dorms. This is a great place to go and forget about homework and simply enjoy yourself!

2. Look at the campus calender. Yes, there are often themed dances, like ballroom, or country available to you with a small fee. Going to things like the freshman dance allows you to meet other in the same situation as you!

3. Some campuses have ballroom dancing teams or swing dance clubs and even cultural societies which dance, so be sure to look through a list of the different organizations your university offers (and be sure to go to the call out!).

4. If Latin ballroom is your scene look up local dance clubs in your area. Sometimes they even offer classes!

5. If you truly don’t know how to dance or are curious about a dance you have never tried before, take a class! Often you can find classes for ballet, contemporary, ballroom, and even world dancing or clogging!

6. Want to learn hip hop, or even zumba (which actually is a workout)? Look up your school and local gym to see if there are any groups who meet up to practice or workout! Or simply peek into the dance studio/or workout rooms and ask the students there to direct you!

7. Lastly, in college towns there are often specific stores or venues that are often used as dancing arenas. If all else fails try to find one of these.

What Do You Think?

Do you dance? Will you find your dance scene with some of this hints? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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