100 workout
Memorial Day is just around the corner, which means that summertime is on its way. Bathing suit season is almost here. If you, like me, have been putting off getting in shape and are now starting to panic about looking good in your bikini, you might want to give The 100 Workout a try.

The 100 Workout is a fast, all-encompassing workout that any girl can do, at any time of day, and from the comfort of  her own home. What makes The 100 Workout so appealing is the short amount of time it takes to exercise the whole body (glutes, quads, thighs, core, and hamstrings) as well as the convenience of not having to go to the gym.

Thinking of giving the workout a try? Here’s how you do it:

  • 100 jumping jacks
  • 90 crunches
  • 80 squats
  • 70 leg lifts
  • 60 jumping jacks
  • 50 crunches
  • 40 squats
  • 30 leg lifts
  • 20 jumping jacks
  • 10 minutes of running

That’s it! For those of you not used to exercising on a regular basis, I suggest working on one step at a time and adding a step when you think you’re ready. I’ve been doing this workout for a few days now, and I’m sore all over, so it must be working. If you’re looking for an easy way to tone up this summer, I recommend The 100 Workout.

What Do You Think?

What do you think of this workout? Is it something you want to try?


  1. avatar Mrs Tee says:

    Would you recommend doing this everyday, every other day or every two days?

  2. avatar Ashley says:

    I’ve seen this around and I wanna knw if it works. Can anybody thts tried it, pls pls pls pls reply and let me knw if it works!! Thank you!!

  3. avatar Anabelle says:

    Hey! I would like to know if this workout is working and how long have you been doing it? It is the only thing you do?

  4. avatar Brenna says:

    This workout is great! The run at the end helped me feel refreshed and relaxed. I’m doing this in conjunction with a few other routines, and it’s been working out wonderfully.

  5. avatar Samantha says:

    which one is better for legs- the one-room workout or this?? Or both?? I don’t know where to start!!!

  6. avatar Rhi says:

    Hey, I just tried this. Even though I halved the number of each step, it makes you feel great afterwards! I’ll try doing the full amount of each step after a couple of days. Good luck to everyone one else trying this! Definatly recommended :)

  7. avatar palatepamperer says:

    Came across this post and decided to give it a try. Just finished day 1. It’s hard!!! but I’m going to stick to it. Thank you for this bmmorgan!

  8. avatar Emma says:

    I really love this workout <3! All the girls out there, if you liked this a lot, you may also like Amanda Russell workout videos on youtube. They're great ! ^.^

  9. avatar swikoff says:

    This is awesome! However, I just have the problem of saying I’m going to do something and actually doing it especially when it comes to working out. What do you use to help motivate?

  10. avatar Ali says:

    I love this because there are no push-ups! :)

  11. avatar Anna says:

    Can you do another 100 workout just for abs before may?

  12. avatar Anna says:

    OMG I’M FEELING THE BURN! :D How many calories does this burn!? I’m guessing alot!!! I will be super sore tomorrow!

  13. avatar Maria says:

    How often should I do the work out??!

  14. avatar very_akiret says:

    I’ve been seeing this workout a lot on Instagram. I’ve gained a few pounds, so I’ll certainly be trying this out to keep those extra pounds away.

  15. avatar Shi Shi says:

    I do this as one of my more moderate level workouts (keeping in mind I’m very active). It’s a nice quickie for days I have to squeeze in my workout. I don’t have to go through the hassle of learning a new routine, this one is so easily memorized, and doesn’t require any equitment so I can literally do it anywhere. I did it this weekend on the beach which was much more challenging and fun!

  16. avatar Boo says:

    It’s soooo hard to do it, if you are doing it for the first time.

  17. avatar Tanya says:

    Is there any way you can substitute the crunches for anything?
    Cause I can’t do them for nuts. :P
    Also would you prefer the 100 workout or Swimming for 1 hour 3 days a week?

  18. avatar alllyyson says:

    im going off to college in the fall, and i will be trying ROTC, ive been putting off working out so much, i just feel absolutely no motivation, this seems simple enough to get me going, thank you!

  19. avatar allk says:

    idk my bro does this and it looks really hard

  20. avatar samanthabittrolff says:

    how many calories dose this burn ?

  21. avatar Amanda says:

    Can the running be running in place? I’m ashamed of how I look and would like to do the whole workout in my living room.

  22. avatar Davis Lewis says:

    Yes it is ok for High school students.

  23. avatar Tia says:

    is this okay for a high school student?

  24. avatar Davis Lewis says:

    This workout is the best workout ever I did all of these in 1 hour straight.

  25. avatar Andrea says:

    How many calories does this burn in all? And how bout the leg lifts and crunches?

  26. avatar Ali says:

    It is a great workout, but I would like to point out that there are no upper body exercises. You might try throwing in some push ups or something. Doing the workout with 3 pound weights would also help to hit that area.

  27. avatar Catherine says:

    Is there anything else I could do instead of running? I sprained my ankle and I’ve been off crutches for a few weeks but I don’t think I could do the jump-rope either…

  28. avatar Ashley says:

    Make sure you add pushups into your workout routine. No flabby arms!!!!!!!

  29. avatar natalkin says:

    how many calories does it burn (im 45 kg~100 lbs)

  30. avatar lisa says:

    i heard about this workout thru a friend on facebook, i will definitely try this!!

  31. avatar Alison says:

    I found this workout awhile ago just never got around to trying it but after hearing how it has helped so many girls..thinkin’ I might give it a try!! Wish me luck! Looks painful but I think I can handle it :/

  32. avatar Camila says:

    Just tried this for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!! My friend suggested it to me, it’s AWESOME. Crazy workout to get me out of my rut, I Hope to do it tomorrow. Lately only been getting 1 day in the week to work out (laziness and other excuses) but I’m trying to get back on my daily workout grind. This is challenging enough to keep me interested! And yea, how many calories does this typically burn? (I know it’s different depending on weight etc) But I’m overweight, out of shape, need to get in shape, lose weight, and this time keep it off!

  33. avatar moa says:

    how many calories does this burn??

  34. avatar Ashley says:

    This is my favorite ‘travel’ workout because there’s no special equipment, etc. needed for it.

    I always come back from vacation looking a little better than when I left, which is always fantastic:)

  35. avatar Amanda says:

    as a dancer, this workout is amazing because it tones all the essential parts of my body that dance requires. i feel my leaps getting higher and my turns going smoother! thanks guys! :)

  36. avatar OhEmGeeImGettingFit says:

    This is sooooo much better than the work out my friend wants me to do! My friend is a dude and has me doing bulking up work out…

  37. avatar Matt says:

    OH MY! That looks like an awesome workout and is tough for guys and girls alike!

  38. avatar Dorina says:

    I heard about this a couple of week s ago and tried doing half of the numbers but each round if that makes any sense and it wasn’t to bad and then I started running a lot so I stopped doing this. Today my body is tired from running, so I’m going to get back to this one and see if I can do all of them!!
    Don’t for get to drink LOTS of water gurls!!!

  39. avatar lissy says:

    hey, this is great! i’ll do this when i work out in a few minutes. when i exercise, i always try to do some practical toning workouts, like this, combined with more intense weight-lifting and combinations of kicks and punches, because i like to be prepared for scary situations. :]
    but this will probably work way better for the first half of my routine, insetad of just doing a bunch of random sit-ups and push-ups, haha. thank you!

  40. avatar Alexandra says:

    Love this- just reposted it on my blog- thanks for the great workout tips!

  41. avatar ms.wannabefamous says:

    Hey… Can i ride a bike for ten minutes? I love riding my bike, plus its alot more fun than running

  42. avatar bmmorgan says:


    Another good way to get in some cardio besides running is to jump rope for 10 minutes. If you don’t have a jump rope or can’t afford to get one, turn on your favorite songs and dance like a fool instead. Good luck! :)

  43. avatar whenitthunders says:

    Great work out! :D
    I do have a question though, and yes, I know it might sound ridiculous.
    10 minutes of running… I don’t have access to running. I’m still living at home, and my mom won’t let me run outside, no matter if it’s my neighbor’s driveway to our own. She’s paranoid that someone is going to steal me. Any suggestions I can fill in the 10 minutes of running? Running in place, I know… But it gets a little boring…

  44. avatar bmmorgan says:

    That’s a good sign. :) The soreness and weakness will wear off soon if you keep up the hard work, I promise.

    I will definitely do the nutrition post, then. Be on the lookout for it!

  45. avatar Ema says:

    Well, I’m doing them all in my room, but I don’t know…It just feels awkward. I don’t have this kind of problem anytime, I don’t know what’s happening to me. :|
    Oh yeah, please do that separate post. I like…need it to survive. xD

    Btw. Just tried it last evening, and now, in the morning, I can’t even move my legs anymore. They’re trembling. :|

  46. avatar bmmorgan says:


    Well, I know the jumping jacks are rough, but they’re cardio, so they’ll help you burn calories. If you feel awkward doing them out in the open, try them in your room or when no one else is around.

    Also, I don’t have a diet, per se, but I do have some nutrition tips I can do a separate post on if you’re interested. :)

  47. avatar Ema says:

    Okay, I’m totally going to try this, but maybe without the jumping jacks. They make me feel awkward. xDD So, bmmorgan, do you also have a diet we can try along with this workout programm prepared? :D
    If yes, then pleeasee. Give it to us.
    Love, a girl who needs to lose 10 kg in one month, because she’s going in a <> AKA Italy. xD

  48. avatar Laura says:

    ~*THANK YOU BM!!!!!*~

    the video link was a great idea! =*

  49. avatar bmmorgan says:


    It’s best to do it all at once, but if you’re like me (and out of shape), you can rest for a minute between each exercise.

    I know it seems like a lot of work, but it’ll get easier the more you do it. And it will be sooooo worth it in the end!

    Hope this helps. :)

  50. avatar Laura says:

    bmmorgan, how do you do the “leg lifts” part?

    and do you do it all at once?
    how much time do you rest inbetween?

    ~*NEED HELP*~!!!!!

  51. avatar Kate says:

    A good thing to do is also add light weights, or incorporating squat jumps once the workouts seems to become not as challenging! But this is a great plan for jump starting an exercise regimen!

  52. avatar Lis says:

    Soo..I have just graduated and will need to get fit for college in the fall just like Tatianna and ..I’m thinking of trying this. I’m lazy, and so it might take some self-motivation, but I think I got this! Lol. I’m athletic, so that should help :)
    Thank yall!

  53. avatar AimeeNoelle says:

    Just read that post now and i’ll be starting to do that workout daily tonight. Thanks for posting it, i’d never thought to work out like that before.

  54. avatar Sari says:

    Wow, this sounds intense, but definitely worthwhile. Very interesting idea!

  55. avatar Katie says:

    I tried this the day that I read it. Now it’s the day after, and I’m super sore! It’s a lot more difficult than it looks, but it keeps you going one step after the next. The numbers really push me to keep going, since I know that the next step has less repetitions. Thanks so much for posting this!

  56. avatar Julie says:

    Good luck, Tatianna! Let us know how it goes :)

  57. avatar Tatianna says:

    I am totally trying thiss! I officially graduated high school today and now have the time to get fit for summer and college in the fall!

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