Every now and then we can all use a little help and reassurance on how to go about our daily lives. Most of us today look up to celebrities and people in the limelight on how they live there lives. Reality television is a huge influence on our generation today, and almost everything we do is because of them. These days it seems like celebrities endorse every product under the sun, but the one product we can hold to their name is the books they are writing.  There are millions of self help books out there about fashion, makeup, relationships, and jobs but these five have really stood out in the pile and offered some great tips.

If You Have To Cry Go Outside And Other Things Your Mother Never Told You: Kelly Cutrone

When we hear the name Kelly Cutrone, most of us are scared and a little bit intimidated even though we do not know her on a personal level. Kelly is the owner of People’s Revolution, a well known Public Relations agency. We were first introduced to Kelly when she was spotted on the Hills when Lauren and Whitney both worked for her, and then Kelly went on to have her own television show. She is known for her abrupt attitude and being completely honest whether you want to hear it or not.

In her book she takes us on the journey of how her Public Relations dream came about and how she really made a name for herself in the fashion and communications industry. When reading the book we are introduced to a lot of eye opening experiences Kelly went through and she shows us that life is not always glamourous. She is also very honest and open about everything and really gives detail about how cutthroat this industry can be.

ECG Summary: Kelly Cutrone, famed for her PR agency, recounts the story of her success in the industry…without holding back.

Style: Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad is basically a staple name in this industry. She started out as a California girl from Laguna Beach and made her way into the fashion world. Mostly known for starring in shows such as Laguna Beach and The Hills she has become a fashion icon to girls everywhere. Recently she has become a New York Times Best Selling Author for her L.A Candy Series and has released a style book. When picking up the book it is definitely a centerpiece book. It is pretty to look at and offers amazing pictures and information.

The book goes over every fashion topic imaginable, from the classic pieces every girl should own and even has example outfits. It gives us makeup and hair tips and even gives directions on how to achieve the look. One of the best things is that Lauren is on almost every single page. She gives tips on how to dress for certain events such as your first date or first job interview which can be very scary instances for some of us. This book is easy to read and offers easy and simple tips that are completely affordable but also look extremely classy and trendy just like Lauren.

ECG Summary: Pick up Lauren’s book for an in-depth look at fashion and helpful tips about what to wear.

The Lo-Down: Lo Bosworth

A name like Lo Bosworth is one that most of us will never forget. We know Lo from Laguna Beach and The Hills where she is Lauren’s trusty sidekick. Lo has always seemed to be kept out of the limelight until just recently, when the last season of The Hills premiered. The title of the book does not really give away what this book will be about but guaranteed once you pick it up you will want to finish it.

Inside the book Lo goes into detail about how we can learn from our relationships and the reasons why they may not work out. She offers quizzes to find out exactly what our type of boy may be and why we are attracted to them. Throughout the book she puts in personal experiences and admits that she has had some relationship mistakes. But the one thing that remained constant in this book was the message that you should never ever change who you are for a guy which is extremely important. She also reassured us that their is someone out there for everyone, and we just have to wait for that person to come along.

ECG Summary: Read Lo’s book for her advice on relationships and some quizzes to help your love life.

True Whit: Whitney Port

Another big name in reality television is Miss Whitney Port. We were first introduced to her on The Hills as Lauren’s co-worker and then MTV picked her up for her own reality show The City. Whitney has always stuck out in fashion scene because she does work in Communications but she also is the designer of the clothing line Whitney Eve. She has had experience working at Teen Vogue, Elle, and People’ Revolution and has remained true to herself.

In this book she shares her tips for decorating and organizing your first apartment and establishing good habits. She also offers beauty and fashions tips from over the years and also talks about some fashion mistakes she may have made. Whitney gives tricks on living alone in a city by yourself and really making things feel just like home. There is also a whole section on parties that include decorating tips and even fun recipes. This book is truly designed with the college girl in mind who is living on her own and wanting to get a good start.

ECG Summary: Try Whitney’s book for her take on fashion, decorating your apartment, and fun tips about throwing parties.

The Everygirl’s Guide To Life: Maria Menounos

Maria Menounos is a name that sounds very familiar but some of you may be thinking, “Where do I know her from?…” She was a host at Access Hollywood and has been in various movies. In this book she gives us tips and tricks on how to build up and organize your life. This book includes everything from organizing drawers to what to keep in your car and beauty and fashion hints.

In the beginning of the book she has a full page dedicated to motto’s that she lives by and refers to them throughout the book. She really caters to the newly working woman and shows how to manage your life organized and stress free. She also explains that all of this can be done on a budget and that you can multitask and enjoy life all at the same time.

ECG Summary: Try Maria’s book to learn to organize and manage stress. And of course, you’ll find some fashion and beauty tips in there as well.

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  1. avatar Marie M. says:

    I have Lauren Conrad, Whitney Port and Maria Menounos books and The everygirl’s guide to life is my favorite .

  2. avatar linda says:

    I was under the impression that her book was only for girls, but that’s good! I’m going to pick up a copy soon.

  3. avatar Veronica B says:

    My husband is reading the book; there’s a lot of great tips for men, too.

  4. avatar Cassie says:

    Yes, I am loving maria’s book so much! I love the makeup tips and life mottos.

  5. avatar Katy says:

    I really like Maria’s book a lot! I’ve been using her organization tips to help me with my closet. I’ve been able to get rid of a lot of clothes, that will be donated to the local charity shop.

  6. avatar Edu Girl says:

    I think I would give Maria Menouno’s book a try. Who doesn’t need help with organizing their life (and their stuff)? It always seems like organizing can be so overwhelming. Perhaps Maria has some helpful insights that I could use.

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