Most of us would agree that having a great looking environment can really help to boost your productivity. When you’re in a drab and dreary room, it’s a lot easier to procrastinate and spend your day watching Netflix in bed rather than getting what you need to do done. Think about how often you mope around in a nicely decorated hotel room or the feeling you get whenever you visit a friend at their home whose mom is into interior design. There’s just something about a well put together space that most of us can really benefit from and your dorm room can and should be one of those spaces!


Keeping things neat and tidy only goes so far with blank cream walls and beige carpeting. You should decorate your room to feel like home and also to inspire you! You don’t even need to be any good at interior design to do so because it’s easy to find great designers that can work with you online, like at Havenly.

Tips For Getting A Stylish Dorm


Once you decide to decorate your dorm, it can be difficult to figure out what exactly your style is. If you’re not going to school for Interior Design, it’s probably not something you’ve ever really thought about before. Try looking through some design magazines at the check-out to see what pops out at you or go to Havenly and take their style quiz. Once you have decided if you’re a classic, modern or eclectic kind of girl, you can move onto the decorating!

Some people just have an eye for decor. They can look at your room and envision it arranged in different layouts in different colors with patterns that all work together. If you’re not one of these gifted individuals however, you may find it lucrative to consult with a designer before your dorm ends up looking like someone threw up patterns all over your walls or before you realize that furniture tetris is not your strong suit. If you’re not sure where to actually find a talented designer, creating a style profile on Havenly will actually connect you with a designer that best matches your style. Havenly really is your design bestie and makes the whole design process fun and easy, all online. Once you’ve consulted with an interior designer, they’ll help you with all the hard stuff like picking out furniture, where to get it and how to get a beautiful space while staying within your budget.

Our Favorite Dorm Looks From Havenly


havenly 2


Dorm decor is something a lot of students tend to overlook, but just imagine yourself having friends over or cramming for finals in a room that looks great and is an expression of yourself. Whether your budget is big or (more likely because we’re college students) small, we all deserve a stylish space to spend our college years!


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