Who wants to carry a heavy and ugly keg around your place for your next party? Instead, make something with a summer twist, nature’s own keg: a watermelon. The perfect summer party treat that’s easier to clean up and keeps guests entertained.

What you need

  • One large watermelon, the more oblong the better (make sure it can stand on its own)
  • A large knife
  • A dry erase marker or thin tape (for a decorative step)
  • Large bowl and spoon, or scoop
  • A spigot (sold a beer making supply companies)
  • Twine and pins (also for the decorative step)


  1. Make sure the watermelon is washed
  2. Place the watermelon on its side and cut off 1-4″ to 1/2″ from both ends. Don’t cut into the white rind! You don’t want a hole in the bottom, just the top
  3. (This step is optional, for decorative use) Use a dry erase marker or the tape of make a thick line on the upper and lower 1/3 of the watermelon, which represent the metal bands that go around a keg. Use the large knife or channel knife to trim away a thin line into the marked area to represent the bands
  4. Hollow out the watermelon with the scoop, and save the insides to make punch, or snack on. Leave 2″ of watermelon at the bottom, so you can place the spigot
  5. Using an apple corer, cut a circle out for your spigot to fit through the watermelon rind, placing it about 3 inches above the bottom of the watermelon. Then screw in the spigot
  6. (To finish off step 3) Pin the twine around the lines you cut to represent the keg bands, but make sure that the pins don’t poke all the way through the watermelon
  7. Fill the watermelon with your favorite punch or alcohol, and you’re ready to get the party started!

And enjoy. A great tip is to make a punch with watermelon flavored vodka!

What do you think?

What do you think of a watermelon keg? Have you made one or used one at a party? Share with us in the comments section below.

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