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Bad pickup lines are everywhere. They’re like roaches. They have no boundaries and may outlive us all. As college girls we hear them at bars, parties, laundry mats, grocery stores, in class, libraries…basically anywhere on campus. Basically anywhere that we, as college girls, are not ready for them, i.e. the comments are uninvited. So for those unwelcome advances keep this comebacks in the back of your mind for your own protection.

“Did it hurt?”  ‘Did what hurt?’  ”When you fell from heaven?” 

Your “taken” response: No, my boyfriend caught me. 

Your single response: Sweetie, I never fall. You know angels can fly? Right?

“You must be exhausted cause you’ve been running through my mind all night.” 

Your response: I’ve been running from YOU, so take a hike.

Your nicer response: It’s alright. I’m in training.

“Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cause I can see myself in your pants.” 

Your response: I don’t think these skinny jeans are your type.

Your response 2: Man! I’ve been looking everywhere for that mirror!

The guy drops a sugar packet, picks it up, and says, “Did you drop your name tag?” 

Your response: Excuse me, I think I just got Type II Diabetes from that line.

Your nicer response: Oh how sweet.. See? I can be puny too.

Keep This In Mind…

Feel free to use these lines when you are just not interested or the guy is bugging you. But also keep in mind that some guys are shy and have a hard time breaking the ice with girls, so they resort to these pickup lines. Try to use your disgression to decipher who’s being a jerk and who just wants to build up the courage to talk to you. You could hurt some really great guy by not looking past the line.

What Do You Think?

What kind of pickup lines do guys use on you? How do you turn them down? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. Katie says:

    One time a really sleazy guy said to me that he could go swimming in my eyes. I said the first thing that popped into my head, which turned out to be, “You wouldn’t last very long with all the chlorine.”

  2. Great information for me, i will do like that! Thanks for your sharing!

  3. yunes says:


  4. hahaha(: these are funny

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