LDR Summer

On television the idea of making a long distance love work is often explored; however, I have always thought it was a ridiculous idea. How can you maintain intimacy and even keep yourself sane with your significant other so far away?  Well, much like what would happen to a character in a TV show, my belief of long distance relationships was challenged this summer.

In the beginning of May before summer even officially began this year, I had to say goodbye to my boyfriend and let him drive over 550 miles away from me.  I was a mess those few days leading up to it, and after as well, but now I have only a week left before I will see him again for the school year. I am more excited than ever to be with him and that is all thanks to being apart.

So here are some of the things that worked for us, and for other people, to help keep a relationship strong and possibly to even make it stronger or deeper.


Be Pen Pals

Nothing beats getting a letter in the mail, especially from your significant other. Try to compose letters to each other a couple times a month. It’s fun to try to put your feelings into words, write romantic poems, draw silly pictures, or just make a list of things you miss about him. Plus the anticipation of receiving the letter in the mail will keep you occupied and not missing your man as much.

  • Every College Girl Challenge: Find creative stationary for your letters. Part of one of my letters was written on a Walt Disney World park map. I pointed out places I would love to go with him someday.


Be a Better Girlfriend

Use this time away from him to take inventory of what you do for your man. Are there any departments you are lacking in? Do you give him enough attention? When he talks do you actually listen? Do you know about his life? His likes? Next time you see him you will be conscious of what you should work on.

  • Every College Girl Challenge: Ask him his favorite food and then learn how to make it. You can surprise him with a homemade meal for date night.


Visit Each Other

The summer can be an awfully long time apart for any relationship. If possible, visit your guy during the summer or have him come visit you.  The visit will really help cut the summer in half, because half the time you’ll be planning for this fun trip. Seeing him for a short period will make you appreciate your time together even more.

  • Every College Girl Challenge: If he’s visiting your hometown, be sure to show him where you grew up or your favourite restaurant or park. He’ll enjoy seeing another side of you.


Unlimited Texting

Yes, calling each other is amazing. It’s awesome to hear his voice, but sometimes we get caught up in phone tag, which can leave you a little bummed when you can’t reach him. Texting can be so much easier at times. Plus, sometimes it’s easier to share things about yourself through text, so you two can really learn about each other over the summer.

  • Every College Girl Challenge: If you have a camera on your phone, take your guy with you shopping. Take pictures of some of the outfits you try on and get his opinion. Believe me, he’ll love this shopping trip. :) 


Plan Ahead

Once you two are reunited, I’m sure you won’t want to waste any time. A good use of your time apart can be doing some organizing and planning. Get yourself organized for classes by buying textbooks online or setting up binders for your classes, so when you’re back at college you can concentrate on your spending time together.

  • Every College Girl Challenge: Find something fun for you to do on a date when you’re back together. Look up a go-cart track or mini golf nearby. It can be your next go-to for date night fun.


What Do You Think?

Have you ever tried a long-distance relationship? What are your tips for making it work? Leave a comment and let us know!



  1. avatar mguard says:

    Summer is the best way to spend with your partner in LDR. Despite all the pains and sufferings you’ve experienced in missing your partner, it will all be paid off in this season.

  2. avatar Sari says:

    I tried the LDR thing, and I totally see this working for many couples. I would also suggest talking before the distance sets in. It’s important to be honest about expectations, concerns, etc.

  3. avatar Rin from College Survival 118 says:

    My boyfriend is from home, so we’ve been in a mostly long distance relationship for the past two years. When school was in session, we were an hour and a half apart. But he just graduated, and I still have a year and a half left. So now we will be four hours apart. Thanks for the good ideas!

  4. avatar adkjdlgha says:

    lol i already do this stuff :]

  5. avatar Kaleigh says:

    Great insight, girls. My boyfriend, Matt, and I are also long-distance during the school year, as he lives and works in our hometown, and I go to school three hours south. But we see each other on weekends and during the summer, and have found a routine that works for us. Absense truly does make the heart grow fonder, maybe all relationships should be long-distance part of the time! hehe

  6. avatar Emilia says:

    All very good advice!

    I think people make the dreaded LDR into a bigger deal than it is. My boyfriend and I go to different schools separated by 800 miles (so summer is actually the time when we get to be close to each other, haha). The distance has created a few problems over the years, but our relationship is strong, so those worries are usually secondary. We’ve been dating for four years, two of them long-distance. I truly think that distance doesn’t have to be a death sentence for a relationship, if the commitment is there and effort is made :)

  7. avatar lauren says:

    My relationship w/my boyfriend of 2.5 yrs always turns into long distance during summer & sometimes winter & I hate it!!! But it does make you realize how much you love spending time together. It has turned me into such a romantic sap haha. We had to celebrate Christmas in different countries last year, but when I brought him back from the airport in Jan. I had decorated my room with dozens of paper snowflakes, sparkly Xmas lights, a mini lighted tree w. his gift under it, Norah Jones Xmas music playing in the background…I handed him a card that said something along the lines of ‘It’s not fair that we didn’t get to spend the holidays together, so I made our own Christmas’…I probably never would have done something that nice if we hadn’t been apart. Reuniting is always exciting & romantic. I even start to get butterflies again right before I see him (after over 2 years of being with this boy!) :)

  8. avatar Briana says:

    I’m also in a ldr with my boyfriend this summer since he lives near my college. These ideas are wonderful and most of them have really worked for us. We haven’t tried the pen pal thing, but that is such a cute idea (AND it means going out to buy cute stationary) that I might want to try it!

    • avatar maxwell orioha says:

      Distance gives us a reason to love harder. ( it been over 3 years now i sow my love , but is just like is yesterday gush .. but still going well with us thur … but this summer since and look like we are married ) maxwell orioha

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