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If you’re like me, you may have let your physique slip a little bit over the summer. While other girls are fretting over the perfect bikini bod, I’m fretting over trying every flavour of ice cream before the last summer sunset. Between long, lazy days of laying in the sun, and the deliciously fattening food of summer, my body may have taken a but of a beating. Luckily, fall is a great time to get back into shape, and here are three websites that will help you do it:

I discovered this site last year and I fell in love. If you are too lazy/tired/broke/busy to run to the gym, fitness videos that you can do at home will quickly become your best friend, but don’t rush out to buy one just yet. I bought a fitness DVD last summer, Mel B’s Totally Fit, and while her British accent brought me back to my Spice Girl days at first, after the fifth or sixth workout I was ready to tear out her hair extensions. I had her routine memorized. In short, it was boring! But with, you can choose a new workout everyday, and many of them for free! Some are longer than others, and watch out for previews of ones you have to pay for if you want the full deal, but there’s something for everyone. From yoga and pilates, to kick boxing and circuit training, you’re bound to find something that gets you in the mood to move!

Every College Girl Pick: Bootcamp Calorie Burn Workout

This was another one of my discoveries from the end of last summer. This site lets you punch in your weight, height, and other stats, and your ideal weight, then sets up a plan to help you achieve it! You’re given a calorie limit, and as you exercise you imput your exercise and it adds calories to your daily limit. As you eat, you enter the foods you’ve eaten and it subtracts from your daily limit. It’s a simple and quick way to keep track and stay focussed on your long term goal.

I’ve mentioned this site in the past, but it’s my go-to for healthy recipes. Not only are these meals delicious and satisfying, but they provide all the nutrition info. With their search feature you can find whatever you’re looking for, and Cooking Light even has slideshows of specific kinds of recipes like 5 ingredients or less and 20 minute meals. Use it to plan out your meals for the week to save time, money, and calories!

Every College Girl Pick: Shrimp Pad Thai

What Do You Think?

Are you trying to get back into shape this fall? What’s your plan? What tools do you use online? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. avatar MChaser14 says:

    Thanks for sharing those great websites. I wanna be fit. :D

  2. avatar vrdak says:

    Thank you for such amazing websites! :)

  3. avatar Sarah Says says:

    The pie on the front page of cooking light looks AMAZING! Great tip.

  4. avatar Charlotte says:

    oooh fantastic!! i definitely want to have a look at these sites- in particular the second one. is it free to use?

    Charlotte xxx

  5. avatar Christina says:

    Thanks for the post! I definitely have seen ExerciseTV workouts and the site is a lot of fun plus great info for staying motivated!

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