Having a healthy metabolism means burning more calories more efficiently, as your body is constantly processing fuel in order to sustain itself. Loving your body means embracing and working to maintain healthy metabolic rates – read on for four great ways to do just that.

Drink more water

Water is a key ingrediant for your body to be able to process calories. Your metabolism slows down if you’re dehydrated or even slightly dehydrated, so it’s important to fuel your body with water throughout the day. Some studies have found that drinking eight or more glasses of water a day burns more calories than drinking four in a day.

Any unsweetened beverage can fall into this category, and water doesn’t have to be boring! Add some lemon slices, fruit slices, or cucumber slices for a little flavor. It also helps to drink a glass of water before eatning a meal or snacking, as it’ll keep you from overeating and also keep you hydrated as your body breaks down food. For snacks, opt for fresh fruit or veggies, as most retain high amounts of water.

Build more muscle

Studies have shown that people with healthier resting metabolic rates also have more muscle. Every pound of muscle burns 6 calories each day simply to sustain itself. In contrast, fat burns 2 calories a day, and while this seems like a small difference it all builds up. Your average metabolic rate will increase with a good muscle building workout, particularly one that incoporates resistance training.

Stepping up your workout with aerobic exercise will also increase your metabolic rate for several hours after you workout. Focus on a high-intensity cardio workout, as it will increase your resting metabolic rate over a longer period of time. Short burts of sprints or upping resistance during interval cardio workouts is another great way to burn extra calories and keep your metabolic rate increasing at a healthy rate.

Add spices into your meals

Metabolic rates increase with the help of chemical compounds naturally produced in spicy foods. To reap the benefits, add a tablespoon of chopped green or red chili peppers. Red pepper flakes are also great to add to chili, stew, or pasta.

Peppers and spices are a temporary boost to your metabolism, but when used in meals over time the effects add up!

Drink more green tea

Tea includes a lot of natural ingredients that can boost your metablism for several hours after drinking it, and studies have shown that drinking up to four cups of any type of tea can cause the body to burn up to 17 percent more calories than normal over a shorter period of time.

What do you think?

When do you feel your metabolism is at its peak? Do you have any favorite metabolism-boosting workouts? Share with us in the comments section below!

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