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Hey girls! Since we’re heading into the weekend (and starting to ease into the season of spring breaks at colleges) I thought it’d be fun to do a quick tutorial on a fun nail trend: cheetah print! Now, I personally don’t tend to wear nail polish on a daily basis, however this is such a fun look for a party or a night out. The best part is, it looks way harder to achieve than it is! Spend a few minutes this afternoon and you’ll be ready to prowl tonight.

What you need…
♥ Gold nail polish

♥ Black nail polish

♥ Bronze or brown nail polish

♥ Clear top coat polish

♥ A thin paintbrush (from a craft store/dollar store/WalMart), dotting tool (from a beauty supply store), or toothpick

♥ A piece of scrap paper


1.  Start by applying two coats of the gold polish to your nails as a base, and allow to dry.

2. While the gold is drying, you can practice your cheetah spots on the scrap paper. Pour a little of the black and bronze polishes onto the paper and dip your brush or toothpick in. Start with the bronze, make a small dot. Then, take the black and add a semi-circle to the edge of the bronze dot.

3. You may have to use two brushes/toothpicks, or else clean off the brush in between colours with warm water and a paper towel.

4. Once the gold polish is dry, add your spots using the directions in step 2.

5. Once the spots are dry, finish with a clear top coat to make the design last all night.

There you go! Cheetah-liscious nails that look like they took hours, but only took a few minutes. For fun, try mixing up the colours: Instead of a gold-bronze-black combo, try metallic pink-white-purple or silver-white-black, whatever you like! Have a happy weekend and enjoy your ferocious new nails…something every college girl should know.

top photo. bottom photo.

 Written By kaleigh

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  1. JJ JJ says:

    I’ve been having difficulty with this design… but yours look amazing!

  2. Diana Diana says:

    Looks great! I recently did my nails like this.

  3. Georgia Georgia says:

    yet again f you use a liquid eyeliner you can get a precise design. x

  4. april april says:

    it is really fun to do with bright colors too

  5. alelale alelale says:

    that is a real good idea i really like and now i know how to make my cheetah outfit complete

  6. nomz nomz says:

    i know its been a while since you posted this but what was the actual nail varnish you used, i just googled the sephora charge it shade and it isnt the same sort of gold.


  7. Stephaney Stephaney says:

    I prefer [by a lot] the zebra stripes . The cheetah print is just too … Eew .

  8. juju juju says:

    i checked online but they have 2 diff shades of the same name

  9. juju juju says:

    what color gold is that

  10.  Kaleigh says:

    Hi Claudia!
    I agree, it is hard to find a true gold nail polish that doesn’t come off bronze-y. Try Sephora by OPI in “Charge It!” and make sure to add a good top coat or two for extra shine :)


    Hey! cute nails! Ive been looking to mimic this look, but im having a really hard time finding a gold color that looks like yours, with that “foiled” look. Can you please let me know what brand and color name you used for the gold? Thanks!


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