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This season, summer inspired nails are returning. Juicy reds, bold oranges and ocean blues on your fingers or toes will complete any summer outfit while adding that splash of colour.

If you’re in need of some nail inspiration for this season then today’s your lucky day as we’re counting down our top picks of summer-ready shades that are sure to make a statement this season.


nails turquoise

There’s no other colour that screams summer like turquoise. You can’t help but imagine yourself sunbathing on a tropical beach with the sea waves crashing in the background while you admire your gorgeously painted turquoise nails. This colour can go with nearly anything! We prefer wearing this polish with colours such as black, white, and any type of blue itself. It can really add a splash of colour to any outfit. Plus, this colour would look great on blondes and brunettes alike!

Fruity Orange

orange nails

This is the perfect nail colour for a casual daytime look this summer. Be sure to get your hands on one soon because right now orange is one of the hottest shades! We recommend wearing this polish with colours such as white, black and orange. It’s a very bold colour so we prefer to keep everything else neutral.

Sunny Yellow

nails yellow

This is the perfect varnish for any summers day. We love wearing this shade with summer dresses in colours such as black, yellow and white. Yellow is a tricky colour to pull off so make sure you know how to wear it right. Yellow nails look great on blondes!

Apple Red

nails red

Apple red has always been a favorite nail colour of mine. It’s such a classic shade. We love wearing red nail varnish with colours such as black as it gives the outfit a real splash of colour. Red polish is the perfect evening shade as it’s glamorous, sensual and extremely flattering.


nails green

This may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this summer green nail polish is making it’s return. The quirky colour is rarely seen, although if worn right it could possibly be a potential summer look. We suggest trying a popping green and wearing it with either black or green only. Green also looks fabulous on both blondes and brunettes.

What do you think?

So there you have it- the perfect seasonal nail colours that are summer-ready for you. If you have a favorite nail shade this summer then let us know! We’d love to hear some more suggestions!

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