What You Will Need

  • A roll of toilet paper (and that’s it!)

You are going to want to do this in the evening right before bed when you’re sure you won’t need to go out anywhere! This method does result in super cute curls, but walking around with toilet paper in your hair isn’t the most flattering look, so make sure you’re inside for the night before getting started.

Get your hair slightly damp. I find the best way to do this is to just have a small bowl of water on hand and dampen as you work. That way you can wet each strand as you go so that the last few aren’t dry by the time you get to them.

Before Bed

Step 1 – Tear off 4 panels of toilet paper and fold them over so you have a double ply length of two panels.

Step 2 – Roll the toilet paper lengthwise, creating a long tube.

Step 3 – Take a strand of hair approximately 1 to 2 inches thick and wet it (if it isn’t damp already).

Step 4 – Place the end of the strand in the middle of your toilet paper roll and twist the hair around until it’s wound all the way up to the root.

Step 5 – Tie the toilet paper roll and it should lay securely against your scalp. If you have very long or very thick hair, you may need to use more toilet paper in order to tie them off easily! If that’s the case, try using 6 panels instead of 4. Repeat this process with all of your hair, then go to sleep! The toilet paper knots should be soft enough for you to sleep on without any discomfort, but if a few end up in irritating spots, try sleeping on a soft blanket or towel.

When You Wake Up

Step 6 – Gently untie the toilet paper knots and unwind the curls. You can usually pull the toilet paper apart at the middle seam which helps to speed up the unwinding process.

Step 7 – Don’t brush your hair once it’s all loose, just shake it out a bit while spraying with hairspray for awesome wavy ringlets that last all day! Spray with hairspray throughout the day as needed. For a fab look, accent your wonderful waves with a cute custom headband!

  • Fab Environmentally Friendly Tip: If you find yourself using this method often and don’t want to waste so much toilet paper, cut yourself some 16″ by 4″ rectangles of scrap fabric for reusable home made curlers!
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  1. avatar Autumn says:

    This doesnt work for short hair.

  2. avatar Morgan says:

    Does this work every time? I’m a little apprehensive because I’ve tried different curling without heat techniques and none have worked. I’m worried if my hair did curl it would look crazy and be sticking out every where like it did with the other methods. Is there something I could do to avoid this from happening or is it already full-proof? I have medium to long hair that is medium to thin and some what naturally curly.

  3. avatar Lisa says:

    I have tried this before with old (clean) socks and it works very well! The curls are very natural looking! I would very much recommend this to anyone, especially since it doesn’t damage your hair with heat! <3

  4. avatar Jessica says:

    I never tried this, hmmm looks intreasting,I might give it a go!

  5. avatar fishtailbraid says:

    Is thеre any much mоre of this ? Тhanks anyway for thе іnformation!
    How about a plаtt or even a fish tail bгaid ?

    Thanks fοr сaгrуing out thіs :) Thanks again

  6. avatar wow says:

    wow this works so well! expecially if you want your hair to be nice curls but do not want to damage it with heat! thankyou!! :)

  7. avatar Stella says:

    our grandma’s used to do this! works great =]

  8. avatar Kj says:

    You should use strips of a cut up t-shirt instead because then you aren’t wasting toilet paper and the strips are reusable. plus they also don’t hurt your head when you are sleeping.

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