3 Ways to Wear: Leather Jacket

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Leather biker jackets are here for another season, so whether you’re snagging a cheapie version at your favourite discount store or investing in a long term piece, here are three cute outfit options to rock your rocker-chic jacket:

Look 1: Campus Casual

Perfect for a chilly fall day on campus, this look combines your jacket with another fall trend: fall florals. Warm up this look with cozy tights, a knit cap, and boots for a look that’s cute, casual, and oh so chic.

Knit cap, dress, jacket, boots, tights

Look 2: Weekend Errands

For a look that’s a little easier for weekend tasks, but with just enough cool edge, top off your favourite skinny jeans with your jacket and a flowy top. Flats and some badass accessories take the look from snooze to stylish.

Bracelets, jeans, jacket, top, flats

Look 3: Daring Date Look

For an evening out, take your typical date night look to the edge with your leather jacket glammed up with girlier items. A girly dress, heels, and pearls balance out the tough-girl look of the jacket and rocker girl earrings. Keep him guessing with this blended look.

Necklace, heels, jacket, earrings, dress

What Do You Think?

Do you have a leather jacket yet? Thinking of picking one up? What’s your favourite way to rock this trendy item? Leave a comment and let us know!

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  1. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    ahhh i LOVE my leather jacket. i literally throw it over everything!!
    i love the last outfit :]]]]
    great job, as always :]]]

    Charlotte xxx

  2. annie annie says:

    I love the first outfit! I always love these posts!

  3. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I actually adore all three of these outfits! I recently just bought a faux leather jacket (vegan), and I love putting it over dresses.

  4. Sari Sari says:

    I’m with Annie- I adore the first look! :)

  5. Katie Katie says:

    I don’t see why there are so many posts about how to wear a leather jacket. I don’t see why it’s so hard. I have two leather jackets: a black one and a burgundy one and I have been wearing one or the other since the weather cooled down. It’s a neutral and it’s leather. It goes with everything except leather pants.

  6. Haileeeey Haileeeey says:

    Those are reallly cute ways to wear it . Personallly, I wear it with shirts like V-Necks & stuff or a sweat shirt or a colorful zip up sweatshirt thing . It looks really cute & just has that urban swag :)

  7. Sandra VIllacorta sbear925 says:

    I love all the looks!!

    I need to buy a leather jacket ASAP!

  8. Alise Alise says:

    I love all three looks! Now all I need is an actual leather jacket. I’ve been looking around but everything is either way too short or they don’t have my size… =/ Ah, maybe my luck will change soon and I’ll get the leather jacket I want! Great post!

  9. Shela Shela says:

    Is there anywhere this goes with colored jeans ? what color top?

  10.  vogueitup says:

    My boyfriend bought me a real leather jacket for christmas and practically wore it with everything, even with my onesie when i had to dash out to the car for my mum. Another thing that goes great with practically all jackets are scarves! any type any colour practically! love it <3 xx

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