Sometimes a college girl is stuck in her dorm room. Whether it’s from bad weather, lack of a working vehicle, or from a mountain-high pile of essays, projects, and exams to study for. Every college girl accepts this as a reality, but that’s no reason to skip your workout!

I have developed a few simple, quick, and effective workouts which can be performed in your little dorm room with little to no equipment (also little to no disturbance to your roomie!). Look for “Dorm Room Workouts”

Today I am sharing my routine focusing on the glutes. It’s a “squat special”—meaning that these are all modified squats. Do this routine 3 alternating days a week on top of your normal cardio and watch that rear raise just a little. Hello yoga pants?

Warm Up: Your choice of jogging in place or jump rope for one minute

Routine: Choose 3-4 of these moves. Do 2 sets of 20 reps for each move.

Move 1: Squat Heel Taps

Drop into a squat position. From this position raise your heels off the ground and return them to the ground for 1 rep.

ECG Info: The proper squat: Push your butt out. Knees should not go past toes. You should be on the heels of your foot and able to wiggle your toes.

Move 2: Tush Touch

Drop into a squat. Reach your hands onto the ground. This is your starting position. Raise your butt, straightening your legs as much as possible and return to starting position for 1 rep.

Move 3: “Low Rise” Squats

Perform a normal squat, but aim to lower your butt down till it is about a foot from the ground (or as far as you can feasibly go). Imagine there is an aerobic step bench beneath you which will touch your rear and then return to starting position for 1 rep.

Move 4: Soccer Ball Squat

Perform a normal squat. As you come up, extend your left leg with the toe pointed slightly to your right. Imagine you are kicking a ball with the inner part of your foot. Lower your leg down and repeat for the right leg this time.

Move 5: Weighted Tush Lifts

Drop onto all fours on a yoga mat or beach towel. Position your weight behind the left knee and hold in place by squeezing your calf to thigh.

We all have our exercise excuses. “The gym’s too far. It’s raining. I feel self-conscious. I have no time! I just plain hate gyms. They’re smelling and gross.” Pick your favorite. As a successful, healthy college girl, there is no reason to skip your workout

What Do You Think?

Do you ever work out in your dorm room? Would you try this or another routine in your dorm room?

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