Don’t let stress get you down this holiday season! Use our handy gift-giving guide to help you find the perfect present on any budget.

So far in our guide, we’ve covered the fashionista, the tech-saavy friend, and the boy. Check them out!

Now, you know how the say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach? Replace “man’s” with “anyone’s!” This week, we’re focusing on all of the friends and family who love food – and let’s be honest, that’s just about everyone!

Under $10

Normally, we try not to encourage gift-card giving, but this is one place where an exception can be made. A $10 gift card to a favourite restaurant is a perfect gift, and around the holidays, many restaurants offer some sort of deal when you buy a gift card. Crossing someone off your list and getting a free appetizer, too? Now that’s what I call shopping.

$10 – $20

My favorite part of the holidays is when Hickory Farms sets up their display in the mall and gives out free samples. There’s just something about smoked sausage and delicious cheese spreads that scream “Christmas!” to me. If your friend has similar feelings invoked by this company, send them some delicious treats. Try a Beef Hickory Sausage Sampler Box or Heavenly Fudge Assortment for a more traditional winter snack.

$20 – $50

Okay, this gift might sound a bit hokey, but hear me out. I recently got a sandwich maker, and I have seriously been using it non-stop.  But it doesn’t just make sandwiches – you can make all sorts of yummy grilled things on this baby. It’s great for making a healthy meal on the go, and with so many price points and options, it’s hard to go wrong. Really great for college students, who often don’t have the time, or the inclination, to cook a hot meal.

$50 – $100

You know what the most annoying part of being a student is? Coming home from a long, hard day of classes and work, only to realize you don’t have anything to eat. Or, okay, you do have something to eat, but it’s got a bit of mould on the edge and you’re not really sure what it is. Enter…the Crock Pot! Pop some ingredients in this baby in the morning, and by the time you come home, you’ve got dinner waiting for you! They come in a lot of sizes, so you could get your gal a smaller one for single meals, or a larger one for parties and leftovers. It’s like when you would come home after school as a kid to a home-cooked meal, but you made it yourself!

What Do You Think?

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