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Don’t let stress get you down this holiday season! Use our handy gift-giving guide to help you find the perfect present on any budget.

This week, we’re focusing on our technology-gifted friends. Because some of these gifts are pretty run of the mill, focus on making them unique! (Don’t worry, we’ve included ideas for that, too!) And as always – leave us your own ideas in the comments!

Under $10

This is one of those run of the mill items you need to make fabulous. What every college girl needs – tech-savvy or not – is a USB drive. These little things come in a variety of memory sizes and colors, and you can pick one up at Walmart for about $5 or so.

USB Drive

Because they are kind of a boring thing, make yours sparkle! Pick up some Mod Podge and rhinestones and make your gift shine! Be careful not to get any Mod Podge inside the drive – if yours doesn’t come with a cap, put a piece of tape over the end to ensure nothing gets in there.

$10 – $20

Another one that every college girl could use – a digital frame! Available in many colors and shapes, digital frames make it easy to change your photos on display without the hassle of going to a photo center and getting hard copies of your photos.

This pink frame from is only $16 and is super-cute!

$20 – $50

Perfect for the girl on the go, IOGEAR’s bluetooth headphones eliminate those pesky wires that get in the way, whether you’re running laps or running around town. Get your girl a pair of bluetooth headphones to alleviate the clutter and hassle of wired ones!

Check out this pair here.

$50 – $100

Voice records are so cool and handy to have in classes! You just turn them on and bam! No worries about missing something the teacher says!

This pretty one from Amazon would make a lovely gift for the studious tech girl! (Editor’s Note: also a must-have for student journalists!)


Over $100

If you’ve got enough money lying around this holiday season, get your pal something she’ll use for years to come – a laptop! With so many price points and options, it’d be impossible to choose just one to show here. So choose something that your friend will like – a cute little netbook, or a huge screen for watching movies. If you can afford an entire laptop, get hers personalized! Figure out her laptop’s dimensions and get her a skin for her computer.

What Do You Think?

What’s on your techy wish list this year? Any gifts above grab your eye? Leave us a comment and let us know!

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  1. Elle says:

    This is a great start, but I think there are lots of other great options for your favourite tech nerd. Things like tiny wireless mice and pretty laptop bags are great for any college girl on the go, as well as cases for just about any electronic out there (camera, ipod, phone, ebook… no one likes scratched electronics). Ebook readers are a super popular gift this year, and gift cards for ebook purchases are equally awesome. Also, tech inspired gifts are fun – for example, a pac-man moleskein notebook for someone who loves vintage video games, or a dorky graphic tee that suits your special someone.

  2. Charlotte says:

    I am a journalism student and I just bought a voice recorder just like that!!
    i absolutely love that digital photo frame!! they’re so good for holiday snaps :]] I definitely need to bring mine back from home- I love seeing all my photos like that instead of falling off my wall :]]
    great list!! thank you for the inspiration :]]


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