Not able to get away somewhere warm and sunny this spring break? You could commiserate and complain about the fact that you won’t be sunbathing in Dominican Republic for five days, or you could make the most of your break and capture the best parts about a vacation by re-creating them at home. I call it a “fake-cation”, and you can indulge even in the blusteriest of winter weather. Intrigued? Here’s how:

Getting a Tan

Nothing beats coming back in mid-winter with a glowing summer look that advertises what a fantastic break you had. While I’m against tanning beds, you can still steal a bit of the summer glow by using self-tanning lotions. The ones on the market now are so luxurious and lovely, you’ll be glad to slather yourself up every morning. By the end of the week, you’ll have a nice subtle tan that will keep everyone guessing whether you snuck away on an exotic beach vacation or not. Picking up some new spring duds to rock as soon as the weather warms will also help you feel more beachy and warm, even with the snow falling outside.

Laying by the Pool

While you’re more likely to be hopping in a hot tub at this time of year than doing a cannonball, don’t write the pool off. Lots of colleges and communities have indoor pools open to the public, you might even score a free swim time. Get your girls, your bikini, and your beach ‘tude and spend a day poolside in the nice, warm comfort of an indoor pool. Once your hair smells like chlorine and your fingers are all wrinkly, you’ll swear you just spent a day splashing around in mid-July.

Good Food and Drinks

The best part about not going on vacation for reading week is all the dough you save! While you are likely stashing it away for something specific (a spring wardrobe or, more likely, next semester’s tuition), treat yourself a little and go out for a nice dinner and drinks with friends or a special someone. You can explore for new restaurants in your college area or head home and hit up the fanciest joint in town. Dress up, order whatever you want, drink some nice wine and don’t feel the least bit guilty!

What Do You Think?

What’s the best part about going on vacation? Can you recreate it from home? How is the weather where you are? Leave a comment and let us know!


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  2. avatar lisha says:

    whenever we want to get away but can’t, a bunch of friends book a hotel room for a night and spend the day at the beach, getting our hair done, going out to dinner followed by a gig or clubbing.

  3. avatar Jessica says:

    If you have a bunch of friends who will be staying home with you, have an airbrush tan party! You can get a really good price if you have a “party” and you might even be able to find a place that will come to your house.

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