So here we find ourselves halfway through the semester, and while it’s easy to focus on the finish line and blindly lose yourself in your to-do list, don’t forget to schedule a little time for your forgotten best friend – fun! Fun can be had anywhere, at any time, so why not devote a little time to celebrating your life and the beauty around you.

Chase your passion

Pursuing your passions adds meaning and deeper layers to every angle of your life, from the day-to-day to the big picture. Lend yourself to your passion, whether it’s writing, art, nursing, cooking, or teaching, and explore the possibilities. Take a class or pick up a new book on the subject, or just set some time apart to really immerse yourself in doing what you love.

Reconnect with nature

Spending some time outdoors is a natural mood booster, and with warmer weather on the way there are so many fun outdoor activities to be explored. Let yourself be a kid for a few hours and make a chalk drawing or run through the sprinklers – so underrated! Gardening or laying in the grass with a good book is a great way to de-stress while enjoying the simple things in life. For the more adventurous, hiking or outdoor sports like horseback riding are the perfect way to live life to the fullest… in the sunshine.


While it may seem like a chore at times, the undeniable endorphin rush accompanying a good workout is a priceless ingredient to having fun. Exercise may be prized for helping you to look your best on the outside, but when it comes to feeling your best, it has much deeper internal results. And whoever says that working out isn’t fun hasn’t tried kickboxing, zumba, or hot yoga! Get active, get healthy, and get going!

Spend time with friends and family

When it comes to fun, no list is complete without a nod to friends and family. Being around those you love will only boost your quality of life, and I’m a big believer that some of the greatest experiences are the best when shared. Since we’re at college and our family is less accessible, even a spontaneous phone call or Skype session can be a great way to reconnect and lift your spirits.


Seriously, just do it. No one who is dancing is not having fun – blast “your song” and give yourself a minute to express yourself and your love for life. Once you begin celebrating life, it’s amazing how much that there truly is to celebrate. Dancing is a creative and joyful experience, and doesn’t have to be reserved for parties or when you’re struck by a great song in the car. Move yourself, have fun, embrace your life.

What do you think?

What are your favorite ways to have fun, big or small? When are you at your happiest? Let us know in the comments section!


  1. avatar Abi says:

    I like cooking too much

  2. avatar Lisa says:

    Im going to make a good effort and start running, but dancing does sound like a better way to have fun.

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