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Fall 2010 fashion is all over the charts – understated to maximalist, menswear to ultra feminine.  This makes for interesting fashion weeks! The best part about this variety is that a wide range of style inevitably makes some fall fashion trends very wearable outside of the Manhattan or Milan.  Based on’s Fall 2010 trend report, here are four very wearable outfits incorporating the some of the newest trends that are perfect for class and other typical collegiate events.

1.  Gold

So the basic problem with wearing gold is that you have to avoid looking too outlandish (a la Ke$ha).  The best way to wear gold is in the most understated way possible; that way, you are keeping it classy and standing out at the same time.  You do not want to be that girl with the gold eyeshadow, gold stilettos, gold purse and huge gold hoops – you know who I’m talking about!  Gold is automatically “fancier” than other colors, so I think the best way to wear it to class or another casual event is by playing it down.  For example, in the outfit, I picked a fancy gold scarf and brown scarf, but the messenger bag (with some gold buckles) and easy tunic top play it down.  For going out, pair black with gold instead of brown!  The contrast is different and definitely sexier.

Tunic ($40), Scarf ($48), Denim Leggings ($40), Messenger Bag ($49), Shoes ($22)

2.  Matchy-matchy

Since this has historically been a fashion faux pas, there are two things you should keep in mind when being “matchy-matchy” this fall.  1)  Don’t pick a really obnoxious color (i.e. chartreuse).  2) Don’t take it too literally.  Separate the style with a little bit of another color or pattern.  I chose the gray as an offsetting color mostly because I absolutely adore that gray leather ruffle jacket, and I cannot wait for it to go on sale so I can buy it.  Brown or black would work as alternate colors as well.  I like the pattern as opposed to the solids you see in the runway photos above because it looks a little less stark, but you can play with it!  Is your style minimalist?  Then get rid of the pattern and do two or three basic, solid, coordinating pieces.  Confidence is always key with a new trend!

Skirt ($35), Blouse ($44), Jacket ($178), Boots ($100), Socks ($4)

3.  50’s Feminine

I think this is one of the most wearable trends for the fall.  It’s very feminine, and easy to do with things you already have in your wardrobe!  In the sample outfit, I only used solid colors, but as you can tell, patterns were very common on the runways!  Also, tights or socks can be added if your school is in a colder climate.  Little mary-jane heels would be cute with this too, but I chose flat oxfords because I tried to keep these outfits class appropriate – walking around campus in heels just isn’t very fun!  Another option to try is a bustier type top, like the ones pictured above.  Put a little cardigan over it, and it gives you a very fifties silhouette!

Fifties Outfit Collage

Bag ($55), Blouse ($40), Cardigan ($25), Shoes ($56), Skirt ($35), Headband ($5)

4.  Fur

So, I kept the outfit itself pretty simple because it is easy to look gaudy when wearing fur (faux of course).  I, personally, would either wear the fur bag or the fur boots, not together, but I admire any girl that can rock both!  The great thing about the fur trend is that fur is actually warm, so you won’t freeze while looking stylish in November.  If the outfit below isn’t your style, an outfit as simple as jeans or leggings with your winter boots that have some exposed fur, like at the Burberry Prorsum show (above), or a winter jacket with a fur lining that is exposed around the edges will do the trick.

Boots ($80), Bag ($60), Dress ($50), Tights ($6), Belt ($13),

What do you think?  Would you wear any of these styles?  What is your favorite fall fashion trend?  Leave us a comment!

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  1. avatar Sarah Says says:

    The trick to making matching work — particularly if it’s monochromatic, like the brown pic featured — is having some texture so it doesn’t get boring. Get that right and it will work for ya.

  2. avatar Melissa says:

    Anon. – No one in particular! The point of the statement was to emphasize that fact that overdoing a trend is not a good way to wear it. Especially with gold, subtle is better, in my opinion. (:

  3. avatar anon. says:

    I love your tips, but I have one question. What did you mean by the statement: “You do not want to be that girl with the gold eyeshadow, gold stilettos, gold purse and huge gold hoops – you know who I’m talking about!”? I guess my question is more so who is this person you’re referring to?

  4. avatar Melissa says:

    No problem! I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  5. avatar Irina says:

    Thank you so much for this :) i was espacially wondering how to wear the gold trend during the day and this def helped :)

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