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Beauty Dare: Three Fun Eyeliner Looks

Beauty Dare: Three Fun Eyeliner Looks

It’s so easy to get into a rut with you makeup, I know I do it. But changing up your daily look can be as simple as switching things up with your eye...
How to...Wear Large Stud Earrings

How to…Wear Large Stud Earrings

  A recent fashion and beauty craze brought back from a classier time is large stud earrings. These are great for any college girl as they are simple, mostly inexpensive, and jazz up any...
Reader Question - Layering

Reader Question – Layering

1, 2, 3 Reader Molly asked us a great question recently: I would love to see a post on how to layer clothing! It’s so cute but I can never figure out what...
How to...Cook: Caramel Apples

How to…Cook: Caramel Apples

Mmm, nothing says Halloween like these classic homemade treats. Have fun with your roomies whipping up a batch of this pseudo-healthy treats (hey, they have fruit in them, right?) to help get you...
Become a Better Dresser: A Step by Step Guide

Become a Better Dresser: A Step by Step Guide

Hey guys! We wanted to tell you about a fantastic new series we’re going to be starting soon: Become a Better Dresser: A Step by Step Guide. Many of us struggle with everyday...
How to...Cook: Pita Pizzas

How to…Cook: Pita Pizzas

This is another favourite recipe of mine. It’s a way better flavour than your regular microwave pizza, but cheaper and healthier than ordering in. Plus you can customize each serving for whatever the individual person...
What to Wear on a Lazy Day

What to Wear on a Lazy Day

  Lazy days: they happen to the best of us. In between classes, work, friends, clubs, a girl gets worn down! There will be those days you’re so drained in the morning, you...
How To...Do an Easy Smoky Eye

How To…Do an Easy Smoky Eye

For your big night out, why not try a daring new makeup look: the smoky eye! This look is fun, sophisticated, and not as difficult as it seems. Read on to learn how...
How to...Wear Fall 2010 Fashion Trends

How to…Wear Fall 2010 Fashion Trends

Fall 2010 fashion is all over the charts – understated to maximalist, menswear to ultra feminine.  This makes for interesting fashion weeks! The best part about this variety is that a wide range...
How To...Make a Versatile Skirt

How To…Make a Versatile Skirt

Skirts and dresses are still hot for fall, and what could be better than a cute new skirt that you crafted yourself? This project is perfect for first-timers, it’s straight forward and pretty...
How to…Cook: Homemade French Fries

How to…Cook: Homemade French Fries

Ever feel in the mood for a container of fries without the McDonalds deep-fried calories? Well here is a simple recipe that will allow you to have your fries without all the fat. Homemade French Fries Tools:...
How to...Deal with Stressful Situations

How to…Deal with Stressful Situations

We all deal with stress from time to time, even during the laid-back days of summer vacation. Here are my three top tips for dealing with stress in a positive way, and without...
How to...Be the Life of the Party

How to…Be the Life of the Party

Being a college girl, there seems to be an endless array of excuses to party. From summer break luaus to homecoming tailgates to spring formal predrinks, sometimes it seems like the party never stops...
What You Should Know About Facebook Privacy

What You Should Know About Facebook Privacy

Facebook’s privacy settings have gone through many changes in the recent weeks and it’s hard to keep track of what you need to do to keep your Facebook settings as private or public...
How To...Save Money Having Fun this Summer

How To…Save Money Having Fun this Summer

Summer is here, and school is out! For most college girls, it’s easy to throw concerns about money out the window and concentrate on having fun and relaxing.  There’s no reason not to...
How To...Make the Perfect Margarita

How To…Make the Perfect Margarita

Margaritas just scream summertime: long days, hot nights, and the sweet-sour tang of lime juice. Sure, you can grab one of those cans of condensed margarita mix, but you’ll end up with more...
Fresh Faced: Beauty Tips for Exam Day

Fresh Faced: Beauty Tips for Exam Day

Now that you know what to wear, what to bring, and what to eat on exam day, the only thing left is how to do your hair and makeup. Here are a few...
How to...Cure a Hangover

How to…Cure a Hangover

If you had a little bit too much fun yesterday (yeah, I saw people drinking as early as 11 am) then you’re likely paying for it today. I mentioned a few tips briefly in my...
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