How To… Get Ready Faster In The Morning

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As college girls, we’re no strangers to that Friday morning rush to class. Or some weeks it’s the every day rush to class. But regardless, these quick tips streamline your morning routine to get you out the door faster, and thus will reduce your morning anxiety and keep your day running smoothly – even if your morning schedule isn’t.


Utilize the night before

The night before is crucial to minimize your morning to-do’s. Shower the night before, lay your clothes out the night before, pack your lunch or snacks the night before… whatever takes you the longest to do in the morning. It’s also a great way to start the day when the tasks that make you the most flustered are already completed when your alarm goes off.

It’s not always practical that you’ll be able to do everything the night before your morning wakeup call, but any little thing helps. Instead of thinking that morning preparation at night is a waste of time, think about it as a time redistribution, you’ll make up for the time you lost putting everything together the next morning with something even better: extra sleep. And as college girls, we know that every minute of sleep counts.


Try a more efficient makeup routine

Shake up your application routine to shave off a few precious minutes of getting ready time. While you’re waiting for your face moisturizer or foundation to set, start doing your hair. If your hair is wet, keep it in a towel while you do your makeup before you blow dry, it’ll already by significantly drier by the end and cut down your prep time.

If you find yourself really in a hurry, skip out on one part of your makeup routine, maybe leave out eyeliner or a crease shadow. Guys won’t complain.


Breakfast on the go

If you didn’t have time to prepare breakfast the night before or you don’t have anything that doesn’t involve a lengthy cooking time, stash some extra granola bars or fruit in your bag or car to munch on in transit.

Taking a few bites of your breakfast sandwich at red lights or finishing up the other half while you wait for class to start is a great way to keep you going – and motivate you to get to class faster.


Maximize your sleep schedule

Study upon study has stressed the importance of getting enough sleep. The same is true for making your morning routine more efficient. Though extra sleep may seem counterintuitive when it comes to morning productivity, isn’t it so much harder to resist that snooze button when you’ve gotten a full rest?

Give your body the rest it needs so that when you finally wake up, you’re really awake and ready to seize the day.



What do you think?

What are your tips on getting ready in the morning and having a more efficient morning routine? Let us know in the comments section!

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