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Here at ECG we’ve given you lots of ways to fight stress. But what about your man? As women who are in tune with our emotions as well as those of loved ones around us, we can summon compassion to help our significant other de-stress and reach a place of calm. As college girls we also know that that makes our lives a whole lot easier too!


Listen. If you’re the one in the relationship that does all the talking, now is your time to shine and put that aside. Sometimes all guys need to do is talk it out. Don’t interrupt him, just let the conversation flow and add questions to help him go deeper and reassure him if need be. Sometimes just having your presence there alone speaks volumes.


Cook him his favorite comfort food. Whatever his comfort food is, from a grilled cheese to chicken parmesan, he’ll appreciate the gesture and will most likely feel much more lifted after the meal. A home cooked meal is a natural remedy to stress, because we’ve been offered this most of our young lives. Even if you’re not confident in your cooking skills, ordering him a surprise meal can have the same effect!


Watch his favorite comedy movie with him. Make sure he’s sitting back and relaxed, and pop in his favorite comedy movie. Anything light will do. Feel free to treat him to a little massage too, and bring him so great snacks. This way even if he doesn’t feel like talking it out he can still have a cathartic experience and laugh a little.


Challenge him to a competition. Help him blow off some steam by challenging him – ask him to go on a run or do a workout with you, or to play a game. The key here is to pick something that isn’t stress-inducing and that is nothing like the source of his initial stress. Letting him be goofy with you and release some pent up energy may be all he needs to de-stress.



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What do you think of this list? How to you help your man kick stress? Add to our list in the comments section below.

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