“Interval running” has become one of the biggest buzz words in the health and fitness world… but what does it actually mean? Interval workouts include rising and falling levels of intensity that ensure that your heart rate stays at its optimum rate for building endurance and burning calories. Oh, and you get recovery time instead of sprinting your heart out and not seeing any changes to your body.

You can do this workout on a treadmill or outside, just make sure you have your phone or a stop watch on you to track your time!

  1. 2:00 light jog
  2. :30 second sprint
  3. :30 second walk
  4. 1:30 light jog
  5. :30 second sprint
  6. 1:00 light jog
  7. :30 second sprint
  8. 1:00 light jog
  9. :30 second walk

Repeat 3-5x, or until your desired workout time is over!

As always, make sure to cool down with lots of stretching, water, and eat a little bit of protein or carbs within half an hour of your workout to replenish your body.

What do you think?

Have you tried this workout? What is your favorite interval routine? Sound off below!

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  1. avatar solar lights says:

    great post! :-)
    My favorite interval is 2/2, 2min. running and 2min. walking.
    I am up to 13.1 and working on 26.2


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