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Sometimes life gets hectic or we are in a relationship that makes us feel like we’re losing ourselves. If this is happening to you, I need you to stop right now. Take a seat. Have a little coffee or tea or a cupcake, and then consider these suggestions.

1. Paint your nails a bright or very dark color, any color that is just for you. Every time you see your fingernails (which will be constantly), you can remember the time you put into painting them and how you painted them just for yourself. No one else. I recently painted mine a “vamp” shade which looks just off-black and I LOVE it. I didn’t do it for my boyfriend or to impress anyone. It’s just for me.

2. Make something. If you’re like me you have a strong creative side which you sometimes neglect. Try your hand at drawing a sunset or a famous person. Use some cardboard you have lying around and make a cool cutout for your wall. Or maybe take out all of your makeup and try something new with your eyes. If you are a little challenged in the creativity department, don’t fret. Go to the store and look for a jewelry kit with instructions and try to make that. Or buy a cake mix and can of frosting and do your thing.

3. Take a class (outside of your school work). A good idea is to sign up for a class which ends with some type of certificate, hopefully something that you will some day put on your resume. Maybe a lifeguarding class, real estate, cooking, a writing workshop? It has to be something fun, but most importantly it needs to be just for you. Taking a class gives you an escape from your ordinary life that you can take away real world experiences. And if real estate or lifeguarding is to serious for you, try dance or maybe train to be an aerobics instructor.

4. Buy a new jacket in a bright color or striking pattern. This is similar to the nails suggestion, but it will last even longer. You need to pick a piece of clothing that you wear a lot, so a jacket is a great choice. Every time you put it on you’ll remember the time that when in to choosing the jacket and what you really like about. Maybe you love the color, the zipper detail, the pattern. Personally I have a favorite jacket which I love for the pockets. The pockets make me feel safe, just me and no one else.

What Do You Think?

Do you ever feel you are losing yourself? Do you have any tricks which make you feel more…you?


  1. avatar Julie says:

    Hi Anastasiya,

    These are just some of my suggestions for when your life gets a little crazy, because often the crazy things are beyond your control. But I definitely agree with you about when your life is totally out of control. That’s definitely a time when you should seek help or get a new job, and not paint your fingernails :p

    Thanks for the feedback

  2. avatar Ritika says:

    Hey, I love these ideas!
    But sometimes, when I feel like I’m losing myself I just have a movie night with my little sister. Never fails to bring me right back.
    And I can promise you you will never find better company than your family and a tub of your favourite Ben&Jerrys<3

  3. avatar Anastasiya says:

    This is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen. If my life is out of control, I am certainly not going to be focused on my nails. It might be time to use real problem solving skills, not thinking about how bright or dark my pretty finger nails look. A person has some serious problems if finger nails and buying more clothes is going to make them feel more in control of life.

  4. avatar Kel says:

    sounds fabulous! :)

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