Quesadillas are a quick and delicious way to fill up, and they can be healthy too if you stick to grilling and using organic ingredients! Summer is the time for grilling, and this recipe is sure to please party guests or just your own cravings for something delicious.

What you need

  • Whole wheat or flour tortillas
  • 1 teaspoon of minced garlic
  • 1 bag of baby spinach
  • Chicken, cooked and sliced
  • 4 ounces of crumbled goat cheese
  • Salt, pepper, and optional cayenne pepper, to taste
  • Reduced fat shredded monterey jack cheese


  1. In a pan, set your stove heat to medium-low to heat the spinach with garlic, salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper. Once heated, remove and set aside
  2. Heat your pan, or grill pan, on medium-high heat and coat with olive oil or use a cooking spray. Toast the inside of the tortillas for about 30 seconds
  3. Remove the tortillas from the pan and assemble: on half of the quesadilla, spread 2 tablespoons of monterey jack cheese along with several slices of chicken, spinach, and the crumbled goat cheese
  4. Then fold the tortilla and place back on the pan for another minute or two. Then flip the quesadilla with a spatula and cook for another minute. Keep flipping for another minute or two, then remove to cool.

And voila! Your healthy and delicious quesadillas are hot off the grill.

The original recipe can be found here.

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