Sure, Halloween is a good excuse to wear a skimpy, tight, sexy costume without the risk of dirty looks, but if you’re not feeling the barely-there looks this year, here are three fun costume ideas that will keep you looking cute, while letting you stay comfortable without half your body on display:

Double Rainbow

You know I would post my own costume. I wanted to save money this year, so instead of buying a costume, I made one out of clothes I already had. It was easy! For this one I was inspired by this hilarious video that has gone viral this year online. All I did was layer clothing of different colours in a rainbow pattern, and then slipped on a pair of rainbow-striped thigh-highs (okay, I did buy these). One rainbow on top, another rainbow on the bottom. Double rainbow, get it? Finish up with a sign taped to your back with a clever slogan, like “it’s so intense!” or “all the way!”

Tank, bandeau top, dress, socks, racer-back tank, skirt

Modern Vampire

Skip the cape and white face paint you donned as Dracula when you were a kid, the modern vampiress is sexy, seductive, and can pull off wearing whatever she wants. Put together a wardrobe of black and red, with pops of gothic flare and play up your eyes with some sultry smokey shadow. Don’t forget the vampire-red lipstick. Finish off with a cheapie pair of fangs and be prepared to make your mark.

head band, eye shadow quad, fangs, dress, tights, shoes

60’s Vixen

1960’s clothes are so hot for fall, you shouldn’t have any trouble finding an adorable piece that you can continue to wear long after Halloween. Get inspired with a couple episode of Mad Men to really capture the sexy, feminine style of this era. Check out awesome YouTube tutorials like this one for pin-up worthy hair or this one to master the cat eye, complete with over-the-top false lashes. You’ll be driving the men mad all night (ok, bad pun lol).

eyelashes, tights, dress, earrings, necklace, flats

What Do You Think?

What are you dressing up as this Halloween? Which look is your favourite? Leave us a comment and let us know!



  1. avatar Maykool Fashion says:

    Thanks for your sharing !I like the modern vampire theme!

  2. avatar RevitaDerm says:

    I wanted to save money this year, so instead of buying a costume, I made one out of clothes I already had. It was easy!

  3. avatar candygirl says:

    I like the modern vampire theme!
    But I’m gonna go as a cute nerdy girl this year. It’s simple and easy: popped out 3d glasses, shorts, plain tee, suspenders, knee high socks and school shoes. :)

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