Let’s be honest, grocery shopping can be a bit daunting, and not just on Sundays. With all of the options and all of the treats staring back at you it can be difficult to make the healthy choice – and especially to remember on the spot exactly what the healthy choice is. As with many other instances, like heartache, time and experience can heal this problem. But until then, throw the following staples onto your list each week until you can commit them to memory!

Almond milk

Most brands boast more calcium than regular milk, and if you get the unsweetened kind the nutrition quality is hard to beat.

Raw kale

Whether you’re making kale chips, throwing the leaves in a salad, or adding them to a green smoothie, kale is the super food that so many of the health resources out there have been raving about.


Find your favorite berry, or a combination of berries, and buy in bulk! They’re great for smoothies or solo snacks, and are a perfect breakfast side.

Raw almonds

A handful of almonds can keep you full and energetic, and are easy to grab and go! If you’re looking to pair almonds with a great snack, try topping off a few sticks of celery and peanut butter with a few nuts.

Bell peppers

Peppers are a great all-purpose veggie. As soon as you get home from the store, dice them up and throw them into an air-tight container for later use. They’re great to toss in salads or put in an omelet. As a tip, when buying your peppers look for the ones with four bumps at the bottom instead of three. The four-bumped peppers are sweeter!

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are high in omega 3 fatty acids, B vitamins, vitamin E, iron and magnesium. Need we say more? Mix them in with some Greek yogurt or toss them in a salad. They’re also great in trail mix or rices!

What do you think?

What are your favorite foods on this list? What are your go-to healthy items? Share with us in the comments section below.

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