Between summer classes, having a social life, and having a job, it can be difficult to get a good, solid work out in every single day. You probably already know that it’s important to do at least 30 minutes of cardio, 3-4 times a week. But what about those days when you’ve been lounging by the pool, or maybe you didn’t eat so well at a picnic? Here’s a super quick, relatively easy way to burn 100 calories instantly.


40 Jumping Jacks. Start with these. It’s important to get your heart rate up before you get moving that way you can increase the blood flow which will wake up your body so it’s ready to do something.

30 Sit-ups/Crunches. Your core is the center of your body. This is where your balance comes from, which is obviously important for when your working out. Having a good, strong core will benefit your entire body. Be sure that when you’re doing sit-ups or crunches, don’t put up on your head with your hands. Lightly place only the tips of your fingers on your head. Your hands are only there for support, not to pull yourself up. That’s your core’s job and that’s how you’ll strengthen it! If you use your hands to pull yourself up, you’re going to strain both your neck and your back, which could potentially result in injury.

20 Squats. It’s not a work out if you don’t work your glutes! When squatting, be sure that your knees never go past your feet. If they do, it can put a lot of strain on your knees and can hurt something. To avoid this from happening, don’t squat down. Instead, push your butt out and keep your back straight. This will work both your core and your legs.

10 Push-ups. Upper arm strength totally works against a woman’s physique. We are not built to have upper body strength like men, so don’t expect to get down and start plugging out push-ups. If you can though, go you! When you do a push up, stay in a plank position. Your back, butt, and legs should all form one straight line. Lower yourself down with some resistance, don’t just drop down. When you come back up, don’t come up so far that you lock out your elbows. You should have a lot of movement in your elbows when doing push-ups. A good indication that you’re down far enough is if your boobs are almost hitting the floor. You should never let any part of you touch the floor besides the balls of your feet and your hands. If anything else is touching, you may be doing it wrong.


Doing a set of all of these exercises will burn about 100 calories. This is the perfect work out if you’re watching your favorite television show. You can do a round of this workout each commercial. If a show is an hour long, it should average about 4 sets of commercials. If you did a set of all of the exercises each commercial, you’d burn about 400 calories while watching television. Nobody really likes to watch commercials anyway.



What do you think?

Is this a work out you’d so? If so, when? If you have any other comments or suggestions, just send them in using the comment box below!


  1. avatar Paige says:

    Not every girl has big or even medium sized boobs so that’s not a great tip when doing push-ups just saying

  2. avatar Gabby says:

    What if I do 105 jumping jacks 50 situps 40 squats and 15 push-ups how much. Calories will I lose now ?

  3. avatar Charlie says:

    this only burns 20-25 calories actually

  4. avatar ForeverFit says:

    Omg this is great! Thanks so much

  5. avatar Mona says:

    You’d need to do this x4 to burn 100 calories.

  6. avatar wlfhly says:

    I do this twice a day but I’ve added a resistance band also and each week I add five more! I feel so good afterwards and I especially love it because I never used to exercise and this is just so great.

  7. avatar collegegirl2013 says:

    Just tried these basic exercises and i feel great!

  8. avatar zuri_castillo says:

    im so trying this… i usually hate working out but this is so easy

  9. avatar staybeyoutiful_ says:

    does this really burn 100 calories because it is SO easy! ive been doing double of each exercise for a few days now and i think its great. thanks guys! (:

  10. avatar stella says:

    Hi guys!
    thanks for the quick workout! I have gotten out of working out over the last couple years, and this is a quick, easy routine that even i can convince myself to do!


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